Dreams Related To Tongue

Someone trying to take the tongue out

I had a dream someone tried to take my own tongue out of my mouth, so I beat them up. I kept beating and beating them because of that.

This dream vision about someone trying to get your tongue could be indicative of a recent situation when you caused a lot of grief or issues by either verbally insulting someone or saying things about them they do not particularly like behind their back. And, although you are subconsciously admitting that your behavior was inappropriate and hurtful, you could have some justifications and reasoning behind your actions.

Tongue falling out

My tongue fell out.

Dreaming that your tongue fell out means you are going to say something you would regret. You are about to utter a thoughtless remark or hurtful words before stopping yourself. Unfortunately, the damage would already be done by the time you realize your mistake and you need to deal with the punishment. So you should get your temper and emotions in check before you make matters worse with your sharp tongue.

Swollen tongue

A swollen tongue in the dream realm often reflects the dreamer's perception about someone else's or their own communication skills, depending on who the tongue belonged to. In essence, the image of the swollen tongue that is too big for the mouth represents the idea of sticking your foot in your mouth. If you had a swollen tongue, it means you may regret a decision you made or something you said to someone else in reality. Alternatively, envisioning someone else with a swollen tongue suggests you do not appreciate the attitude they gave to you or that you feel the way they were speaking to you was not fair.

Pulling tongue out

Pulling or sticking your tongue out in a dream often reveals that some mental torment or anguish is making you feel a bit run down. As a result, you may be acting more erratically or impulsive than normal. To move past this situation and find balance within yourself, it is important to talk to someone you trust and get some solid advice about how to improve your emotional or psychological state.

Black tongue

A dark or black-colored tongue in the dream world carries heavy symbolism. Both Christian and Islamic dream workers interpret this symbol as a sign that something has gone terribly wrong in your communication with someone is wake life. In fact, this image is often seen by those who have made a rather large mistake when dealing with someone in reality. It would be a hard task to reconcile this situation, but doing nothing would almost certainly be much worse.

Tongue falling apart

Dreaming of your tongue falling apart symbolizes feeling inhibited or unable to express yourself effectively. It also reflects fear of saying something harmful or embarrassing, which results in a cutting remark slipping out unintentionally. Overall, this dream implies a need to be mindful of how you define yourself and to consider the impact your words have on someone, while also not letting fear hold you back from unleashing your true feelings.