Dreams Related To Tornado

Trying to hide from a tornado

Dreaming of trying to hide from a tornado that is quickly approaching you represents your desire to have inner balance and your ability to remain in control and keep others calm in the midst of extraordinary or unexpected events.

Witnessing a tornado

Dreaming of witnessing a tornado means you had great expectations for your carefully designed plans yielding tangible and positive results. However, these plans are destined to fail, and will leave you feeling desperate and dissatisfied with the results.

This dream can also be a warning for you to pay more attention to major changes in your life that will probably lead to a loss of financial or material possessions or separation from the people you highly value in your life.

Tornado approaching you

Dreaming of seeing a tornado slowly approaching you or your house is a sign you are becoming increasingly concerned about a situation involving one of your friends whom you consider to be much less fortunate than you are.

This is the time for you to thoroughly examine your friend's situation to determine whether this person is able to cope with the situations in his or her life. If you determine this person is self-sufficient, then you need to make an effort to let go of unnecessary worry concerning this person and start back focusing on your own life.

Trying to run away from a tornado

I was trying to run away from a tornado but the wind just slowed me down. It was like I was running in place but very slowly.

Dreaming about trying to escape from a tornado and envisioning its powerful impact on you could mean that you would be able to counteract or eliminate people who may be presently standing in your way or hampering your efforts in achieving something important. However, the notion of being slowed down could also mean that this process could take longer than you initially expected or your actions could trigger some tensions or conflicts before you eventually succeed.

Watching a tornado from a safe place

If you dream you are watching a tornado pass you by from a safe place, for example from a house or a shelter, then it is a sign you are stepping up and taking responsibility for a complicated or time-consuming project that no one else has the courage or ability to take on.

Aftermath of a tornado

Dreaming of seeing the destruction left in the aftermath of a tornado means you will have better coping skills and will be able to face whatever negative situations may be thrown your way, and you will be able to successfully deal with the consequences that result from those situations.

Escaping a tornado

Escaping a tornado is a very auspicious dream symbol. This means you will recover quickly from a bout of sickness. Alternatively, if you have recently been diagnosed with some health condition, then expect to regain your healthy status after a few lifestyle changes and focusing on self-care. Some of your commitments can take a back seat as you prioritize your well-being. Fortunately, your friends and family will be supportive with your decisions since they want to see you bounce back into your active and happy self.

Tornado destroying your house

Dreaming of seeing a tornado landing on and destroying your house is a sign of you trying a variety of things, such as changing your job or living conditions, to make your life happier and better than it currently is.

Being killed by a tornado

If you see yourself being killed by a tornado in your dream, then it is a bad sign. It means a steady decline in your health conditions, and it may mean you will not be able to recuperate and recover from these health issues.

Startled by a tornado

If you are startled by the sight and sound of a tornado and find yourself unable to escape its path, then this dream is telling you are haunted by something from your past. It could also mean that you are unable to gather your senses in order to resist the fears coming your way and tend to panic instead.

Tornado passing you by

To dream or seeing a tornado passing you by and causing no damage to your house or any other houses in the neighborhood is a sign you are about to meet a new person in your life who will greatly influence and shape the course of your life in ways you never expected.

Surviving a tornado

Many who see night visions wonder what does it mean when you dream about surviving a tornado. According to ancient and tribal sources, such a symbol is very auspicious and refers to quickly overcoming an illness. For instance, you may catch a cold and bounce back the next day. Alternatively, if you have been diagnosed with something more serious, it is possible you would improve your condition faster than others in your situation by making appropriate substitutions in your life and following your health care provider's instructions.

Roaring tornado

Dreaming of seeing a very loud an roaring tornado ripping through your neighborhood or some other location is a sign of unfavorable events coming your way that will be followed by your desperate attempts to alleviate the despair and damaging consequences of those events.

