Dreams Related To Unicorn

Sky with stars and planets and a white unicorn

Last night I had a dream I was an intern at a local news station. It became night suddenly and for some reason I looked outside and over me, the sky was made of the ocean. When I looked further to the right there was no sky only the universe and planets that were spinning with beautiful amazing stars. All of a sudden, a white unicorn walked past me, stopped and turned to look at me. Then the sky cleared.

All these symbolic visions you have experienced in your dream carry positive messages. The image of planets appearing on the night sky means that everything would fall into place or work out in your favor. Star constellations are also positive signs of your ability to always come up with the right decision during challenging or difficult times. Combined together, these visions point to your high degree of integrity and collected approach to solving issues. As a result, you can rest assured your life is destined to be balanced and successful. Lastly, a white unicorn in dream interpretation has always been considered as a symbol of unexpected fortune and luck soon to be experienced in waking life, so maybe because of your personal qualities and right timing or circumstances, you are about to experience some favorable developments taking place in your waking life.

Coming across a unicorn suddenly

Suddenly coming across a unicorn during the course of a dream vision carries the prediction that your significant other would most likely cheat on you in the near future. You would probably hear about this betrayal from a third party, like your friends or the other person who shared in the affair.

A golden unicorn

A shining golden unicorn is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It represents going through a period of cleansing in both the physical and spiritual senses of the word. For example, you would probably pick up some good habits that improve your health and overcome some problems that have weighed heavily on your mind for a long time.

A unicorn chasing you

A unicorn that follows or chases after you in a dream may reveal an upcoming situation where you would find yourself in danger. Rather than physical hazard, however, this symbol suggests you would be playing with fire, likely to your own disadvantage. This vision could be considered a warning to play things safe and not take unnecessary chances.

A unicorn in general

Unicorns, as general images in the realm of night visions, are considered a symbol of positivity, good fortune and purity of body and spirit. Seeing a unicorn, then, means that either you or someone close to you would go through a period of great happiness and prosperity.

A unicorn passing near

Dreaming about a unicorn passing near you during a dream predicts that your current goal or aspirations would be realized. While this symbol is certainly considered a sign that good luck is shining down upon you, your own hard work, perseverance and dedication to the project would be instrumental to your success.

Feeding a unicorn from your hands

Envisioning a unicorn calmly eating out of your hand is a very auspicious symbol to perceive in a night vision. It suggests you would soon go through a period of great happiness and satisfaction, most likely at the discovery of a new talent within yourself or a rare trait you possess.

A unicorn dying

The death of a unicorn in the realm of dreams, whether someone killed it or it died of other causes, reflects great suffering and misery. You could soon find yourself in a terrible situation caused by someone you know who is selfish, annoying or just plain mean. It is very likely that you would have no defense or means of escape, so you would have to grin and bear it until it is over.

Petting a unicorn

In the context of a dream vision, petting a unicorn refers to the blessings and gifts you have received in reality but have not acknowledged properly. These little pieces of happiness are those not achieved through your own efforts but by the help of others or a higher power. Until you truly show gratitude and realize the extent of your good fortune, you would not be able to experience true happiness or peace of mind.

Trying to catch a unicorn

Trying to catch a unicorn during the course of a dream, such as by using a lasso or luring it towards you with food, represents some lofty, ambitious goals you have set for yourself that are not really in line with your path in life. Perhaps you are trying to become famous on the Internet when you already have a promising career in another field, or maybe you are attempting to break a record only for the sake of saying you have done it. This vision may be a message to carefully consider where you are redirecting your energies so that you do not wind up disappointed in the future.

Catching and taming a unicorn

The act of catching and taming a unicorn is considered a very positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests that your spouse, significant other or partner is devoted to you above all others. He or she loves you with all their heart and would do anything to make you happy.

An aggressive unicorn

An aggressive, violent unicorn is often interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is on the verge of making a huge mistake. If you see this symbol in your visions, you are likely about to commit some shameful, embarrassing transgression that would be a black mark upon your character for a long time to come.

A black unicorn

A black unicorn is a highly ominous symbol to perceive during the course of a dream. It can be considered a warning to pay more attention to your body, as you have likely been neglecting your health in some way. For example, you may not be eating well, exercising enough or regularly consulting a physician. In some cases, this symbol can represent the imminent death of either the dreamer or someone close to them, like a beloved family member or close friend.

Riding on a white unicorn

Riding on a white unicorn during a dream vision means you would soon find a way to overcome your current troubles or issues. You may be struck with a great idea or learn some new information that would help you understand how to solve your problem. Alternatively, this symbol can mean improved health and well-being for those who are currently ill or in poor health.

A unicorn aiming at you with its horn

A unicorn that aims its horn towards you may reveal the existence of an enemy within your circle of friends. This backstabbing individual is likely sorting through your words and actions for a way to embarrass you and tarnish your reputation among your mutual friends. Their existence would soon be revealed to you either through some little action they make or through direct confrontation.

Freeing a unicorn from a trap

Freeing a unicorn from a trap or a snare sheds light on your creative side. You likely have found a source of inspiration and are in the mood to express yourself through music, dance, painting, sculpture or some other form of artistic expression.