Dreams Related To Trapped

Being trapped in a house

A house is a metaphor for domestic issues and familial duties, so dreams about getting stuck in a house means that you will soon be forced to confront these issues. You have probably been avoiding your responsibilities, so your subconscious mind is forcing you to be accountable. Unpaid bills and neglected errands are catching up to you with possible serious repercussions if not addressed immediately. This dream reading also implies a growing tension in your household or within your family. An intervention may be necessary to restore harmony and fix petty differences.

Trapped in spider webs

I have had two dreams... One about I was trying to get back to work and got caught and trapped in spider webs. The other, I couldn't get out of traffic and when I did, the road began to collapse.

To dream that you are caught in a spider web reflects your state of being preoccupied with things that bother you a lot at the moment. You are likely being very reluctant to meet new acquaintances and make new friends outside the work environment. Similarly, getting stuck in a traffic jam alludes to feelings of frustration in your waking life. Maybe you feel like you are standing still and not quite progressing personally or professionally. As such, the message of your dream visions seem to be advising you to take opportunities to widen your social circle in order to find opportunities for growth.

Being trapped

To see yourself trapped in your dream means you are dealing with a dilemma in the real world. This conundrum is weighing heavily on you and you cannot think of a viable solution to escape your troubles. Since you are too close to the issue, enlightenment may be hard to attain. Where you are trapped also informs you about the nature of your problem. For instance, if you are confined in a lift, then you are likely facing a choice of committing something unethical. If you are locked up in your house, then it signals domestic disputes and brewing conflict in your household. You may need to meditate on your course of actions to find the best possible remedy. You can also ask for help or approach a neutral third party who could give you valuable insights and help you see the big picture.

Trapped in a prison

Being trapped in prison often reveals negative events and situations brewing on the horizon. Your family life may suffer due to conflict and lies wreaking havoc on your relationship with your partner, your children or your parents. The constant bickering and high tension would leave you feeling stressed and unable to relax in your own home.

Being trapped in a box and choking someone

I dreamed for the second time that I was inside a box with windows. This time I was trapped. I also dreamed I choked a woman with cords.

There are two main images in this dream. The first is being unable to escape the windowed box, which predicts experiencing negative circumstances due to other people's actions, most likely the spreading of gossip or unflattering rumors. The second image of choking a woman, suggests you do not like a lot of change in your life, especially in regards to your relationships. Other people may wonder if your personality traits (being stuck in your ways) is conducive to sustaining relationships. You may consider spicing things up by being spontaneous or trying something new. It could give less fuel to the rumors and be a positive boost to your relationships, especially intimate ones.

People trapped in tree roots

I was inside my house and I saw people outside, so when I get there I see they're trapped in the tree roots and I help them escape. I was awoken by bugs on my arm and it made me jump awake.

Houses symbolize both your current life and where you are most comfortable. In this case, stepping out of your house can be interpreted as stepping out of your comfort zone, meaning you may be about to embark on a new journey in life. However, this vision shows two possible outcomes for this endeavor, depending on your own strength and ability. On one hand, seeing people trapped in tree roots could represent losing your freedom, individuality, or both. If you are susceptible to the influence of others, you may experience some difficulties. But if you are strong-minded and able to resist pressure, the bugs you saw suggest finding great success and prosperity.

Being trapped under water

I was trapped under water and could only break through the surface when I broke the dock that was in front of me. And when I broke through the surface of the water I gasped for air really loud and woke up.

When dreaming that you are struggling under water, trying to break through the surface and finally succeeding in doing so is a positive omen. It represents the strong possibility of getting a promotion at work or an enticing new job offer. This in turn could earn you the respect of your peers and the admiration of the people close to you.

A man trapped in a room

I was woken from deep sleep to wakefulness in a snap. It was almost like someone woke me. Before I opened my eyes I heard in a voice in my mind that very clearly in the absence of sound and light say "Change Your Perspective". I was then looking down on a 3D rendition of a small room that was more like a box I was looking into. It did not see a door or window and did not have anything in it other than a man on the floor sleeping. I did not recognize the man, he seemed to be midlife.

A room without doors or windows represents being unable to find your way out of an episode of depression. You are likely carrying a great weight on your shoulders at present. Perhaps you are having financial troubles or are worried about catching a disease. The man in the room represents your feeling on being trapped. You do not recognize this man as yourself, however, because you are trying to compartmentalize your emotions and put on a brave face each day. But the message to change your perspective should be heeded. Rather than ignoring your feelings and troubles, talking to someone, whether they are family or a professional, would truly help you feel better and be a healthier option than letting things bottle up.

Being trapped in a large building

Getting stuck inside a big house or a building is your subconscious way of telling you that something terrible might happen to you or to people around you. You could possibly receive negative news concerning your health or lose something valuable. This event will bring you a great amount of anxiety, thinking you have lost your motivation or inspiration to go on. Yet, this incident will cause a fortunate result in which you would see people who truly care for you and those who are only pretending to be.

Being trapped in a moving car

Finding yourself trapped inside a moving vehicle means you are feeling stuck in a situation. This is especially true if you are not the one driving the car. You could be surrounded by people with strong personalities and strong opinions, hence you often find yourself unable to express certain things or you tend to lose control of the direction of conversations. This feeling of powerlessness could be the source of your frustrations.

Being trapped in a small space

Being trapped in a small, enclosed space at some point during a dream carries a somewhat negative interpretation. Its meaning can be used in both the physical and emotional sense, but in both cases points towards feeling stuck or confined. However, the thing that is keeping you from moving forward is your own fears and shortcomings, indicating that while you should be in control of your actions and emotions, at the current moment you are unable to do so. You likely are looking for a way to escape this claustrophobia-inducing atmosphere, but until you deal with the root issues it would most likely prove impossible.