Dreams Related To Tree

Falling tree

Seeing a tree falling right in front of you, whether because it was cut by someone or because of some natural events, for example lightning or storm is an omen of your own death.

Uprooted tree

Seeing a tree being uprooted or taken out of its place is a bad omen of death event you are about to become a witness of.

Interpretation of dreams about a dead tree

Dead tree

Seeing a dead or a dying tree signifies periods of sadness, hardship or unexpected losses.

Cutting down a tree

Cutting down a tree or pulling it out on the ground and seeing exposed roots is a sign of worthless attempts you are making to achieve something that takes a lot of energy and efforts from you.

This dream can also mean experiencing losses you to your careless actions towards your friends, colleagues or even people you love, which may lead to some tragic events you or these people may go through.

Tree branches or tree trunks in a dream meaning

Tree in full bloom

Dreaming about a tree with fresh leaves or in full bloom is a positive sign of achieving your aspirations and having a good outlook on life.

This dream can also be telling you that you have to take a closer look at your loved ones and make some necessary steps to make them feel happier which will benefit your life and the relationship with them as well.

Climbing a tree

If you happen to notice yourself climbing a big tree in your dream, it is a sign of fast career growth or advancement along the career ladder.

This dream can also signify that you are about to undergo through a lot of tests and traps set for you by unexpected events, which may end up giving you a lot of troubles. It can also mean unexpected losses or failures.

A tree bearing fruits

Seeing a tree bearing a fruit or picking a fruit from a tree is a sign of great achievements which will leave you satisfied and fulfilled for the rest of your life.

This dream can also signify prosperity and success for people involved with agriculture, business or maritime professions. For lovers, this dream predicts happy marriage, peaceful existence and joy accompanied by the birth of children. You may also acquire a lot of wealth if you happened to have this dream.

Twin sister trying to sell trees

Someone was telling my twin sister "Don't sell the trees". I looked around and could see a vast amount of land with hundreds of English-type trees standing on the land, but these were individual trees. I was not looking at a forest or wood.

Trees seen in dreams are often thought to be the manifestation of blessings in your life. In this case, multiple individual trees could represent any number of possible benefits or gifts. The warning your sister received about selling the trees likely refers to the idea of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Basically, you should be grateful for what you receive, and you should not pass along gifts you do not want to others. Useless but thoughtful presents should be displayed somewhere, so that others can see you appreciate their kindness.

Cutting a tree with a chainsaw

Happiness and carefree existence await you in your future if you happened to see yourself cutting a tree down with a chainsaw.

A tree in front of you

Seeing a tree right in front of you while you are walking in the woods or in the park can be a positive sign of receiving a profit or a benefit.

Dry tree

Dreaming about dried up or desiccated tree can be a sign of possible disrespect and mistreatment from people who you know well. A very complicated relationship may begin to unfold.

A tree being cut

Seeing a tree being cut right in front of you signifies hopelessness and not being able to achieve something you aspire to.

Dreaming about a tree being cut can also be a sign of friends leaving you or moving away, health problems for people whom you know well, and also not being able to follow your intentions according to what was originally planned.

Pine tree

Seeing a pine tree in your dream is an indication of your masculinity and the ways you portray yourself to be perceived as a very masculine and virile individual.

Lush canopy over a tree

Admiring a lush green canopy on a tree or on many trees above you is a good sign of future success, fame and good fortune you are about to experience very soon.

A one-branch tree with animals and numbers

I dreamt of a very big tree having one branch. It was like part of the branch has been cut. A cat was on the branch and a dog was holding on to the branch from under and trying to get the cat out of the branch. Then I looked away from the tree and saw a number fraction 7 divided by 2 (7/2) and I woke up.

A large tree with a single branch suggests you have lived your life in such a way that only one path was acceptable or open to you. The fact that this branch appeared to be broken, then, reveals that you now have the chance or the misfortune to choose a different way. The cat, in this vision, represents loss and bad luck, so the dog trying to get rid of the cat means you or the forces around you are trying to do the right thing. The numbers seven and two reveal that you would succeed in these efforts as long as you do not listen to any of the gossip others might spread due to your change in opinion and circumstances.

