Dreams Related To Underwear

Finding own underwear on the street

I was running for fun by myself at night. I couldn't see anything until I came to my underwear lying in the street. I found it inspiring, since they were mine it meant I am supposed to be here, and while I thought this the underwear was floating. I then realized that they shouldn't be floating and then they flew to the right and revealed a black and white face, like something from a horror movie. I woke up and wouldn't move and my heart started beating fast. Scariest dream I can remember.

Dreaming about seeing your underwear lying on the street and then floating away from you could indicate that there are certain secrets which are going to be revealed. Such confidential information being leaked would have a profound impact on your life. The notion of you being scared could be your psyche trying to warn you about what you may soon discover. The scary face in your dream could represent shame and abhorrence that you would feel at what you will have discovered. It could be connected to your own past behavior or recent actions. It would be helpful to reassess your past and conduct yourself in a more prudent manner to avoid facing humiliation and disgrace.


As a dream symbol, underwear is often associated with privacy. So depending on the dream scenario and other dream symbols present in the vision, it can be interpreted as a positive or negative message. For instance, if the underwear you are wearing is exposed in the dream, there is a likelihood that your secrets would be revealed to the public. It may be a shameful or embarrassing detail of your life that could potentially change the way people perceive you. On the other hand, if you find the underwear lying around, perhaps you would uncover a shameful secret of someone close to you which could either tear you apart or further strengthen your bond.

Planning spa activities while in red underwear

I was wearing red underwear out of a metro station, a redhead woman from my gym (I was about to start a new job in a gym). 16.30 time, talking with a fitness instructor. Talking about spa and a 30-min back massage and a call for payment.

Leaving the metro station while wearing red-colored undergarments alludes to some past misdeed you have committed that you wish to atone for. In many cases, the crime is related to spreading rumors or bad information about someone you care about for your own personal gain. The woman with red hair could point toward a body image issue, which is also supported by your new job at the gym. Beyond being overly concerned with your weight or appearance, you may have hurt others in the past to make yourself feel better. Receiving services and paying for them, however, means that you are slowly coming to terms with these issues. You may be ready to let go of the negativity you felt towards yourself in the past and are now ready to make amends for what you did or said before.

Buying underwear

Buying underwear during the course of a dream vision is often thought to represent upcoming illnesses or lapses in health. It is likely you would soon fall victim to the common cold, influenza or some other contagious but ultimately harmless bug.

Dirty underwear

Putting on or seeing a pair of dirty undergarments is often thought to be the manifestation of disappointment with romantic relations. In many cases, this symbol has been tied to the idea of having a rival in the pursuit of your chosen partner or becoming jealous of the one who holds the affection of your crush. Some other possible interpretations suggest seeing this image could predict upcoming illness or financial difficulty.

The image of dirty underwear also has a slightly more literal interpretation. It suggests the dreamer is hiding something shameful or embarrassing. You may want to do something you know others would frown upon or would be upset about, causing you anxiety due to the social pressure. Alternatively, you may desire to act out of revenge, even when you know others would expect you to turn the other cheek.

Torn underwear

Ripped or torn underwear in a dream vision is often considered a harbinger of trouble. If you are wearing such a pair of underwear, you are likely to soon experience shame or humiliation at your place of work. For example, you may make an embarrassing mistake that causes difficulty for your superiors, or you may get in an ugly love triangle among co-workers. This symbol has also been tied to concerns about the health and welfare of older members of your family unit, such as grandparents or great-grandparents.

Washing your underwear

Washing your underwear, either because they are dirty or because you have just purchased them, suggests you would soon become ill in reality, for example, with a cold or the flu. It can also represent becoming upset due to someone's actions against you, particularly insults or lack of consideration. This vision has also been seen by those who are worried about a secret being exposed, likely accompanied by feelings of anxiety or suspicion.

Putting underwear on

Putting underwear on during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to start a new chapter or begin a project in the near future. You would soon focus your efforts on making this fresh plan, venture or idea work, and dedicate most of your time, money and energy to this passion. Your preoccupation would not allow you to waste any free moments, making it an ideal period to get over something that may have been bothering you up until this point.

Wearing red underwear in public

Me with red underwear sitting out of a metro station. Redhead.

Dreaming about wearing red underwear in public signifies a deep desire to reveal the truth and be transparent in your relationships. It suggests that you feel the need to come clean about past lies or deceitful behavior that may have impacted someone close to you. This dream reflects a longing for honesty, authenticity, and a genuine connection with others. It serves as a reminder to confront your own actions and take responsibility for any missteps or misleading information you may have conveyed. By embracing honesty and open communication, you can rebuild trust and strengthen your relationships. This dream encourages self-reflection and the importance of integrity in your interactions with others.

Clean underwear

Putting on underwear that you perceive as especially clean or new is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It is indicative of upcoming good news or results in multiple areas of your life. For example, those who have recently entered a romantic relationship may find it more fulfilling or gratifying than previously expected. Farmers or gardeners may reap extra returns on their efforts outdoors. Businesspeople could see increased profits even with modest investments.

Tearing underwear on yourself

Dreaming that the underwear you are wearing becomes torn often represents shame and embarrassment. In some cases, this symbol manifests as a response to guilt over past behavior, words or actions in wake life. At other times, however, this symbol can predict upcoming events that cause you to go red in the face or make you want to crawl under a rock.

Selling underwear

In the context of a dream vision, selling underwear portends trouble brewing in your household. You may soon discover that there are serious conflicts arising between certain members of your family unit or extended relatives. This would make the atmosphere inside your home very tense and unagreeable. It may even require outside counseling to solve this mess and bring peace to your daily life.

