Dreams Related To Tumor

Brain tumor

Dreaming of a tumor, despite the ominous imagery, generally implies financial gains. The location of the tumor will convey the source of this surge of wealth, so a brain tumor could indicate monetary rewards from intellectual pursuits. Your brilliant ideas will quickly gain traction for funding which would allow you to expand your endeavors to great success. On the other hand, this can also allude to mental stress or intellectual blocks. Perhaps you are grappling with a mental strain that requires a break for you to recover.

A tumor represented by a baby

I had a dream about a guy I had sex with, he has asthma but in the dream it was tumor. We were in his house and at one point I saw a grave and asked him who it's for, he says it's for his baby tumor. Then he later tells me some woman performed some rituals on him and they didn't work. Then there was this baby (not sure where it came from) which had powers to heal him and he did, but now the tumor comes out of his body as a baby, and I see the baby alive but its grave is outside.

Although the idea of tumors is scary in reality, in the dream world they are auspicious symbols connected to wealth and prosperity. Dreaming that someone you slept with has tumors, then, may refer to some beneficial developments in your love life. It is possible this would be with the man you envisioned, but it is equally possible that he is simply the manifestation of some yet unknown male. In either case, the baby that comes out as a tumor but whose grave is outside seems to represent some suspicions you have regarding this situation. Perhaps you think this man would be too good to be true, leading to feelings of suspicion and distrust. While this vision does not necessarily suggest his motives would be suspect, a bit of healthy caution is surely in order at first. If you are planning to enter a relationship with someone or have already done so, it might be time to do a little more investigative work into his past. Doing so would alleviate your fears and allow you to truly enjoy the happiness you would find if the partnership is all it should be.