Dreams Related To Triplets

One of triplets drowning

A dream about triplet girls, they were not mine or anyone I know. Age 2-3 years and they were playing at my house. My little sister was supposed to keep an eye on them and when I saw one of the babies alone I went looking for her sisters. I saw my sister talking to someone so I didn't approach her. I went to the bathroom and saw two bathtubs filled to the brim with water. I turned to the bathtub and saw them both but one baby was drowning. I pulled her out and did CPR until she came back to life.

As a dream symbol, triplets symbolize the mind, body and spirit. All these parts are aspects of yourself you need to explore in case one of them is weak or damaged. In fact, as your dream vision plays out, one of the triplets needed help from drowning which means a part of you will be negatively affected by your current way of life. The bathtub filled with water specifically refers to an overwhelming burden. Water is often associated with emotions and the subconscious, so a huge problem will weigh heavily on your psyche that could lead to a potential mental breakdown. Your mind is warning you about an imminent crisis. To avoid this tragic incident, you need to take a break and distance yourself from this turbulence. Give yourself time to relax and refocus before you tackle your responsibilities and duties once more, this time with a clear mind.

Being pregnant with triplets

If you are in a relationship with someone when seeing this symbol in your mind's eye, the image of pregnancy involving triplets can be considered an auspicious sign related both to the health of your relationship and the stability of your situation. Those who share a home or apartment with their significant other would not have to worry about rent or minor fights for the time being. For those who are single, being pregnant with triplets is also a happy sign, although it is more often associated with success in business rather than personal matters.