Clearing trees in a forest

Dreaming about chopping trees in a forest is an indication of embarking on something that will bring you a lot of success and positive results you will be pleasantly surprised with.

A fallen tree on the ground

Seeing a fallen or felled tree on the ground can be a sign of going through a serious health condition because you are neglecting or failing to take care of your health properly, which could lead to some serious health complications or diseases as a result of not taking good care of yourself.

Planting a tree

Planting a tree in your dream signifies becoming wealthy. The source of this wealth is related to inheritance or property acquisition from your relatives or immediate family.

Hanging on a tree branch

When you see yourself hanging on a tree branch in your dream, it's an indication of discomfort and detachment from people who do not usually constitute your regular social circle.

Sitting under a tree

Unexpected but very positive and pleasant news are about to be delivered to you if you happened to see yourself sitting under a tree.

Blossoming tree

Blossoming tree, such as during spring time signifies success in the things you're trying to accomplish as well as happiness and joy related to the things you occupy yourself with.

This dream can also be a sign of upcoming period of relaxation and carefree lifestyle, but you will have to work real hard to get to this point in your life.

Several trees together

Seeing several trees growing together or a cluster of trees signifies fatigue and dissatisfaction when communicating with others, you are looking for some time to relax, be alone and have some quality time to analyze your own thoughts.

Cutting off tree foliage

Dreaming about cutting off tree leaves off tree branches can be a sign of accumulating wealth and saving up for the future.

A single tree

Seeing a tree growing all by itself in your dream signifies your loneliness and isolation as well as inability to find a soul mate or partner in your life.

Burning tree

Witnessing a tree burning bright in front of your eyes, for example when it was set on fire, signifies losses and hardships you may experience very soon.

Tree logs

Dreaming about tree logs or stumps is a sign of inheriting money or becoming wealthier. The size of the log or the stump you saw can indicate the amount of wealth you are about to acquire.

Gathering tree twigs or fallen branches

Dreaming about picking tree branches or twigs can be a sign of being brokenhearted or experiencing major heartache while in a relationship with someone.

Being lifted up by tree limbs

In my dream, there was no color. It seemed like sun down and it was raining with some winds. I saw myself struggling under ground with these tree roots. I pushed them off me to get to surface and finally as I got closer, the limbs seemed to lift me off the ground and I saw myself crawling and then stood up and walked off.

Colorless dreams usually are a symbol of rapid physical changes or aging. Tree roots protruding from the ground signify losing your freedom, independence and individuality. Such loss would be consequent of the influence and pressure exerted upon you by more powerful or capable individuals. Alternatively, you could be losing your autonomy due to forces that you consider too strong, uncontrollable and unknown. For example, aging. You then had a vision that you were being lifted up from the ground by the tree branches. This suggests that you could feel detached and uncomfortable in the presence of people outside your regular social circle. Overall, this is a dream with negative connotations that speaks of feeling displaced and disconnected. You were never with your feet on the ground. You were always below or above the ground. Moreover, the symbols were all impersonal and cold. Thus, you could be going through a difficult period and you could be feeling depressed and alone.

Turning into a tree

Having a dream about becoming a tree is a warning against possible disease or health condition you are about to experience.

Stumbling over exposed tree roots

Dreaming about stumbling or tripping over tree roots extending from the ground can be a sign of unpleasant surprise or bad news coming your way. This is usually an indication that somebody is trying to hurt your feelings or betray you.

Rustling leaves of a tree

Hearing a sound of rustling tree leaves under your feet while you walk is a warning about a possible loss or shortages you are about to experience.

A tree with lush foliage

Looking at a lush and dense foliage on a tree signifies potential profits or earnings you are about to receive in the nearest future.

A nest in a tree

Seeing a nest in a tree can be a sign of acquiring a new bad habit or deficiency that you will not be very proud of in the future.

