Dreams Related To Tsunami

Being a victim of a tsunami

A dream in which you find yourself being a victim of a tsunami or affected by the destruction caused by this natural disaster signifies that you could be greatly distressed or disturbed by some social issues and tribulations in your community. As a result, you might become a target of unfair treatment and prejudice.

Witnessing a tsunami

If you dream about a tsunami event or its aftermath it is symbolic of you getting involved in the wave of social unrest, turbulence and turmoil. The nearness or the propinquity of the tsunami to you indicates how concerned or affected you will become following these events and to what extent they may impact the quality of your life.

Tsunami and surviving

Surviving a tsunami in the dreamscape is a hopeful message from your subconscious. Water dream symbols, according to John Paul Jackson, are indicative of cleansing and purification. The tsunami itself represents a big disaster, natural or otherwise, which will aggravate living conditions in your area. Fortunately, surviving this disaster means this huge challenge will lead to positive developments. There will be long-lasting lessons to everyone involved. People could be kinder to one another or more conscious about their effects to the environment.

Tsunami and family

Experiencing a tsunami with your family in the dream world is an omen of a coming family drama. This conflict could upend the existing dynamics in your household. A long-held secret or a long-suffering family member may cause rifts in your clan which would take years to repair. The tsunami typically alludes to strong emotions, so watch out for simmering anger or resentment. Failing to address this issue early on will lead to an eventual falling out.

Avoiding a tsunami event

A dream in which you perceive yourself to be a survivor of a tsunami event has positive connotations. It signifies that all your projects and endeavors would be met by successes and triumphs.

A tsunami affecting your town

A dream in which you perceive your town or city profoundly affected by a tsunami indicates the presence of negativity in your life. It signifies that you are incapable and fragile to withstand the hardships which life might deal you. It also symbolizes that you are not prudent enough to handle these problems in a reasonable manner.

Being in the epicenter of a tsunami

Dreaming about being in an epicenter of a tsunami is an indication of the discord or disagreements which you might have with your mother in law. In fact, these difficulties might become a bone of contention between the two of you and render you incapable of fostering good relationship with her.

Someone impacted by a tsunami

If you dream about an acquaintance being seriously affected by a tsunami, such a dream could portend negativity for that person. It could be an indication of the fact that this person has a difficult and arduous time in store for them and would soon become a victim of trying or intricate circumstances.

Trying to find shelter amidst a tsunami

Hi, I had a dream about me and my friend driving on the mountain road and a tsunami came over the hill, as it came over, we turned back, next thing I knew I was in the town center outside a supermarket meeting with my brother, as we start talking he handed me my twin babies and we all got in the car to go somewhere and hide. But before it happened, I woke up from it, since my dream I cannot stop thinking about it please help.

Driving through the mountains in the context of a dream vision usually indicates that your present life is fairly comfortable and easy-going. However, the tsunami which comes after you and forces you to flee predicts a tidal wave of social unrest which may sweep through your city or neighborhood, leaving people with no choice but to be swept up in the chaos or trampled by those who seek to disturb them. Trying to get away from this chaos with your family indicates you may have expected this to happen or are already prepared for the worst, which is the best thing you can do in this situation.

Frightened by a quickly approaching tsunami

I was in a very tall building with my family and we could see a Tsunami coming, one that would kill us all. I was terrified while everyone seemed worried, but not like you would if you knew you were going to die. The terror was so real, and then I woke up. I have no idea what that means.

If you dream about a tsunami event or its aftermath, it is symbolic of you getting involved in the wave of social unrest, turbulence and turmoil. The certainty that the tsunami could kill all of those present indicates the level of fear on your part. It is likely that you could experience extreme stress when under pressure, hence this vision is a reflection of your anxiety and discomfort. On the other hand, there may be no cause to worry excessively as long as you can manage the aspects that you can control.

Being hit by a tsunami and dying

Male: 1st, it seemed like several tsunamis hit earth and earth was covered in water, but I found refuge on a piece of wood and a voice saying I and the ones I love will be alright, it was rainy stormy dark. 2nd: My death and I saw my funeral and burial, no one came, no one cared, and in the end, no one cared about my passing except the person in my life and son.

The first dream about a tsunami could be suggestive of distress or disturbance. Some trouble in your community could be causing unease among its residents. This could negatively affect both you and your loved ones if you choose to ignore the consequences. On the other hand, a tidal wave can also represent suppressed feelings and rising frustrations. An emotional outburst may occur and cause great distress to your family and friends. As such, you may need to find it within yourself to atone and ask for forgiveness should you end up hurting people's feelings. The second dream involving your funeral could reflect your existing feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps you need to let go of certain things to feel valued and appreciated. Depending on your current situation in life, seeing your funeral can be a positive sign. Profound joy and happiness may be within your reach if you are willing to make sacrifices and play fair.

Husband and daughter perishing in a tsunami

A tsunami came and took my daughter who is 3, but she was baby in the dream. Husband tried to dive in and save her and then the hugest wave came and sucked him deep into the ocean and then I woke up heart pounding.

Dreaming about a tsunami event symbolizes the arrival of a period of unrest and difficulties in your waking life. Menacing tidal waves usually represent turbulence and inner turmoil, and could signify your inability to deal with your emotions. Failure to take charge of your feelings could negatively impact those you love as well. Seeing your daughter being taken away by the wave portends that these problems that you may face would have a bearing on her as well. The notion of watching your husband disappearing shows that despite his best efforts to deal with this situation he too may have to suffer the consequences. Consider this dream as a warning and remain on alert, try to anticipate threatening circumstances or individuals affecting you and your loved ones in a negative way. Staying strong and determined would help you overcome any obstacles which life places in your path.