Dreams Related To Transgender

A transvestite in a dream

Transvestite dream, meaning please?

Seeing a transvestite in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of being tricked or deceived by someone in wake life. While, generally speaking, a transvestite dresses in a certain way to express how they feel on the inside, this vision suggests someone in your life doing the opposite, that is, using their outside appearance to conceal their inner self. You should be careful of people who do not seem sincere in their dealings with you, especially those who are in a position to hurt you emotionally or even initiate a verbal or physical fight.

Being surrounded by transgender people

A crowd of transgender people surrounding me from nowhere, I dreamed about falling off from a train and then when I get down safely, these people surround me?

Being surrounded by transgenders reveals your mixed feelings or confusion about gender and sexuality. Transgenders and the discussion about trans-sexuality could be a salient feature in your day to day. This either makes you curious or conflicted, depending on how you felt in the dream. It is also possible that you are entering an unfamiliar phase in your life and you would experience a lot of adjustments as part of this transition.

Kissing a transgendered person

Kissing a much younger woman who was in transition from a male.

This vision's interpretation depends on your gender. If you are a man, kissing a woman who was once a male suggests a need to get in touch with your feminine, softer side. Your friends or lover may have difficulty communicating with you if you put up too many walls around yourself. If you are a woman, this situation may indicate a major change in a relationship, especially a romantic one.

Being attacked by transgendered people

Transgenders came to my house twice and they tried to steal silver glasses, but I stopped them from doing so, but they attacked me with a knife and my hand got cut and started bleeding.

Dreaming of a transgender or a transsexual alludes to the repression of certain traits. You may be unable to reconcile the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality. Perhaps you feel as if one or the other should dominate, instead of balancing those traits. When the trans stole your silver glasses, it means you may be losing sight of the bigger picture and that certain situations call for a different take and temperament. You may be becoming too aggressive and your subconscious is showing you the detrimental results.

Becoming a transgender

I dreamt I had become a transgender, I am transsexual, born a female and want to become a male. I felt like coming out to my parents one day and my family, but one of them had said something that made me feel really insecure about it. But really, the only thing in my dream was that I was one and everyone was fine with it.

Dreaming of becoming a transgender could reveal your desire to find a safe place. Your struggle to come out to your loved ones in reality may be exacerbating your anxieties and fears about not being accepted. As a result, your subconscious could be reassuring you and encouraging you to embrace who you are by creating a safe space in your dream. Perhaps the dream may seem as the opposite of your reality, but it is giving you a glimpse of the kind of freedom and relief you would experience when you finally find the courage to share your plans with other people.