Dreams Related To Undergarments

A woman giving her undergarments

I dream of a woman giving me her bra and panties (black and white), what is the meaning?

Assuming you are a male, the meaning of this vision depends highly on whether you recognized this woman and whether she is a potential candidate for your affections or not in waking life. In general, bras and panties are often interpreted as signs of a successful encounter with someone who leaves a positive, meaningful impression upon you. If this woman is someone you have feelings for in reality, it could predict a positive interaction with her in the future. If you did not recognize the woman though, it could indicate a new person entering your life and sweeping you off your feet.

Buying undergarments

Dreaming about buying undergarments for personal use indicates a possible illness or health problem which may arise in the near future. Possible health issues or sickness may be as a result of incredibly stressful situations, professional or personal, which prevent you from having enough rest and cause exhaustion. These stressful situations may be the ones that you are currently in or they may be circumstances that you would soon become a part of.

Women's undergarments in husband's backpack

I had a dream that I found a white pair of women's thong undergarments in a backpack that belong to my spouse.

The backpack belonging to your spouse represents responsibilities, burdens and problems. These are issues your romantic partner has been carrying around, probably from even before your were married. Meanwhile, the white thong is a symbol of intimacy and sexuality. Perhaps you feel there are still things you do not know about your spouse, or there could be situations or specific topics they do not like talking about. This vision could be the manifestation of your desire to get to know your partner more intimately and to allow them to show their vulnerabilities to you.