Dreams Related To Tooth

Tooth falling out

I saw twice in 10 days: my one tooth got decayed and all of a sudden it came in my hands.

This sounds like an acknowledged health issue gone untreated, likely due to very common or almost unnoticeable health defects. We feel as if it was a front tooth, seeing it in recurrence could mean that you've been feeling a bit off, but brushed it off as something minor. Decay could have something to do with intestinal issues, or over-exertion. Tooth decay can be a serious issue in dreams. If you experience this in another dream with greater frequency, it may be time for a checkup.

A rotten tooth and a man

I dreamt of a rotten tooth in my mouth and an old man was burying himself in a new vacant house.

Having a rotten, decaying tooth inside your mouth often represents some untreated health condition. You do not mention the placement of this tooth, but the closer it is to the front of your mouth in the dream, the more serious the illness is regarded to be. You have probably not noticed any changes yet, but it might be wise to get a check-up in case the symptoms have not become obvious. The image of a strange old man inside an empty house suggests there is an imbalance of elements in your life or that you have not been taking very good care of yourself, which may be the source of the health problem mentioned above. You may want to consider a lifestyle change or take time to eliminate toxins from your life.

A girl who has my tooth in her mouth

The dream was about a girl I'm not sure I knew that saw me and showed me my tooth in her mouth that I had left a friend's house and this is a tooth I have in real life, it started rotting and broke.

A dream that contains the symbol of a stranger girl typically points to some secret desires which you may not be aware of in wake life. Occasionally, it can show your need for a stable and honest relationship. If you are in a relationship, at the back of your mind you crave that your partner would pay more attention to you. The symbol of rotting teeth indicates difficulties and obstacles that the dreamer has to encounter soon. Putting these two symbols together, the notion that the girl had your teeth can imply that someone outside your relationship causes your inner insecurity and imbalance. You may be jealous or angry toward someone in reality.