Freshly cut tree

Seeing a freshly cut tree can be a sign of an unexpected misfortune arising out of nowhere and when you least expected in the midsts of happy, comfortable and carefree existence.

Being lost in a forest of trees

Being unable to find your way out from a forest of many trees and desperately looking for a pathway to escape in your dream means that you do not really have anyone to rely on when dealing with a difficult life situation.

Worm-infested tree

Seeing a tree infested with worms or parasites is a bad omen of experiencing losses, either materially or emotionally, and which will be very hard to overcome or to deal with.

Forest and trees all naked in the fall without foliage

A tree without foliage

Bare branches of a tree or looking at a tree without foliage in your dream portends losses related to material wealth or possessions.

Trees in a lush landscape

Looking at trees which are a part of a very lush and green landscape right in front of you signifies for prosperity and happiness which you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

Old or dying tree

Dreaming about an old or dying tree with leafless branches is a sign of serious illness, loneliness and poverty you will experience while getting older.

Tree with green leaves

Having a dream about a tree with bright green foliage is a sign that, while feeling young and reckless, you may commit some indecent or shameful act that will leave you regretful or ashamed after it happens.

Falling off a tree

Dreaming about falling off a tree means that you will have a new insight or approach to things happening around you.

Felling a tree

Dreaming about yourself cutting down a tree with an axe or a chainsaw portends mockery you will experience because somebody is trying to insult or disgrace you.

At the same time, this dream tells you that you will be able to clear things up for yourself and find out about the true intentions or actions of people who are acting against your interests.

Tree with yellow leaves

Dreaming about a tree with yellow or orange leaves points out to a period of nostalgia and reflecting on things you have done in the past with a tint of philosophy and self-evaluation.

Thin and fragile tree

Dreaming about a thin fragile tree with stunted growth can be telling you about a person in your life who is depleting your energy levels and impacts your well-being because you tend to devote too much energy and time to this individual.

Getting wounded after falling off a tree

Dreaming about being seriously wounded or injured after falling off a tree is a warning that you will not be able to achieve your goals or fulfill your dreams no matter how much time and effort you spend. It can also mean losing your current job.

Dreams about trees, treehouses, branches and forest

A tree in a field

Seeing a lonely tree growing in the middle of a field is an indication of lonely years you are destined to spend without much communication or interaction with other people.

Fruit tree growing in the yard

Dreaming about a fruit tree growing in your yard is a sign that you are about to have a newborn son either within your family or a family of your relatives.

Fruit-bearing tree

Seeing a tree with many fruits growing on its branches signifies meeting a good friend or a person who will become a lifetime companion or a mentor to you.

Carrying tree twigs or fallen branches

Caring tree twigs or fallen branches portends potential problems or issues you are about to experience in your life.

Blooms on a dry tree

Dreaming about blooms or buds on a dry or a dead tree is a good sign of happiness and prosperity you are providing to your children or members of your family.

A tree bearing fruits and a baby

I had a dream of a beautiful fruit or vegetable tree, multiple trees apples and pears were in my dream, but this one tree had a beautiful red fruit or vegetable of which I don't know. But it was beautiful, this tree had a baby. This baby matured at rapid speed.

Fruit trees and trees in blossom in a dream are often symbolic of prosperity and fruitfulness, and as such, are especially positive signs to see in a vision. While this symbol is usually connected to business endeavors or wealth, in this case, it may have more to do with fertility. This is because seeing a tree produce progeny which grows with great speed and vitality indicates the birth of a happy and healthy baby boy into your family or within your circle of friends, an event that brings joy and delight to all those directly involved.

Standing under a tree

Finding yourself standing under a tree signifies your timidness and insecurity while communicating with someone you are really attracted to or try to make friends with.

Enormous tree collapsing

Seeing an enormous tree falling down right in front of you is a sign of misfortune or bad luck you are about to cross your ways with and be affected by.

