Dreams Related To Uncle

A long deceased uncle

A long-deceased uncle who suddenly makes an appearance in your dream, looking healthy and alive as ever like he never really passed away, is a reminder for you to pay respects to the dead. You could have recently disrespected the memory of certain people who have died. This could also mean that you are disregarding the legacy of your deceased elders and they are trying to teach you a lesson by appearing in your dream. You need to remember how you erred in relation to death and the dead in general, so you can start making amends.

Your uncle dying

Dreaming that your real-world uncle is dying, after a terrible accident or from a serious illness, suggests the existence of powerful enemies capable of making your life unbearable. You could be standing in the way of their plans, so they would exert a lot of effort to eliminate you as an obstacle. You may not even be aware that you are making some people angry, but by merely doing your job well, influential people with unscrupulous plans are being thwarted inadvertently. If you make a mistake, they could pounce on you and discredit you.

Your existing uncle

Dreaming of your real-world uncle, in social occasions like a family reunion or even a casual one-on-one chat, depicts an unfortunate piece of information about to come your way. Your uncle represents a loved one who would be the bearer of bad news. You may have a serious talk in order for you to fully absorb the news and deal with the complicated emotions that would arise. A loved one may be in a huge crisis and you need to extend a helping hand or you could be on the brink of financial ruin unless you get your act together.

Uncles having sex with each other

So I had a dream that my two uncles on my dad's side were having sex with each other and then one of them tried to have sex with me. I have never had any sexual feelings towards them and never any abuse involved.

While your mind's eye saw sex in this vision, the actual interpretation is a little more esoteric. Watching your uncles engage in sexual intercourse could reveal that you are holding onto an outdated or unfounded belief that is not beneficial to you right now. Perhaps you have been getting information from a single or unreliable source, and confirmation bias has primed you to ignore other possibilities. The trouble is that your subconscious mind knows that things are more complicated than your waking mind makes them out to be, and if you ignore your inner voice, it could cost you dearly.

Dead uncle wanting to meet

In my dream my dead uncle was saying "Let's meet in heaven and talk". I am female.

The presence of your deceased uncle in the dream world may reveal a decline in either your physical or emotional wellness. Because you did not actually meet him in heaven, it is possible the effects of this period would not have lasting implications for you. The source of your troubles could be related to peer rejection or a sudden rift in your relationship with someone you thought you were close to.

Conversation with your uncle

Having a conversation with your uncle in a dream, such as him giving you advice about life or sharing stories during a catch up, means you are going to go through a lot of ups and downs before you are able to enjoy a happy and prosperous life. It would entail a lot of labor, both physical and mental, to get you closer to your dreams. Your uncle, as a symbol, refers to your elders and more experienced people in your social group. They can be your yardstick for success or cautionary tales for certain elders who have gone through a lot of failures.

Your uncle sick

You uncle's sick appearance, as he is battling a disease or having a pale and sickly pallor without knowing the exact nature of his ailment, depicts problems brewing in your household or involving family members. You probably do not get along with a sibling, a cousin or any one of your relatives and it is difficult for you to attend family reunions for fear of acting out. This could also point to your poor health or a loved one falling sick due to negligence in terms of taking care of themselves.

Shooting a violent uncle

My uncle was trying to attack me and my family, he had already hit two teens in the head with a hammer, then the police arrived and we couldn't find him. I found him and yelled. Ran inside and he charged after us and was going to hurt us. My mom said she was going to shoot, he charged again and she shot him, everyone was crying. She didn't kill him though.

Getting attacked or threatened by your uncle could indicate family secrets that would create conflict and chaos within your family. It does not directly relate to your uncle, but your subconscious could be using him to represent a problem that your family is grappling with. A hammer is a symbol of power, so hitting the teens with the hammer means manipulation and brain washing. An influential relative or family member could use the younger members of your family to sow seeds of misunderstanding and discord. It is also possible that you think your uncle is to blame for being a bad influence on your family. In this context, your mother's act of shooting your uncle restores the power balance between your parents and other untrustworthy elders. A particularly tense confrontation would occur wherein your own mother or one of your relatives would assert their authority and finally dissuade any crooked personalities from causing trouble in your household.

