Dreams Related To Tutor

Messages explained by tutor

I was having a lesson with my English tutor. In reality I haven't seen her for years. I had a paper which was written "dcalls" and it was circled. My tutor told me that it means "He calls the woman of his life". There was also written something about manicure or pedicure and something about a party.

Seeing a person from your past is an allusion to a deteriorating relationship in your present life. Your disagreements with this person could be escalating and eventually end the friendship once you reach your limit. Similarly, the circled word may point to your frustration about certain people in your life who may not be available when you need them the most. In this context, the mani-pedi note is a sign of dissatisfaction. Perhaps you need more time for self-care because your stress level is mounting due to the different stressors in your environment. The party, in particular, reveals your yearning for socialization and meeting new people. You are feeling lonely and you miss going out with your friends and family, hence your subconscious is manifesting these symbols in your REM sleep.

A tutor wanting to break up

Dreamt about living with a tutor after running away from some bad events and people. And my tutor was angry. I haven't told anyone I was staying there, she felt heavy, pressured and wanted me to go. I was gutted cos I felt close to her and really admired her.

This dream about staying with a tutor and not wanting to end this relationship with her could be an indication that your self-esteem and confidence are currently undermined. This vision could also signify that you depend greatly on some person and have been facing some circumstances lately which you think are going to lead to separation from this person.

Being attracted to a handsome tutor

I'm a young girl. I saw a young boy with me, but I never saw him before in my real life. He was really handsome and he looked at me lovely and also he taught me chemistry.

Meeting a handsome, kind stranger is often an indication of being surrounded by good and generous people in your life. It can also represent finding your soulmate if you are in the right place at the right time. Being taught by this person suggests that the time spent studying and improving yourself may put you on a path which would help you connect with your perfect match in the future.