Big tree with large canopy

Dreaming about a big tree with widespread lush canopy is a sign of potential health problems or worsening health conditions, either for you or members of your family.

A tree with weeping branches

Dreaming about a tree with weeping branches, such as a weeping willow, means that you are held hostage by your failures and shortcomings which prevents you from going forward in achieving your goals.

A tree without its bark

Seeing damaged or missing bark on a tree trunk is a warning that somebody might have interest in taking advantage of your trust and friendship leading to some negative consequences.

Dead tree next to your house

Seeing a dead tree near or next to your house is a sign of upcoming funeral within your family or for your relatives, it can also mean troublesome times filled with sorrow for your family or close relatives.

Breaking a branch off a tree

If you happen to notice yourself breaking off a branch from a tree, also when sitting on a branch and breaking it off, it can be a sign of making a mistake or wrong move in your professional field or failing to fulfill your career aspirations.

Piles of felled trees

Seeing piles of felled trees in front of you or when you try to climb over mountains of felled trees is an indication of gaining confidence and being able to achieve goals or targets you have set for yourself.

Soothing noise of tree leaves in the wind

Hearing a pleasant and soothing noise of tree leaves signifies some pleasant news or conversations you are about to have.

Cypress tree

Dreaming about a cypress tree portends possible death in the family and attending a funeral, it can also be an indication of embracing this event and fast emotional recovery from this tragic occurrence.

Crooked tree

A crooked tree in your dream is a symbol of penury, extreme poverty or inability to manage your budget.

A pine tree inside your house

Dreaming about having a pine tree growing inside your house can mean that you are on the right path in attempting things that will benefit you financially.

Bamboo trees growing around your house

Dreaming about bamboo tree shoots growing all around your house is a good sign of experiencing joyful and happy lifestyle.

Burning a tree down

When you dream about burning a tree down to its roots may signify periods of sadness or unhappiness entering your life and which will be very difficult to overcome.

A tree thrown across a river

Seeing a tree thrown across the river right in front of you predicts meeting someone very confident and capable, and this relationship may provide you with a completely new and exciting experience in your life which will greatly benefit you.

Large tree standing alone

Dreaming about a large and tall tree standing on its own signifies a possible quarrel, unpleasant task or duty as well as your ability to work and act independent of other people around you.

Carrying a tree on your shoulder

Dreaming about coming home carrying a tree on your shoulder signifies happiness and joy related to acquiring some material wealth or being able to provide more for your family.

Floating on a tree in water

Dreaming about floating on a tree on the water, such as down the river or around a lake signifies that your expectations will not be fulfilled and you may be left hopeless and discouraged.

An oak tree shedding leaves

Seeing an oak tree shedding its leaves signifies potential problems which you will not be able to solve on your own. These could be problems related to your workplace or some health issues, you may be able to resolve them with time and effort and with help from other people.

A tree floating in water

Seeing a tree floating in the water, such as carried by a river flow or in the ocean, signifies worries and troubles you are about to face in the nearest future.

Being shaded by a tree

Dreaming about finding a shade underneath a tree means that you will be able to accomplish things the way they were planned and envisioned by you.

Buying felled trees

Having a dream about buying wood which came from a felled tree is a negative sign of experiencing troubles or problems which will also take you by surprise because you weren't ready for them.

Someone cutting branches of a tree

After discussing a dysfunctional childhood that evening, I dreamt that some guy was pruning a bunch of trees nearby, down to stubs, removing all the leafy branches. He then got up into the tree in my yard and started to do the same thing. I pleaded with him to stop, it was a lovely leafy maple tree. He said "Don't worry, I'm just going to clean it up a little", blah blah. I went away and when I looked again, he had butchered it down to stubs just like the others. I was SO sad and was crying (I hardly ever cry in waking life). Just a profound sadness for the rest of the dream. Thank you :)

This dream vision is centered around the idea of verdant, lush plant life being reduced to bare branches and bark. This imagery contains strong signals that despite your best efforts to build good things around you, including relationships, in your waking life, you feel as though you are constantly being hindered or prevented from making any progress. This is likely disheartening for you and, when accompanied by the memories and experiences from your upbringing and background, may make you wonder whether the effort is worth it. The vision of feeling sad and crying in response to bad things happening in this dream portends worse things to come, so you may want to take a step back and re-examine where you are at the moment in life to have a safety net in case something negative does occur.