Lifted up in the air by a tornado

In my dream I see 3 tornadoes about to form, but I turn and run from them. Later I come upon a house. I hear the storm is getting closer and I take shelter in a closet. While in the closet I hear and feel the wind lifting the house off of its foundation. I open my eyes and the home is in the air. As I look down I can see cars and lights. I notice I am very high up. I began to pray and ask God for forgiveness. I start drifting to earth gently. I wave to the ambulance personnel to see me.

Being lifted or swept away by a tornado alludes to an intense, passionate romantic affair. You will feel out-of-depth and not in control, overcome by your strong emotions. Hiding inside a closet symbolizes your fears and efforts to deny your feelings. However, you cannot hide from this. Eventually you would have to give in. Finally, asking God for forgiveness signifies internal conflict. Your guilt and shame will tame your feelings, though they will not go away. It is up to you whether you accept it and experience bliss or live your life trying to control your urges.

Someone you know affected by a tornado

Seeing someone you know affected by a tornado's impact and the resulting damage in a dream is a sign that you will soon meet someone or a group of people who will eventually cause distress and troublesome circumstances in your life even though this person or these people seemed to be kind and very trustworthy in the beginning of this relationship.

Being lifted by a tornado

If you dream of being swept up into the sky by a tornado, it symbolizes the imminent emergence of intense, passionate, and romantic emotions toward someone who has captivated your attention. This alluring dream signifies that you are on the brink of experiencing profound attraction and connection with an individual who has deeply intrigued you. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions and an exhilarating journey of love and desire. Embrace this dream as a delightful indication of the romantic adventure that lies ahead, allowing yourself to fully explore and embrace the intense feelings that are set to blossom between you and your object of affection.

Tornado swallowing someone you know

Dreaming of a tornado swallowing someone you know like a close friend or family member is a sign that you may have friends or loved ones who are hiding their emotions or true feelings from you in order to avoid being judged or misunderstood by you.

Being able to resist a tornado

Dreaming of being able to resist a tornado and its impact on the neighborhood means you will be able to express your opinions about people who stand in your way, and they will be able to understand what you mean without being offended. It can also mean that your financial situation will improve if it's been poor, or you will become wealthier if already alright financially.

Tornado landing on neighbor's house

To witness a tornado landing on your neighbor's house while you are safe in your own house or a shelter means you are about to see positive changes in your life. This can also mean you will soon be doing a lot of business or leisure traveling.

Talking to people affected by a tornado

To dream of seeing yourself talking to people affected by a tornado during the aftermath of the storm means you need to start investing more time and energy into solving someone else's problems or circumstances and less time being devoted to the affairs of your own life.

Waiting out on a tornado to recede

I dreamed about seeing big electronic sounds giving a tornado which brought huge water. I was in my home which was underwater. After the tornado stopped, we closed the doors and sat inside to let the outside water reduce the level to open doors.

This dream of a tornado bringing water and flooding your house in the process portends difficulties and emotional turmoil. Your plans may not go according to what was expected in the beginning and you may experience disappointments as a result. To weather this challenging period, you would have to put your head down and focus on what you can control. Closing doors means avoiding risks for the moment to reduce any possibility of your circumstances worsening. By treading slowly and carefully, you would eventually recover.

A tornado turning into boyfriend

A tornado (funnel cloud) came towards me and as it was picking me up it faded into seeing my boyfriend. And he came to me with a smile to show me that he cut off his dreadlocks into a low haircut.

Tornadoes are often thought to represent the destruction of our best-laid plans, so seeing one in a dream vision could predict that the oath you have put yourself on may not lead to the results you desire. This could be due to your own lack of ability or the interference of outside forces. In either case, seeing someone you once cared about change their haircut could spell disaster for your financial situation, especially when seen in conjunction with the first symbol. This suggests that you may experience great financial loss or find yourself destitute and hopeless for some time.

