Dreams Related To Torture

Being a victim of torture

To dream that you are being a victim of torture, for example when you see yourself being held captive by mysterious people and you are already black and blue from their continuous torture tactics, may pertain to the kindness and generosity of someone in your life who would provide or bestow upon you. This figure would play a major role in your foreseeable future because of their unconditional generous actions or help in your undertakings. Pay close attention to who this person could be and always extend the same kindness to whoever needs it.

Witnessing torture

Dreaming that you are witnessing torture, such that when you are watching a horror movie in the dream and there is a torture scene that made you cringe like you are feeling the pain, could reveal a possibility of failing ill in real life. If however, it was someone you know or recognize in the dream that was being tortured, for example a relative or friend, it may be referring to health issues affecting that person. Whatever it is, you could carve out a schedule in your busy waking life to have yourself checked and cleared from any potential diseases.

Being tortured and kissed

My hands were tied tightly and there was a person torturing me with water. And then someone started kissing me against my will.

Being tortured in dreams often reveals the dreamer's sense of helplessness in reality. You may feel like you are being bullied and victimized by authority figures or powerful personalities. It can also be an indication of your passive nature. Perhaps because you dislike conflict so much, you would rather acquiesce instead of asserting your rights and defending yourself. Being forced to kiss someone or being kissed by someone against your will likewise represents submission. In an effort to please your superiors, you may agree to take on duties and responsibilities outside the scope of your job description or take on more tasks than you can handle. Such display of passivity could take its toll on your mental and physical well-being in the long run. Maybe your subconscious is encouraging you to stand up for yourself in order to avoid getting on a self-destructive path.

An especially cruel torture

To dream of an especially cruel torture, for example when you see cringe worthy torture scenes from a horror movie you just recently saw with body parts being removed sadistically, could pertain to a possibility of transmitting or contracting some contagious, rare or exotic disease relative to the people around you in waking life. This may also mean that you could be impaired by a rare illness or disease that would hamper you in performing daily routines. Take this vision as a reminder or a sign to be aware and take care of your health more as you may be neglecting it with your busy schedule.

Self torture

I was witnessing someone who I did not recognize, torturing themselves to death in a "Saw" film way with a chance of survival as the machine went off as he got tired and stopped working it. He would roll down various levels of torture, then decided he wanted to save himself. I have not watched any horror movies for well over a year, didn't know whether he saved himself. Thanks. I'm a female.

Dreaming about witnessing a torture is a sign of an upcoming serious illness or disease. The more graphic and explicit the torture was in the dream, the more serious conditions or impacts this disease might have. If you happened to recognize someone you know in the dream who was tortured, it could signify that this particular person will be affected by possible health problems.

Witnessing animal torture

Witnessing animal torture in a dream, for instance when you passed by a dog trainer and he or she is using a cruel electric shock pet collar to subdue the animal and make it obey, could allude that you would be able to abstain or refrain from causing pain or suffering to one or several of your close family members of relatives. This may be referring to your personal restraint in terms of holding yourself back from hurting those within your inner circle. You could take this as a positive trait in that your self mastery would be sparing others unnecessary pain or suffering.

A torture room

To dream of a torture room, such that when you suddenly feel afraid upon seeing yourself trapped in a dark and damp chamber without knowing where and why along with pain-inflicting apparatus in plain sight, could allude to your subconscious fear related to possible repercussions or consequences of your recent decisions, actions or behavior in the waking life. This dreary vision could pertain to unwarranted anxieties or negative fixations regarding the possible outcomes or results of these decisions. Relax as these fears may be just in your mind and you may actually have nothing to worry about.

Someone suffering during torture

To see someone suffering during torture in a dream, such that when you see a vicious person torturing an innocent student with traditional hazing using a baseball bat or some sort of wood and he or she is screaming due to extreme pain, could actually allude to contentment, happiness and satisfaction following lengthy struggles and emotional rollercoasters. This could also include romantic or love affairs that you are currently having in the waking life. As an analogy, it may be time to harvest or reap the fruits of what you sowed after a long drought.

Torturing someone

Dreaming that you are torturing someone, such that when you see yourself in a torture chamber and you are the one doing painful things to a person to make him or her confess, may be an indication of lies or dishonesty on your part that might result in misfortune that could impact you negatively in your waking life. If on the other hand, someone is currently in need of your help or assistance, it could be taken as an advice or guidance to support them in order to prevent bad luck from affecting your life as well. Feel free to lend a hand and you could reap some good karma in doing so.

Being questioned and tortured

Being questioned and tortured in a dream, for instance when you see yourself detained in a soundproof room and a policeman is rapidly asking you questions while you are being tortured simultaneously, may actually mean relief and happiness for you after a long period of suffering or misfortune in your waking life. The authorities could pertain to the source of your suffering that you would be free from soon enough. Stay positive as you could soon be experiencing this joyous breakthrough that has been eluding you for so long.