Dreams about dead trees or tree branches interpret

A tree with dying branches

Seeing a tree with branches dying and falling off signifies you focusing on thoughts about death or your pessimistic and grief-filled attitude related to things happening around you.

An alley of trees

Dreaming about walking through an alley of trees predicts a long period of happiness and joy you are about to welcome into your life.

Fruitless tree

Dreaming about a tree bearing no fruit when you were expecting it to is a sign of material losses you are about to experience.

Almond tree

Dreaming about an almond tree points to your excessive sensitivity and subtle approaches to handle things in your life, which could be really advantageous for you when dealing with other people.

Pine tree growing in the yard

Dreaming about a pine tree growing in your own yard signifies taking on a new position or a job offer which will advance your career aspirations or provide you with more income and personal satisfaction.

A tree with massive roots

Looking at a tree with massive roots protruding from the ground signifies losing your freedom, independence and individuality because of the influence of more powerful individuals exerting their pressure on to you.

Maple tree

Dreaming about a maple tree growing in your yard or somewhere close to your place of residence signifies fortune and success which will follow you in every step you make.

Climbing a dead tree

Trying to climb a dead tree in your dream signifies minor profits or gains you are about to acquire, it can also mean receiving some allowance or financial assistance.

Oak tree

Dreaming about an oak tree signifies your desire to be strong and independent person, being able to rely on yourself only. You will achieve great success because of your efforts and positive energy.

This dream can also be a sign of masculinity, independence and self-reliance for men. You will be able to accomplish a lot of things on your own without asking for advice or help from people around you.

A tree growing on your palm

Seeing a tree growing on a palm of your hand is a bad sign of upcoming grief and sorrow about a death within your close family circle.

Talking to a tree

Finding yourself talking to a tree or whispering words to it as if it would be a person is a sign of prosperity and wealth you are about to acquire.

Walking under orchard trees

If you happened to notice yourself walking under orchard trees while dreaming, this is a sign of immediate material gains or profits you are about to receive.

Trees covered with snow

Dreaming about trees covered with snow is a warning about some very serious problems or issues which are about to happen within your household and which will take some time before they are resolved to each family member's satisfaction.

An autumn scenery with trees

A tall, dark-haired man in a flowing robe. Walking with me in a house with fall leaves on a brick floor...light wind blowing. I am not afraid. We walk outside. He is reaching up in a tree. I am watching. I see a forest....big dark old trees. It must be fall. They are beautiful. It is calm and peaceful.

Dreaming about a tall, dark-haired man represents a negative symbol. Namely, it could relate to possible unexpected problems. These could ruin your current plans. However, you were not frightened in the dream. Therefore, you would not become overly upset with such unexpected changes. Rather, you would remain collected and in control of the situation, responding properly to the unforeseen events. Alternatively, the calmness and beauty of the forest could also be an indication of how you would feel after having successfully resolved that situation. You would have peace of mind and stability, either on your own or with someone's help. Moreover, you experienced seeing images of the fall. This often is a moderately positive sign. It could reveal that you would be able to come into the possession of some material property or object. Nevertheless, to gain it, you would have to compete with others and invest considerable time and effort into the pursuit of this goal. Dark and old trees appearing during the fall season could also be a reflection of your current concerns with the possibility of becoming lonely or sick as a result of aging. Finally, there is some overall sense of the natural cycle of life and your strong affinity to nature in general.

Planting oak tree saplings

If you happened to see yourself planting little oak tree saplings into the ground, this could be a good sign of starting a very successful and profitable business or venture.

Mahogany tree

Dreaming about a mahogany tree is a sign of a positive outcome from the efforts you spent on achieving something you have been interested in for a long time.

