Dreams Related To Touch

Being touched inappropriately

Dreaming of being touched inappropriately means you will become a victim of a scammer. Unfortunately, this will not be an online phishing situation. This scammer is already part of your social circle which means there is a level of trust already established. They may commit this because of their precarious financial status and they targeted you because of your trusting nature. You should not be so naive as to assume that friends always have best intentions.

Feeling touch

The sensation of bein touched in a dream is often thought to reflect a signal being sent to your brain from real life. In essence, you are feeling or sensing something that is going on around you, likely in the form of lucid dreaming. The fact that you are cognizant of your dream state and able to react means messages are being sent to and received by your brain.

Someone touching on the back

An unknown lady touching my back while saying "The blue wind blows fair for you".

Someone touching your back could be either a comforting sign or one of support depending on your circumstances in reality. For instance, those who have recently had trouble with work or lost a loved one may see this symbol and know that they have friends and family who can lend a shoulder to cry on. Alternatively, if you have big plans coming up, this symbol may reveal that you have a circle of support who is cheering you on. The woman's message could support either of these interpretations. No matter the case, it is clear that things would be looking up for you in the coming weeks and months.

Being sexually touched

Being sexually touched, especially inappropriately from behind by a person or people, can be a distressing experience in the dream realm, that signifies unresolved trauma or fears related to rape. Generally, it could be a manifestation of subconscious anxieties or a reflection of past experiences. Such dreams prompt the dreamer to seek support, explore spiritual healing, or address any underlying emotional distress to promote personal growth and well-being.

Having mixed feelings while being touched

I dreamt that a guy kept trying to touch me (I felt ugly, also I felt like I didn't deserve him), and I kept pushing him off. In my dream, I felt scared and wanted to disappear, but at the same time, I wanted him to protect me. I wanted him to hug me and tell me it was okay. I woke up from my dream feeling scared and upset.

Rejecting someone or pushing them away in your dream implies rejection or denial. There might be some aspect of your life that you want to get rid of or a situation that you do not want to confront. The sense of unworthiness and insecurity, as manifested by feeling ugly and undeserving of affection, is a reflection of self-doubt and anxieties you may currently be experiencing in your waking life. These anxieties may be pushing you to turn down opportunities or positive developments that come your way. The vision alludes to your need for affirmation and belief in your potential to overcome challenges and achieve success.