Pain during torture

To dream of pain during torture, for example when you are feeling an excruciating and undeniable pain all over your body while being pulled into different directions by a torture machine, could mean possible suffering from unwanted connections or relationships you want to get out of or escape in the waking life. This could indicate some uneasy or unbearable emotions you feel for so long now by being associated with people you were forced to collaborate or live with. You could take some time to examine these strong emotions and where they could be coming from to be able to deal with them better.

Witnessing a torture and murder

Horrible murders, witnessed torture right in front of me with the person I was running with at that time in the dream. Then would go to another person and be running from the torturer again, but the other person always was murdered horribly. So real and raw feelings and when I woke up I was literally paralyzed with fear. Also this is a reoccurring dream, but I have not had it in at least 1 year from now.

To see or witness a murder in a dream alludes to a great deal of sadness and uncertainty you are destined to experience. There may be individuals in your social circle who are spreading malicious rumors about you or trying to bully you. Alternatively, the imagery of murders and torture also points to a possible accident or illness. You, or someone you know closely could get involved in an accident, a dispute or experience a serious illness. Perhaps this dream recurs whenever your defense system is particularly vulnerable or you are feeling stressed about what is happening around you or to your loved ones.

Torture in general

Having a dream about torture in general, like when you see yourself lamenting why people subject themselves to self torture of doing work they do not like at all but they still go to the office everyday, could indicate unwanted obligations, responsibilities or having to interact with someone against your will. This may also be referring to your current emotional turmoil or depressing thoughts due to romantic failures that could be wreaking havoc on your emotional health. You could take a moment and reflect about which relationships are currently serving your best interests at heart that are worth keeping, and those that you need to let go.

Being kidnapped and tortured

Being kidnapped and tortured in a dream is a dial-sided symbol representing both positive and negative aspects of a certain situation you are dealing with or would soon have to deal with in reality. The kidnapping itself refers to feelings of being overwhelmed or held captive by dark thoughts when going through difficulties, like being overworked, ridiculed or hurt. The torture, however, represents getting this negative energy out and coming out on the other side as a better and brighter version of yourself.

Subjecting an annoying friend to torture

I had an annoying friend whom I tortured and killed people with - when I came back from insulting a load of black people? Which only made them sad. I came back angry about something and my friend was strapped down on a bed, so I rolled him into the torture room and cut his "peripheral nerve"? It was one in his arm which I cut completely open, but it was more of a vein than a nerve, and he bled tainted red water over his body and my converse. I said I could clean that up and then I woke up.

Dark and sinister dreams reveal the presence of psychological disturbance and instability. There may be some unexpressed rage or anger which are manifesting in the dream world. Whether or not this reveals a dark side of yourself depends on your reaction to the violence in the vision. Generally, torture and murder denote self-loathing and misery. You could be trying to get rid of or kill a side of yourself which you dislike. In the end, if you are enjoying all those acts of violence, it could mean that you are seeking some sort of revenge or just waiting to let loose and let out your aggression. You are railing against the norm, feeling oppressed and unable to fully express yourself. However, to avoid a destructive outlet for your pent-up rage, perhaps you need to find a suitable, yet safe place to get catharsis. Seek out friends who are willing to listen to your woes and perhaps find a mentor to help you out with these issues.

Being tortured by an unknown man

I and my little brother were kidnapped by this old man and held in a museum. We were to find things and solve puzzles in rooms in a certain amount of time or else we would be locked in and die. If we didn't do what we were told we would be tortured and killed. When we were running out of time in the last room before I woke up, we ran out and I heard someone dying. I took my phone and went to the bathroom and locked the door before calling the police.

Dreaming that you have been kidnapped is often interpreted as a sign that you feel limited or trapped in wake life. Just as you might feel if this were to really happen, so does this dream show how helpless and feeble you feel in regard to your current situation. This is amplified and supported by your presence in a museum, another symbol associated with being trapped in a series of events you feel powerless to control or change. Calling the police at the end of the vision may predict finding a way to act out against the powers that be, though it also suggests your attempts could bring shame and disappointment to those around you. It would be wise to think carefully before making a rash decision that leaves you more exposed and vulnerable than you were in the first place.

People being tortured on top of a mountain

The dream opens up in castle, high upon a mountain with a lot of people chained and shackled, beaten and bloody. Some killed and thrown over the mountainside while chained alive or dead on sort of a conveyor that pulled chain in progressive manner. Alive people screaming while going down a mountain rock bed gorge-like, what water would run through, only full of blood and bodies guards overlooking activity of each body dead and alive to being stacked in tomb, a rock room on top of each other to the ceiling. I was only one alive.

These visions contain two main symbolic connotations which could be pointing out your desensitizing perception of human suffering and pain you could be exposed to through media or even happening in the area where you live. Being in a castle high up on the mountain can be attributed to your psychological state of being overwhelmed and bewildered by the avalanche of tragedies involving deaths you could recently be witnessing or learning about. The bodies being transported down the mountain and stacked in a cave could also signify that you are slowly accumulating a lot of negativity and frustration and subconsciously want to lock them away, at least for the time being before they fade out and disappear from your memory.