Orchard trees

Seeing orchard trees surrounding your house is an indication of addition to your family or the family of people who are very close to you.

A tree during sunrise

A lonely tree surrounded by golden grasses and mountains circled around it and a beautiful sunrise.

Watching a sunrise illuminating a beautiful scenery around you points to positive outcomes in your life and your ability to succeed in your undertakings and projects. The symbol of a lonely tree also signifies that you are an independent and self-reliant person who is capable of applying your own talents and resources in order to achieve good things in life. The mountains surrounding this tree as a dream vision are symbolic of people in your life whom you can trust or rely on if such need arises.

Breaking off tree branches with flowers

Dreaming about breaking off tree branches bearing flowers signifies falling in love or having a romantic affair which will bring you a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

Being frightened after climbing a tree

Unexpected or enticing news await you if you happened to notice yourself being frightened or scared after climbing a very tall tree and looking down.

Climbing a blossoming tree

Seeing yourself climbing a tree in full blossom signifies a big profit or acquiring wealth for your entire household.

Mulberry tree

Seeing a mulberry tree in your dream portends some unexpected circumstances that will leave you feeling sad and disappointed.

Resting under an oak tree

Taking a break and resting under an oak tree or being sheltered by it signifies an urgency of being helped or assisted by people you know. You are desperately looking for a person to rely on in anticipation of a difficult situation or hardship.

Getting ready to cut a tree

Seeing yourself preparing to cut a large tree is a good sign of profitability and wealth you are about to acquire because of your hard work and diligence.

Turning into a white beautiful tree

I dreamed I was turned into a beautiful white tree.

In dream interpretation, turning into a tree in a dream reveals a possibility of transmitting a disease or becoming affected by some illness. However, because you felt as if the tree was beautiful, it could be that the condition could be mild or not impact you in any serious or adverse way. Therefore the dream advises to carefully monitor your physical well-being and take precautionary measures to avoid possible complications or undesirable consequences involving your health.

Small bamboo trees or shoots

Seeing small bamboo trees or shoots growing around the place where you live is an indication of new addition to your family or the family of people who are close to you.

Climbing a falling tree

Dreaming about climbing a tree which is falling on the ground is a bad sign of a very serious and unrecoverable injury or disease you are about to experience.

Giving tree flowers to someone

When you see yourself giving tree flowers or flowering tree branches to someone means that you are about to separate with them because of some unexpected life changes or circumstances.

A big tree growing inside

A very big tree, in fact, so big that it had started growing into the walls of my mother's house, and my two kids had climbed up on it cutting branches. And I kept blaming my mother for neglecting her home to the extent of having a big tree which is almost damaging her house. I could also see close relatives with us.

Trees growing inside of a house normally portend good things blossoming in your life, such as finding meaning or a purpose to your existence. The tree in your vision is in the house of your mother, indicating that you may see, if only subconsciously, that she is trying to make herself happy. However, your children's actions of cutting down the tree branches and your harsh words about it growing there can be interpreted as a sign that you and your family may be preventing your mother from having the life she really wants. She probably does not mind the sacrifice, but your subconscious could be feeling guilty about this situation.

Living in the trees and strangers coming

I lived in a village where people lived in the trees. I saw men on horses riding to our village they crossed a river. I remember being very scared. I climbed the tree and hid my baby on the floor. I awoke from the dream after that. What could it mean?

Trees are associated with growth, knowledge, life, strength and stability. Living in a tree village in dreams indicates a close-knit and thriving community fueled by towering ambitions and grounded by ideals. You could be part of a group of like-minded individuals upholding certain beliefs and ideas. The men on horses riding to your village represent people with significant influence and power infiltrating your group and possibly pushing a different way of thinking into your circle. In addition, these newcomers may threaten established rules or rock the peace and order in your office, neighborhood or community.

Surrounded by a tree's green foliage

When you find yourself sitting on a tree surrounded by green and lush foliage, it could be a sign of a very arduous and time-consuming travel or business trip you are about to embark on.

