Dreams Related To Tunnel

A tunnel in general

The general appearance of a tunnel in the dream world without any other special characteristics may shed light on some current situation in reality in which you are trying to piece together a larger picture from bits and scraps of information. This information may have been collected in an offhand manner, such as through the perusal of a magazine or an overheard conversation, or it may have been gather through direct questioning and interviews.

Walking in a tunnel

Walking through a tunnel during part or all of a dream can portend difficulties ahead. You may face some challenging situations or have to overcome some particularly arduous struggles. For women or those who identify as female, this symbol can also point toward an upcoming romantic entanglement with someone who is good at using computers or has a background related to technology.

A long and dark tunnel

A long, dark tunnel is an ominous symbol to perceive while dreaming at night. It is often associated with upcoming periods that are filled with trials, difficulties and sacrifice. You would need to gather your strength and courage in order to tackle these issues head on. If you were able to exit the tunnel during the vision, it means you would be able to overcome the hurdles and improve your situation. However, in order to do so you would need to have a very well-defined end goal in mind and a structured, feasible plan at hand.

Restricted tunnel

A restricted tunnel in the dream world represents a situation in wake life that would become increasingly serious and challenging over time. One example would be a sudden expense that throws off your household budget for months to come. Not only would you have the initial difficulty of paying out a possibly large sum of money, but attempting to replenish the money you spent could be impossible on a tight budget. Alternatively, the way you act could cause others to treat you differently. This affront to your character may cause you to become irritated and hurt, exacerbating the issue and further creating a rift between you and your companions.

A train headed your way inside the tunnel

Standing inside a tunnel and seeing a train coming towards you during a dream vision is highly ominous. Seeing this symbol suggests you may soon find yourself ill or afflicted with a fairly serious disease. Alternatively, this symbol is occasionally seen by those who are about to change jobs or completely switch career trajectories in reality.

Driving inside a tunnel

In the context of a dream vision, driving through a tunnel is synonymous with being content to not improve in reality. It is often seen by those who have made no real effort to deal with their problems or improve their own situations. It can also reflect personal dissatisfaction with your work environment or your current job. In either case, this vision can be considered a message from your subconscious that it is time to get up and do something about your current situation.

Unable to get out of a tunnel

Being unable to find the exit to a long, dark tunnel is a highly ominous symbol to perceive while dreaming. It means something bad is lurking on the horizon for you. This could be some personal challenge or a series of obstacles you would have to overcome. Your success would depend highly upon the time, effort and resources you dump into solving the problem.

Dreams about railroads tunnels or trains explain meaning

A railway tunnel

A tunnel that is used by trains or as railways is often thought to manifest when the dreamer is second-guessing a recent decision or action from reality. In a sense, this symbol appears in dreams when your subconscious is not completely satisfied either with your way of thinking or the immediate results of your choice. Alternatively, a railway tunnel may portend getting news related to your current situation.

Peeking inside a tunnel

The act of peeking into or peering down a long tunnel can be interpreted as a message from your subconscious that you need to shift your mindset in reality. You may be facing some difficult, challenging and downright upsetting circumstances in reality, but grinning and bearing it would go a long way to earning the respect of others and improving your own mood. Another possible interpretation of this symbol suggests you would soon go on a trip. However, rather than being pleasant and relaxing, it would be stressful and expensive.

Tunnel as a pedestrian crossing

The image of a pedestrian tunnel in a dream vision may represent some minor troubles related to love. If you see this symbol, you may begin to feel some uncertainties in your heart or harbor some doubt about your beloved.

Dreams about tunnels or passages explain meaning

Tunnel entrance crumbling down

Watching as the entrance to a tunnel crumbles and collapses into rubble in the dream world can be considered a harbinger of misfortune and sadness. It suggests you may become betrayed by someone you once loved and trusted above all others.

Crawling in or out of a flooded tunnel

Trying to crawl into or out of a tunnel that has been flooded with water in the dream realm is often considered some subconscious memory resurfacing from the precious moments that surrounded your own birth into the world. In a literal sense, it can refer to a desire to learn more about the circumstances surrounding your birth or a wish to learn more about your family lineage. A more figurative meaning can also emerge, pointing toward a desire to return to easier, simpler times. As an extension of these interpretations, a flooded tunnel has also been associated with sexual activities you had, either in the recent past or many years ago.

Being buried alive inside a tunnel

Being buried alive inside a tunnel, such as when one collapses or caves in, means your efforts to improve yourself are being hampered and sabotaged by your own fears and lack of confidence. For example, you may desire to become a healthy, fit person, but your worries could hold you back from joining a gym or running a race, actions that would obviously improve your athletic ability. You may need to overcome these internal weak points before addressing the outwardly visible ones.

Traveling through a tunnel

Was going in a snow tunnel, came out on the other end, and there was a green gate where an old woman let me in. Then I have seen two big fish that were abnormal.

