Dreams Related To Treasure

Searching for treasure with sister

I'm a female. This dream was a repeated dream. My sister and I were younger maybe 8 or 9. We were digging for treasures beside this big white house that had a porch wrapped with lattice. Huge front steps to the porch. We even dug under the porch. Sometimes we found the treasure. Money.

This vision seems to be related to feelings of nostalgia. It both represents a desire to reflect on or return to moments in the past and predicts being part of a large family gathering in the future. In your dream, you see your younger self and your sister, which may reveal your memories from the past. Perhaps you were recently reminded of some event from your youth through conversation or old pictures. This is supported by the money and treasure you found by digging, a sign often associated with large parties or gatherings. You probably subconsciously desire to get together with your relatives and loved ones to remember the good old days.