Dreams Related To Unborn

Someone trying to kill an unborn baby

My friend's kid was trying to kill my unborn child and when I told her she got mad, gave me money and kicked me out, so the house I found to live at ended up be haunted and it wouldn't let me leave.

The vision of someone trying to kill an unborn child in your dream should be understood as an alarming sign. This symbol means you are having health issues, or you are currently abusing certain substances while ignoring the warning signs your body is giving you. Seeing that someone is giving you money shows your need to invest more effort and time into something that you have been ignoring lately, in this case it can be your well-being. The imagery about your friend kicking you out means you would be better making the first step toward improving your wellness as soon as possible, otherwise your situation would deteriorate further, as the view of the haunted house indicates in this dream.

Unborn baby dying

The death of an unborn baby in the dreamscape points to bad luck. This morbid imagery suggests unfavorable conditions that may lead to cancelled plans or failed ventures. Perhaps you will not get enough funding for your business or other factors will interfere with your planned vacation. It could also refer to a relationship ending before you even gave it a chance. To remedy this, you may choose to focus your attention on other matters. The plan may still flourish, it may just be the wrong time for it.

Seeing your unborn child

Seeing your unborn child in a dream may allude to underlying health conditions whether you are pregnant or not. For instance, a pregnant woman who sees this symbol may want to take it a bit easier lest she brings on an early labor. Alternatively, a woman who is not pregnant or a man could be seeing this symbol in regards to some other undiagnosed health condition, like diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer.

A deceased relative with an unborn baby

Dead relative holding unborn baby.

A dead relative in a dream vision suggests you have recently been stressing out over situations in your daily life, such as traffic, bills, or work. These little things are beginning to add up, making you feel exhausted and possibly at wits' end. This is further supported by the image of the unborn baby which indicates that your relationships are either the cause or a contributing factor to your sadness. Specifically, an unborn child points toward a significant other, partner, or spouse who is causing a disturbance within your life. You may need to take a step back and communicate what is really wrong with this person or take some time to rest and relax by yourself to relieve the fatigue.

Seeing unborn baby face

During pregnancy, it is common for a woman to dream of her unborn child's face or physical features. This vivid imagery seen before birth represents wanting to discover and explore your roots in order to create a strong, tight-knit community for your child to grow up in and be a part of. This internal desire is manifested in the face of your future son or daughter.