Dreams Related To Vacation

Dreams about going on vacation or ocean resort

Going on vacation

Going on a vacation during a dream vision, whether it's a beach holiday to Cancun with your friends or an adventure trip in South East Asia, is generally considered a sign that you need a break from your day to day existence. The constant grind of work, work, and more work is wearing you down, and all work and no play makes you a dull person. Now may be the time to take an extended weekend or book a week-long excursion to regain some of the energy and excitement that makes you who you are.

Asking an ex to go on vacation

Being in a living room and talking quietly on mobile with a Colombian ex date (haven't seen him for 12 years). Asking him to go for vacation in Latin America in a country starting from "D". Couldn't remember the name or at least go for vacation to Italy or Spain.

Envisioning yourself talking to a person you dated reveals your attempts at making a connection. Specifically, this person may exhibit certain characteristics which you wish to emulate or perhaps you wish to go back to this moment in your life because of certain happy memories which you want to relive. You can use the letter D which manifested in the dream as a mnemonic for a place, not necessarily a country, which represents reprieve or comfort for you. It could also be a person who represents rest and relaxation. This vacation planning means you crave a much-needed break from the stressful day to day. Some self-care is due, so your subconscious is reminding you to focus on satisfying your needs. This can be relaxation or some stimulation through socialization, albeit while maintaining safety measures for your health.

Unable to get sun tan

I dream I'm on holiday somewhere hot and I either do not get a suntan at all, or I am not satisfied with my tan.

Dreaming about being on a holiday or vacation could indicate the need to relax or take some much-needed rest. The hot climate implies being under a lot of pressure which could be consuming you or draining your energy. In that sense, the tan or suntan could represent your current duties and responsibilities, and they are perceived, both subconsciously and while being awake, as if no matter how hard you work and how much responsibility you take on, a general feeling of dissatisfaction persists, so unless you find a way to compensate for your hard work and resulting exhaustion, you will remain being reminded of the situation in your dreams.

Meeting celebrities while on vacation

Me and my family were going on a vacation to Australia. We had a lot of trouble finding a place to stay for the night since we landed in the wilderness. We had to sleep in an abandoned church. In the morning, we kept looking for a place then we saw a old building were the Olson twins were celebrating their birthday. They offered to take us to a place called the Heart Temple, a luxury home in the beautiful mountains.

Going on a vacation with your family is a sign that you may be working too much and you need a break. The abandoned church where you slept signifies a feeling of helplessness and a lack of purpose. Perhaps you are starting to lose sight of your priorities and goals, hence you are reaching out to your loved ones in order to find your center and remind yourself of your values. Meanwhile, the presence of celebrities in that old building could point to a feeling of being disillusioned about all the glitz and glamour being peddled to you, especially on social media, and you feel this no longer resonates with the current state of the world. Finally, the luxury home in the beautiful mountains reveals your hope that things will get better and that people can better grasp the big picture. Perhaps you think spirituality, in the imagery of the church and the mountains, might help change people's perspectives and lead to a much healthier lifestyle.