Dead uncle smiling

The image of your dead uncle smiling at you during the course of a dream vision often suggests you are seeking protection or spiritual growth from the old ways. Your deceased uncle, in this context, represents the fact that you have redirected your efforts from pursuits of the flesh to pursuits of the mind and spirit. Your uncle's smiling face is a sign of subconscious pleasure and love, meaning you are feeding your heart and soul with your change in attitude and behavior.

In a disagreement with your uncle

Dreaming that you are in an argument or disagreement with your uncle, screaming and even verging on using violence, represents an escalating conflict and tension within your household. Flaring tempers could lead to another argument, especially when there is a gathering of people with clashing personalities. On the other hand, this also portends the possibility of falling ill because of a combination of weather changes and a weakened immune system due to poor lifestyle choices.

Killing your uncle

Killing your own uncle in a dream, because you have been paid to do so or accidentally during a heated argument that turned violent, refers to the possibility of inheriting a huge amount of money, property or assets of considerable value after the passing of someone close to you. It could be a wealthy relative whom you have a good relationship with or a rich mentor who treats you as family because of your good working relationship. It may even take you by surprise because you were not informed that you are one of the heirs.

Taking a deceased uncle to hospital

I had a dream whereby my uncle (who is dead) was with us talking. After talking he left to go and bathe when he went to take a bath he wanted to look at something over the wall and his hand got cut from his body. I and my mom rushed him to the hospital, the first hospital couldn't take him, so we had to take him to the second one. We waited for several minutes, no taxi showed up. Finally I left to go. I got to my friends' place and my mom called and said he has passed away. I went home and it turned into an argument between his children and his siblings for not showing up.

Dreams containing images of injured hand or hands signify existing or upcoming misunderstandings and arguments. There could be an altercation with someone close to you, particularly someone you are dating or a spouse. The result of this misunderstanding could begin with a small quarrel, but might result in break-up, separation or even divorce with this significant other. Loss of a hand could also be a sign of being taken advantage of or being double-crossed by someone you deal with on a regular basis. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior, which may provoke even more disastrous outcomes. This prediction is also supported by the last scenes of your relatives arguing within the dream you had.

Your uncle tired

Seeing your uncle looking tired or worn out, after a day of work or after going through a stressful situation, reveals an upcoming problem that could create conflict between you and others around you. This could be a work-related issue which would put a strain in your relationship with certain colleagues or it could also be a personal obstacle that would test your friendship. You either build a stronger bond after you overcome this problem or it would permanently damage, even ruin, your relationship when all is said and done.

Visiting your uncle

Visiting your uncle in a dream vision, for a simple homemade dinner or spending a weekend to bond with him, means you would play host to your visiting relatives and family members in reality. After being apart for a while, siblings, cousins or your own parents would stay with you for a few days during their vacation or if they have any work-related appointments in your area. This also reveals your desire to be more connected and involved in your loved ones' lives. Likewise, you also want them to check up on you more, perhaps because you have been feeling lonely and neglected lately.

Your uncle sharing a good news

Dreaming that your uncle is sharing good news with you, a personal achievement perhaps or happy developments about other members of your family, means auspicious changes are underway. The most salient aspects of your life would most likely change for the better. If your focus is on your relationship, then one or both of you would receive positive news. Your partner could get a promotion which would elevate your lifestyle, or you can go into business together which would add another layer in your partnership.

Your uncle warning your about something

To dream that your uncle is warning you about something, in a manner that incites fear or anxiety in you, depicts a change in your circumstances which would prompt you to abandon other duties and responsibilities. If you remember the specific advice, then it would serve you well to follow or apply this piece of wisdom to your current problems. If not, then in general you may look back to advice you received from your elders and figure out whether those opinions are appropriate in your situation.

A stranger as your uncle

Seeing your uncle being embodied by a stranger, and when you only realized this after you have woken up, points to a big surprise ahead of you. This can either be a pleasant surprise or a shocking and disturbing news. If your conversation seems normal, then the surprise would not have much effect on your life. However, if you were arguing with your uncle, this suggests conflict. You would not take the news very well and you may even argue with the person who surprises you with the new developments.

