Dreams Related To Toys

Old toys

If you envision some old or discarded toys, ones that have been long abandoned, and especially if you see them in a rarely visited area such as an attic, this is often a sign of sadness, gloom and disappointments that are flying in your sky and will soon land in your world. The condition of the toys, their quantity and how much dust was on them reflects the magnitude of upcoming troubles and sadness.

Sex toys

When adults dream of sex toys, their dream is indicative of a deep sensation of loneliness and a strong desire to feel intimately involved and connected. If you were not feeling this at the moment, your dream means you will be feeling deserted soon. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge any gaps you feel in your relationship and try to overcome this feeling of loneliness proactively.

Children playing with toys

If you dream of children playing with toys, this is a symbol of peace and innocence just like real life children when they are playing with toys. This is an indication of your peaceful and joyous family life. You are feeling grateful and content with your family connections.

Toys for single and childless

Dreaming of toys when you are single or if you are married without children is often a joyous indication of being blessed with children or deep bonds as pure as the bond between a parent and a child. If you are childless, your dream means you will be blessed with a happy life with many children. If you are single, it means you are about to have a positive shift in your story and enter into a relationship.

New toys

If you envisioned beautiful and new toys in your dream, that means you are about to be delighted with success and prosperity in an important project that you have been working on. You may make some new acquaintances who will help you pave the path towards ravaging success, or you may find the key to a puzzle that has been hindering your success and achieving your goals.

Inflatable toys

If you saw in your dream that you played with inflatable toys, this is a cue for you to take it easy and unwind a bit. These types of toys in dreams symbolize mounting stress and mental fatigue. To remain fresh and productive, you need to step back from all what is stressing you out, take a relaxing break and spend some worry-free days in a stress-free environment.

Giving toys away

If you saw yourself giving out toys, whether for charity or simply giving up on them, your dream reflects the nature of your relationship with the people around. This vision shows that people around you do not take you seriously. They may be even disliking your presence and the energy you bring forth. You feel the need for your presence and ideas to be valued and respected.

Plush toys

Plush toys refer to concerns or worries, particularly about health or physical conditions. You may feel worried about your own health or worry about the deteriorating wellness of your parents or older family members. It might give you peace of mind to visit the doctor for a checkup or encourage your parents to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Broken toys

If you dreamt of broken toys, it is equivalent to broken joy as toys are a source of joy and happiness. This vision reflects your inner sad state that may be fueled with anger, disappointment, regret or guilt. You may be feeling blue, but there is always a way to buy a new toy and bring the joy back to your life.

Buying toys

If you envisioned that you were purchasing toys for yourself or your kids, that is an indication that something is about to stir up your world. You will soon receive some news that will rock up your life and cause you to reconsider your previous calculations. However, it is not known whether these news will bring joy or sorrow to your horizon.

Yourself as a toy

If you had a dream where your soul was stuck inside the body of a toy, this vision means that in your real life you feel trapped under someone else's control, moved by strings like a puppet. You wish to break free from that person's hold over you and your life. The appearance of the toy in the dream could further indicate the identity of the person having control over you in reality.

Receiving toys as a present

When you give a child a toy, you help make their day better and bring a new activity into their life. If you dream of receiving toys as gifts, this dream signals a change that is about to ensue in your life. Stay on the lookout because this dream does not reflect changes that will occur in the near future, so it may take some time before you start to witness your dream come true.

Toys in a safe place

If you see toys in a suitable place such as a baby's crib or in a toy bin where they should be, it means a happy occasion is about to knock on your door soon. The events might happen to you personally or be within your family circle.

Surrounded by toys

If you saw yourself in your dream surrounded by toys, your vision might be trying to tell you that you are surrounded by false beliefs and ideologies. Perhaps, unrealistic, just like toys. Your vision is a form of warning to stay true to yourself and open your eyes wide to what is around you, separating truth and authenticity from deception.

Going through a pile of toys

If you saw yourself in a dream where you were trying to clean up or declutter then you were faced with a pile of toys, it is time to have some introspection. Your dream is an indication of some shortcomings in your personality that are affecting several aspects of your life, most importantly your intimate and sex life. Your reservations may be creating invisible barriers between you and your partner. To enjoy a healthier sex life, you need to look into the matter and address it.

A mouse and toys

Had a dream I caught a mouse, it squirted something towards me. I let it go and someone came, then I begin putting kid toys together. Why?

In general, envisioning a mouse in the dream world is a symbol of bad luck. It means you may be beset with troubles, betrayals and general setbacks in the near future. As such, catching then letting go of the mouse could be an indication that these would be recurring problems that you would have trouble containing or solving. This seemingly endless stroke of bad luck may wear you down physically and mentally. In that context, the toys reveal a desire to go back to simpler times when you did not have complicated issues to deal with.

Boyfriend picking up a toy at the mall

I was in the supermarket and my boyfriend picked up a kids toy and I kept asking him what aisle did he get it out of and he wouldn't tell me.

Being in the supermarket with your boyfriend suggests he is sharing, either purposely or unknowingly, personal information about you with others in his social circle. Maybe he is bragging about his sexual prowess, or maybe he is praising your accomplishments in your personal or professional life. The kids toy represents opportunity coming your way due to networking or social interactions, so it is possible your boyfriend's comments have sparked the interest of someone who would make themselves known to you in the near future.