A tornado hitting a gas station

Hello! I had a dream I was at a gas station and someone I have been trying to do business with for a long time saw me there and told me they wanted me to follow them and come by their store. Before I was able to get into the car, a major tornado started to come. So I grabbed my small puppies and was putting them in the car. My grandmother was outside to but before I could get her in the car, the tornado came, so I jumped in the car.

Having a dream wherein you interact with a business partner is neither a positive nor a negative sign, although it is often interpreted as a warning, which means you should be careful with items that hold great value to those around you who may have given them to you for safekeeping or to use for some other reason, either materially or sentimentally. Your dream suggests that this item or objects could become lost or misplaced by you if not watched over diligently. The images of a destructive tornado reflect your future if you give too much of an importance to matters distracting you from following this advice, and as the image of your grandmother being present in the same dream implies, you should rely on wisdom and mature way of thinking to be prepared if anything you do not want to happen does take place.

Watching tornadoes from the shore

I was standing on the beach in the sand. I would say it was afternoon but the sky was dark blue with gray clouds. The water was very choppy. Looked like if I was out to sea and had 30ft foot waves around. I saw no waves crashing on sand. There was 3 very wide tornadoes in the ocean. They weren't water spouts. Very wide and dusty-like tornadoes. I was unable to move but I wasn't scared nor did I want to move. I just kept watching them. Two didn't not move, the middle one got bigger as it came to me.

Your dream vision illustrates your detachment from your surroundings or even apathy about what is happening in your reality and the people around you. Specifically, the sandy beach means you are currently in a safe place and in a bubble of security which is why you cannot relate to the plight of others. However, negative things and developments are going to inadvertently affect you and your loved ones, so you need to take action. The gray clouds represent failure as well as a period of emotional roller coaster as a result of some negative turn of events. Similarly, the waves suggest financial losses and hardships. The lack of fear in this dream signifies complacency because you think you are immune to economic downturns or sociopolitical problems, however the tornado that grew bigger and was approaching you is your subconscious telling you to start caring and become proactive because you would find yourself at risk if you do not start taking the necessary precautions.

Time travels and tornadoes

Time traveling between present day and colonial times, my mother appeared in present day and asked me about my grandma. I tried explaining to her that I can't remember because I'd been traveling in time. Then a tornado comes my way, my kids and boyfriend take cover. It passes us but turns around and comes back. We start running, I'm carrying a baby and holding the hand of another kid. A black panther runs up the sidewalk and a lion follows. Another tornado comes.

Envisioning yourself traveling in time signifies unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your present situation. Even though you work so hard to improve your way of life and focus on the brighter side, bad things always seem to happen and it seems like you have fallen on some bad luck. Likewise, seeing or witnessing a tornado refers to failure and disappointment as projects and other endeavors unfortunately would not yield satisfactory results. You can only control things up to a point, but your upcoming plans are destined to fail because of unfavorable circumstances and uncooperative stakeholders. These series of unfortunate results would test your limits, both in terms of resilience and your optimism. The black panther as well as the lion represent powerful and influential personalities or forces that have significant effects on your life and these are outside your control. This whole ordeal would make you look at the bigger picture and true reasons for your misfortune. This way you can begin to take control of your narrative and find its meaning instead of wallowing in despair.

A railroad being built after a tornado

Me and three other people heard what sounded like a tornado and then we got into a car to see it and then we witnessed everything being torn up and then we witnessed what appeared to be a railroad being built. And the people that had built it seem to bang on the new railroad with a chanting beat.

Witnessing a tornado refers to catastrophic failure. Despite all the effort and hard work you put into your current undertaking, the plan is doomed to fail. Similarly, the new railroad represents hurdles and blocks in your path to success. Unfortunately, your inability to achieve your goals will severely affect your self-confidence and could turn into a personal crisis. During this difficult period of self-discovery, you would need the right people to guide you to the right path, otherwise you may continue this pattern of self-sabotage because of doubting yourself.