Both the snow tunnel you pass through and the green gate at the end of it represent entering an auspicious and prosperous period. You may have good luck with financial activities such as investment or the lottery. However, the strange-looking fish could symbolically represent the idea that money does not buy happiness, suggesting that your new financial freedom cannot fix every problem in your life, including health issues, relationship problems, or moral dilemmas.

Riding a bicycle inside a dark tunnel

My dream started at work but moved to a local train station. I had to make it back to work, so I was riding a bicycle through the train tunnel being very conscious of the third rail. I knew if I stayed away from the third rail I would make it safe back to work. As I went further through the tunnel, it became dark and I realized that if the lights of a train started coming towards me I would be trapped. I became scared and started back quickly towards the entrance. I was looking for cubbyholes to jump into in the event of a train, but noticed there were none in this tunnel. When I got back to the entrance, I saw cubbyholes that were big enough to fit lounge chairs. Back at the station I noticed my younger brother (who does not work) showing up to a party. The song "Machinehead" by Bush started. I realized that riding a bike through a train tunnel to get back to work was a foolish risk as it did not get me back there any faster. The side streets would have gotten me back just as fast. What do you think??

Bicycles in dreams generally refer to freedom, independence and spontaneity. Perhaps riding the bicycle reveals your free-spirited nature and risk-taking behavior. Meanwhile, going through a tunnel depicts moments of uncertainties and unfamiliar situations. In a sense, your choice to ride a bike through the tunnel points to your tendency to face challenges and obstacles head on, without due diligence and preparation. There may be important decisions and trials at work which you may need to overcome in order to get closer to your professional goals. As such, your mind could be reminding you not to be too reckless and fatalistic when it comes to your work and even other aspects of your life because you may end up being derailed or further away from your initial plans. Alternatively, "Machinehead" speaks of weariness and alienation. In particular, the line "Got a machinehead, it's better than the rest / Green to red" could be an allusion to burnout. There is a possibility that you are sabotaging your own career because your are feeling worn out, disinterested and jaded about the industry you are in. Maybe your mind is telling you to slow down and re-visit your priorities in life in order to gain some perspective and find clarity in your motivations.

Walking through a tunnel with brother

My dream was about me and my older brother walking in the forest, then we went through a tunnel and started looking for someone in some rooms. We later found my grandmother laying helplessly with worms inside her genitals.

If you were walking in the forest during daytime, it alludes to a romantic encounter. However, if it was nighttime, then it implies upcoming emotional distress. Meanwhile, the tunnel could be a metaphor of birth and renewal, although it can refer to a prosperous period ahead at the same time. In your case, perhaps you are worried about the health and wellness of your grandmother, especially with the imagery of worms in her genitals. In that context, the forest and the tunnel could be pointing to a period of fear and apprehension as your grandmother's health slowly starts to deteriorate. Maybe your mind is telling you to keep a close eye on your grandmother to alleviate whatever pain or illness she may soon start experiencing.

Bleeding in a tunnel

I am a 52 year old female. I had a dream that I was bleeding from the top of my big toe through the toenail and then I started bleeding from my groin area. I was pleading for help for someone to call 911. I felt like I was in a black tunnel.

A bleeding toe means you are going to feel drained mentally and physically from a passion project. Despite all your hopes and all the efforts you put in, it would simply not have any productive returns. The bleeding groin carries a similar message about failure. The negative results could also stem from a creative block, a sense of ineptitude or your general lack of confidence in your skills. In the end, you may just end up sabotaging your own work.

Going into a tunnel while on a plane

Me being with others up in something like an airplane. Then we got into a tunnel with lamps with orange-yellowish lights.

Dreaming of being on a flight with strangers depicts an upcoming struggle. This imagery usually portends possible loss or failure. You may have to postpone projects instead of delivering something half-baked or wait for more favorable conditions to implement your plans. Going into the tunnel indicates dissatisfaction with your job. You could be feeling unmotivated and this is contributing to the lack of developments or growth in certain aspects of your life. Fortunately, the lamps symbolize hope and enlightenment. Despite the struggle to stay afloat and stay focused on your goals, you will find reasons to remain steadfast no matter how hard it can get. Slow and steady movement is better than not trying at all.

Underground tunnels

Getting beneath the ground's surface in this dream is a reflection of your anxiety and uncertainty about your future. You also tend to feel insecure and emotionally weak due to past events that still affect you. Conversely, this vision implies the need for you to look beyond the appearance of your current situation. This will help you understand clearly why things are happening, and it will allow you to make a sound judgment about the course of your life.

Sliding down a tunnel

Sliding down a long tunnel in the dream realm, such as on a playground or at a water park, carries some predictions for your future. The sliding itself denotes a lack of control over where you are going or what happens, but the narrow tube of the tunnel opening into a wide pool or play area represents a wider range of options or opportunities. If you search carefully, you may find news or information that helps you make the best choice.