Being fired from a toy store

After moving to Canada I had been hired in a toy store. In the back of the store there's a room where people make toys. I was carefully making a helicopter when my manager comes in and tells me that I'm fired. I got fired on the first day. I replied "I guess this job is not for me", then I leave the room. I entered the toy store where I can see my best friend outside the window. He looks at me sadly as if he knew I got fired. I ran outside the store crying then when I came out, he wasn't there.

Moving to another country to work in a toy store may reveal the growing distance between you and your childhood. While this can be purely related to age and maturity, it can also reveal a decline in optimism or a lack of joy in living. You may be disillusioned with the world and how society functions. Being fired could mean that these feelings are hindering your progress in certain areas of your life, particularly relationships. Crying at the end of the vision predicts being on the receiving end of bad news or fighting with someone you care about. Unless you can move past your dark emotions, you may find it difficult to connect deeply with those you wish to befriend.

Giving toys as a present

Dreaming that you are giving toys to others as a gift reflects a harmonious relationship between you and the people you work with. It could be your colleagues at work or your team mates in a project you are working on. Either way, giving toys as a gift in your dream means that there is prosperity and abundance in resources. Productivity and harmony will wash over your work atmosphere. Be on the lookout for a possible promotion coming your way.

However, dreaming that you are giving away toys might not carry such a positive meaning when it comes to intimate relations. This dream could be a subtle hint that your kindled relationship might soon sizzle off and the road that was once paved with excitement and lust for the future with your significant other may turn into a more monotonous and platonic one.

Toys as dolls

Dolls are an integral aspect of childhood, so if you saw yourself playing with dolls, especially if it was a doll that you previously had in your childhood, your vision is an indication of your subconscious desire and deep internal longing related to your childhood years. As a result, you may actually find yourself taking part in some events, meeting certain people or opting in some activities that help your inner child resurface and remind you of some of the best days of your life, your childhood.

Picking toys

If you find yourself picking up toys from where toys are usually found such as a toy bin or while shopping for toys, this means you have a good attention to detail. But this feature extends even to the minor and insignificant things in life. This causes you inconveniences as you stumble upon and get stuck at things that do not matter, ignoring the important things you should focus on.

Attacked by giant evil toys

I had a dream that there were giant evil toys trying to get me but I was the only one seeing them. Everyone else thought I was hallucinating. I began to think it was a result of my disturbed mental health. But then I was captured and taken to a lab where it seemed that people were being turned into evil toys. I narrowly escaped but then I saw YouTubers I like declare they were invited to the lab. I didn’t know how to tell the truth because I thought it was a hallucination.

The image of evil toys in your dream is a metaphor for misconceptions or ideologies that you have toward someone or some aspects of your life. Perceiving these toys in enormous sizes reflects the weight of these beliefs and how firm you hold onto them to the extent that you don't realize their possibility of being illogical. In connection to this, being brought to a lab where you saw YouTubers you admire suggests the likelihood of finding yourself in a compromising situation where you might get mocked or laughed at because of your firm adherence to this mentality. To avoid this, you need to evaluate yourself and your perception of some people around you or the circumstances you find yourself under in your waking life.

Children's toys

If you saw children's toys in your dream, it is a great sign. This means there are fantastic opportunities coming your way. You will soon find yourself creating new connections, networking, seeing life from a different perspective and seizing new opportunities that present themselves.

Playing with children's toys as an adult

If you saw yourself playing with children's toys and you were an adult, this vision tells a lot about your secret wish to command others and take the wheel. You may be somewhat demanding and feeling entitled to control others' lives, especially those around you in your tight circle, whether at home or at work. This dream also denotes how it can be difficult for your hopes and dreams to manifest in reality.

Sex with a children's toy

My dream was about having sex with a toy kids play, it looked something like Snoopy, but I didn't have sex with it. I fight it off and said I only love my first love.

While the use of toys during sex in a dream usually points toward a fulfilling sex life, seeing real toys, those not intended to be used for these purposes, may be the manifestation of some immature aspect of your personality. For example, while you may be willing to take on more responsibilities at work to support an adult life style, you may not necessarily be ready to start a family or provide for a dependent. Fighting off the toy may indicate some internal struggle over these issues, meaning in some ways you feel ready to give up your childhood ways and grow up, but in other ways you are not ready to let go yet.

Picking a toy for deceased daughter

My friend had a dream she was trying to help me pick out the perfect pink stuffed unicorn for my daughter. My daughter was killed August 14th. What could her dream mean?

The stuffed unicorn toy in your friend's dream is likely associated with hope and unanswered questions. The notion of your deceased daughter points to grief and unresolved issues. Perhaps your friend is concerned about you and wants to help you get over your grief in order for you to move on with your life. The act of choosing a stuffed unicorn illustrates your friend's efforts to cheer you up by finding a rationalization for such a tragic event. Maybe your friend is also grappling with finding reasons for the death. While it is a way of helping you overcome your sadness, it is also her coping mechanism. When certain events are out of control, she may have the tendency to seek out meaning or reason behind events which left her in a state of uncertainty.