Uncle from your mother's side

The presence of your uncle from your mother's side, like a reunion scenario or a random meeting in your vision, means major changes are about to occur in your personal life. If you are in a relationship, you may soon get married with your significant other. If you are focused on your career, then a major opportunity could fastrack your professional growth and open more doors in the future. It could even involve one of your siblings. For example, you could partner up with your brother or sister in opening a family business.

Your uncle smiling at you

Seeing your uncle smiling happily at you, as you catch a glimpse of him from afar or even up close while you are deep in conversation, suggests small blessings that would brighten up your days. You could receive thoughtful, little gifts from friends and loved ones as a gesture of goodwill. You may also be blessed with random acts of kindness which would restore your faith in humanity. As such, you are likely to return the favor and make someone else smile because you are in a good mood.

Meeting with long-gone ancestors

I was lost in a fog, yet it wasn't dark outside. It was very bright and the fog was dense, it was the brightest white that I had ever seen. When the fog cleared, a man approached me, he was my great uncle who had died during world war two on Iwo Jima. Yet he was only 18-20 years old. He was wearing his marine uniform. He asked me if I knew who he was, when I responded that I did know who he was, he hugged me and his father appeared out of nowhere, but I never saw his face.

Fogs and other heavy mists are usually associated with troubling times and difficulties in your future. This is most likely related to a plan you have recently formed, as brightness could suggest success in business or investment. Together, these mean that you are probably destined to do well in these areas, but there are obstacles in your way, such as tedious paperwork or red tape. However, the image of your deceased great uncle coming to talk with you means you may receive help from the most unexpected places, such as relatives you have fallen out of touch with or a long-lost friend.

Deceased uncle's coffin

Last night I dreamed about a coffin for my late uncle. May I know what it means? Thanks.

Dreaming about a coffin for a deceased family member, like your uncle, is an ill-omen. It symbolizes certain bad vibes that may surround you during your daily activities such as work or school. As long you let things that do not affect you directly get into your head, you will find it difficult to focus your attention on important tasks and function productively.

An uncle asking for water

Male. I dreamt that I saw my uncle in his room laying on the bed and he asked me to carry a bowl full of pure water.

Carrying water in your dream symbolizes your triumph over adversity. The bowl of pure water represents your state of mind, hence carrying it around refers to successfully managing your emotions and putting your psyche at ease. You would finally be able to win over all the negative things in your life that may have hounded you for some time now.

Dead uncle's tombstone

Me with my dead uncle looking at his headstone.

Seeing your dead uncle in a dream reveals a decline in either your physical or emotional wellness. The reason for your health deterioration could be from a rocky relationship or rejection that causes a lot of self-doubt which puts you on an emotional roller coaster. Meanwhile, the headstone means buried secrets and repressed memories. You must look within yourself to confront your demons and personal issues so you can emerge a better person during this ordeal.

A deceased uncle wanting to see my daughter

I am a female. My uncle died two years ago and didn't get to see my daughter, who is a couple of months old. He appears in my dream looking alive and well and he told me to hand her to him because he wanted to see her and I did.

Your dearly departed uncle's presence in your dream is likely twofold. It can of course be a message from him showing that he is still watching over you and the family. A more general interpretation further suggests that his appearing to you at this time may be a reminder to use the collective wisdom of your life, family and ancestors to make good decisions while raising your child.

Accused of wanting uncle's money

I'm my uncle's niece. I dreamed that my mom was crying and angry with me saying you want get any of your uncle's money and to stop it . My uncle has recently passed away due to cancer.

Receiving money in the dream realm is often thought to reflect the dreamer's generous nature, so not getting money could mean that you tend to be a bit selfish in reality. While this may not normally be an issue, your crying mother's anger may mean that your behavior would soon have a negative effect on your life. In this case, conflict or disagreements with those who are close to you seem likely. It may be wise to consider putting others first to help them see that you consider them to be a priority in your life.