A tree on fire viewed from a ship

I saw myself standing on a ship, the ship was moving very fast and as I looked to my left side I saw huge beautiful waves turquoise in color and after some minutes, the boat stopped and as I looked to my right I saw a huge tree on a large fire, but the fire was not burning any part of the tree... And after some time, the fire settled down and the tree was back to normal, the only change in the tree was that the tree trunk was painted in light blue color.

Traveling on a ship during the course of a dream vision symbolically represents upcoming changes. These changes could affect a setting that you often visit, like a place of work or a recreation venue for you and your family. It could also point toward moving house or rearranging your current living space. The tree on fire predicts these changes could cause some self-doubt as to whether you are ready for these changes or if you are making the right choice. However, the calm, light blue color of the tree trunk at the end of the vision points to a peaceful and rush-free process of decision-making on your part.

Friendly and aggressive trees

It was a nice sunny afternoon, I was in the backyard of the house where I grew up, there were a lot of big green trees, some were happy and friendly with me, and hugged me with their branches, but the bigger, older one was very aggressive, tried to hit me and my two younger children (boy and girl) with the branches. I was afraid it would throw itself above the house or my children and smash them. A man from my family had to cut it and I felt sad but relieved at the same time.

Dreaming about your childhood home is a common symbol in dream visions associated with wanting to find peace and comfort in wake life. In some ways, you have already achieved this, as the big green trees represent your happiness and satisfaction with some areas of your life. However, as with most families, there are some things that bother you still. This is seen in the image of the aggressive tree. In this vision, then, cutting down and removing the tree represents finding a solution to the problems which may still be haunting you.

A giant breathing tree

My dream was I was looking up at this humongous tree, it was like breathing in and out, in and out and its branch was like coming through the side of the house. I don't know if I've ever dreamt of that.

Dreaming of an enormous tree that is encroaching on your house or property signals potential problems in your family. Trees are symbols of growth, success and abundance. However, since the humongous tree in your dream is jutting out of the side of your house, it means there would be unhealthy growth or development at home. It may point to potential health problems or worsening health conditions, either related to you or to other members of your family. It could be a belief or idea permeating the household and influencing your loved ones negatively. Unless you nip the problem in the bud, it is going to keep on growing and slowly destroying the very foundation of your home.

Tree trunk

The image of tree bark can contain various auras depending on the circumstances under which this symbol appeared prominent in your dream. For instance, tree bark as seen on a large leafy tree with branches, alludes to reaching outside your comfort zone and being ready for change. On the other hand, bark as seen on a tree stump or exposed roots refers to a certain self-awareness of a need to stability and a strong foundation in the face of problems in reality.

Someone cutting down a tree

According to Christian and biblical dream worker interpretations, the image of someone cutting down a tree is a fortunate symbol, although it does imply that the good fortune comes at a cost. In essence, the symbolism of cutting down a tree is a mnemonic image for the end of something in reality. Sometimes it refers to loss of life, but more often than not it means some important period of time in your life if coming to an end. However, this is not the end but rather the beginning. This image means that clearing away the old is giving you room to grow and usher in a new time of improvement for yourself.

Broken tree branch

A broken or breaking tree branch is an unfortunate symbol for those with close ties to organized religion. It often means that your spiritual life is about to face some upheaval or challenge from new ideas. This is not a terrible thing, as it is good for beliefs to be able to withstand critique, but not everyone in your circle may be as open-minded to new ideas, even if they are only for the purpose of intellectual expansion.

Tree falling on house

Seeing a tree fall on a house is a bad sign and should be considered a warning. It suggests that something is wrong or "off" with your spiritual self, and your family and friends may be suffering in silence because of it. Perhaps you have become a bit of a zealot and the direction you are going is alienating those who you might be prejudiced against. This symbol should provide a moment of clarity and remind you to really pay attention to what you say you believe and make sure that your actions align with the intensions of the doctrine you follow.