Wearing only underwear in public

I drove into a town and got out my car in my underwear trying to change. I then bought an apartment for a few days and ended up bumping into work colleagues and Rebel Wilson was there. I then skated with a friend in my underwear and jumped into a well...

The notions of underwear could mean recently experienced or upcoming good times spent or to be shared with your friends or acquaintances, such as at a party or social event, and which may bring some regrets or disappointments later on. Jumping into a well could be an indication of an unexpected news or announcements which could have unpleasant or unwanted messages. These could be work-related if you happened to bump into your colleagues in the same dream.

Underwear with a plaid pattern

Underwear that has a plaid or tartan pattern is often thought to represent coming into money suddenly. In most cases, this means receiving an inheritance either through the death of a relative or by coming of age. This cash would open new doors and present opportunities you never thought available before, leading to much happiness and satisfaction.

Standing in your underwear

Finding yourself standing around in your underwear, in the context of a dream vision, represents learning something new, usually about yourself or someone you want to get to know better. You may soon gain better insight into your motivations and behavior, leading to increased self-respect and introspection. In the case of someone else, you could begin to understand their behavior and actions better, although this symbol by itself does not say if you would like what you discover.

Fancy or fashionable underwear

Wearing underwear that you perceive as particularly stylish, cute or fancy reveals an internal appreciation for art and beauty in reality. You probably uphold the opinion that objects should be stylish as well as functional, and you likely enjoy going to museums for the enjoyment of fine art or visiting websites related to pictures and photography. In some cases, this symbol has also been associated with a desire to make sexual fantasies a reality.

Hanging your underwear to dry

Hanging your underwear out to dry after washing it in a dream vision predicts soon coming into money. You would soon find yourself unexpectedly well-off, or your business ventures could soon exponentially increase in their profitability. This would bring you great relief and satisfaction in reality, and it would allow you to loosen your pocket more than usual.

Expensive underwear

If you put on expensive underwear in a dream or considered buying such a luxury item, it suggests you would soon meet someone special. In many cases this refers to a lover, partner or soulmate, however, it has also been associated with close friends or lifelong companions. This individual would bring much happiness and joy to your life for many years to come.

Changing your underwear

Changing your undergarments during the course of a dream vision speaks of preparing for a party or large-scale family gathering, like a wedding reception or reunion. In a sense, the act of changing your underwear represents preparing yourself for those you would soon meet and interact with in reality. Another possible interpretation of this image ties it to the idea of leaving your spouse or significant other, either temporarily or permanently.

Washing already clean underwear

The act of cleaning undergarments that are still clean or unworn is a positive symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It suggests that friends, family and co-workers respect you and hold you in high regard. You may even be privy to the admiration and esteem given. However, whether you are truly deserving of their praise or are simply faking it all is not revealed.

Buying expensive underwear

The act of buying underwear that carries a high price tag is considered a neutral symbol in the dream realm. While it does not explicitly predict something bad happening, it is often thought of as a warning for one of two possible situations. One interpretation suggests the dreamer's behavior may be overly flirtatious or misleading. When others discover you are not serious with your affections, they could become hurt, upset or angry. The other possibility implies that the dreamer would be fooled by someone else's pretty words. In this case, the dreamer would suffer heartbreak and great disappointment.

Sewing your underwear

Sewing together a pair of underwear, whether your intention is to make a new pair or simply repair an old one, is often considered the manifestation of compulsive hoarding behavior in reality. While you may consider yourself frugal or eco friendly, your tendencies are probably bordering on the disorder level. Others may find your collections overpowering, dirty or simply out of control. You may need to reevaluate your ways before you push others away with your habits.

Women's underwear for men

For a man or those who identify with being male, envisioning women's undergarments could be the manifestation of stress and conflict at their place of work. If you see this symbol in your dream vision, it is likely because you are experiencing difficulties and tension at work or that your subconscious is aware of a growing unease around the office. You may want to step back from any potential sparks that fly and keep your head down until the storm blows over.

Very old and worn underwear

Old or worn out undergarments, whether you were wearing them or simply seeing them, predict trouble, conflict and possible embarrassment at your place of work. You may soon fall victim to a vicious prank or make a mistake that earns you a vocal scolding in front of your coworkers and subordinates. You would likely want to keep your head low for a long time after this unfortunate event.

Bloody underwear

Bloody underwear, whether it was caused by menstruation or injury, can point to increases in wealth in the near future. You would suddenly find yourself with excess cash or property, which could lead to great wealth and prosperity if utilized and invested properly. In some cases, this image of bloody undergarments has also been specifically tied to the idea of inheriting something from a deceased loved one.

Underwear given as a gift

Receiving underwear as a gift means you are being far too transparent about your personal life. You probably post a lot about your problems on Facebook or your Instagram feed is filled with very revealing photos. Some of your loved ones are likely uncomfortable about your liberal persona. Unfortunately, you could become a target for harassment and expose your rants to tarnish your reputation to possible employers. This gift is your subconscious reminding you to think before you tweet or post anything that can backfire and ruin your reputation.

Washing underwear before going to a wedding

Washing dirty underwear before going to a wedding at a church with daughter and then being late because the garment was not dry in time.

This dream about washing dirty clothes is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your waking life. You may find that continuing your current ways can pull you down, creating bigger problems for you in the future. It could also be a sign of worries or concerns that you may be currently experiencing concerning your daughter and her life. You may be suffering after witnessing a recent event that had a serious impact on your psyche. These difficulties may be hard to overcome and you may need to analyze which priorities are applicable to your current life and take action.