Dreams Related To Tomato

Eating a juicy tomato

Eating a plump, juicy tomato in the dream realm is synonymous with good health in reality. It means you would be in tip top physical shape or that your stamina would be very high. You are also likely to have better energy levels and a better disposition than usual.

Cooking tomato soup and other dishes

I am female. In my dream, I am cooking tomato soup in a commercial kitchen. I add caramelized vegetables and wild rice. Added next is a can of crushed tomatoes. This is done while I am teaching 2 pupils -1 female and 1 male. It is now the next day and the soup falls on the floor and is discarded. Next, I am home where I grew up and my deceased mother is there and now she is going to cook. On her menu is chicks, hearts of palm, cabbage and she has a packaged salmon she will plank before cooking.

Cooking soup in the dream alludes to your nurturing personality. There will be a crisis soon and you will become essential in comforting those in need. Teaching conveys a similar dream interpretation. It means vulnerable or impressionable personalities will need your guidance to navigate their problems. Unfortunately, the symbol of a soup falling or spilling suggests people will not take your advice seriously or they will become suspicious of your motives. Tread lightly or you could be framed as an enemy. Hence, the presence of your deceased mother tells you that you need to go back to your mother's advice and words of wisdom to help you handle this situation, especially if your initial strategy ends up failing as illustrated by the soup's spillage. Chicken can be interpreted as cowardice, but chicken as a nourishing meal can also refer to improvements. So, if you recall the past lessons you have learned or any valuable life experiences from the past, you can gradually get back on track. Fortunately, salmon symbolizes intellect and perseverance, two of your strong characteristics which would help you communicate with and win over other people.

Red tomatoes

Seeing red tomatoes in the dream.

Dreaming about red tomatoes envisages a healthy relationship with someone special. The red tomatoes point to the possibility of meeting a person who would bring out the best in you. Consequently, having this kind of special someone in your life can bring you happiness by allowing the both of you to live harmoniously and keep the privacy of your relationship intact. However, you should take care not to sabotage this special connection and never engage in secret affairs or succumb to episodes of cheating and adultery.

Ripe tomatoes for young women

For young women, the image of a ripe tomato in the dream realm takes on a positive interpretation. It means her future married life would be stable, harmonious and fulfilling beyond her wildest dreams. Furthermore, women who are currently single may soon find themself going on dates, while those who are seeing someone casually would probably have a wedding celebration with this partner soon.

Dreaming about tomatoes

Dream of seeing tomatoes.

Dreaming about tomatoes in general, without any additional details or other specific recollections, could signify growing feelings of guilt and remorse as a result of being involved in a secret affair or episodes of cheating and adultery. However, if they were envisioned as healthy plants with ripe red tomatoes, it could also be an indication of happiness and harmony inside the relationship with someone special, which could imply that the secrets about outside affairs are well-kept.

Tomatoes and lemons in a basket

I saw some tomatoes and lemons placed in a basket.

Tomatoes and lemons, as dream symbols, have an interesting interpretation when put together. Tomatoes often represent affairs or unlawful relationships, suggesting you have your eye on someone who is unavailable or are not condemning the advances of someone who is making moves on you. On the other hand, the lemons seem to indicate a desire to know why you are fine with this morally dubious situation. In a sense, you can see through these two symbols a willful, headstrong aspect of your personality and a mature, thoughtful side that wants to reflect on those feelings.

Eating tomatoes

Eating tomatoes during the course of a dream vision is often considered a sign that you are currently in excellent health both physically and mentally. Alternatively, it could also mean you would quickly recover from a minor illness or injury that is currently afflicting you.

Eating tomatoes, whether they are on their own or in another dish, can also predict an upcoming tryst with someone you have known for awhile but never considered a potential romantic partner before. Suddenly finding yourself in the throes of love may bring about some added challenges or difficulties, but you would be able to overcome them easily enough if you are sure this is the right path for you to take.

Watering tomato plants

Watering a tomato plant often means you would soon feel an unexpected emotion or meet a new friend in reality. Your upcoming interactions may bring out some deep feelings you would not have expected from yourself, perhaps because they are related to a new experience or idea you have recently come into contact with. It is also possible that you would make the acquaintance of someone new and special. This man or woman may even turn out to be your soulmate.

Cutting tomatoes

Cutting up tomatoes, whether it is for a snack or a particular dish, is often associated with passion and strong, barely controllable emotions. You would experience such a feeling toward someone either very soon, or this may be a reflection of such a situation you have recently been through.

Growing tomatoes inside your house

Growing a tomato plant inside your house during the course of a dream vision suggests you would soon go head to head with a jealous rival in reality. This individual would likely attempt to steal your significant other or turn them against you. However, their efforts would probably not amount to anything because your lover is loyal, faithful and devoted only to you.

Seeing tomato plants grow

Watching a tomato plant grow during a dream may reflect your current situation in reality, namely that you are in a stable relationship, have a happy home life and are content with the current trajectory of your life. This situation would continue to bring you happiness and satisfaction for the foreseeable future.

Growing tomato plants

Growing a tomato plant in the dream world, be it on a balcony or in a private garden, predicts soon playing host to some special visitors or unexpected guests in wake life. These travelers would bring words of a most uplifting and positive nature, bringing you great joy and satisfaction upon their arrival.

Sister cooking beans and tomatoes

I dreamed something so real. My sister was cooking beans and spicy tomatoes and I could taste the food.

A dream about your sister cooking for you signifies the deep and profound connection you have with her. However, the fact that you envisioned her cooking beans along with spicy ingredients foretells the amount of insignificant problems you might find yourself surrounded with. Perhaps those problems pertain to your sister and you getting embroiled in petty quarrels or episodes of misunderstanding. However it's important to keep in mind that you should only pay attention to things which actually matter to make sure the bond between you and your sister remains intact.

Seeing a tomato

The image of a tomato in your dream could predict soon having a pleasant and enlightening conversation with someone in reality. Their ideas would give you a new outlook on your existence and brighten your image of what a possible future could look like. It may even completely change the current course of your life.

Rotten tomatoes thrown at you

Imagining that characters from your dream vision are throwing rotten tomatoes at you, such as while you are running away or performing on a stage, could mean that you are attracting too much attention in reality. While you may be doing this on purpose, it could be unintentional as well. This inconspicuous behavior would cause trouble among your friends and family. For example, you may find yourself getting involved with those your closest allies do not approve of. Perhaps you need to reconsider whose opinion and esteem you value more.

Ripeness of tomatoes

Being particularly aware of the ripeness of tomatoes in your dream vision is often associated with secret romantic affairs in reality. You may be currently engaging in flirting or other such behavior behind the backs of others, or you may soon find yourself in such a situation. Noticing that the tomato was ripe could reveal finding a way to successfully overcome the obstacles preventing you from sharing this affair with others. However, envisioning an unripe fruit means that the liaison is doomed to end in failure, bringing you much sadness and embarrassment.

Green tomatoes

Green tomatoes are a highly negative symbol to perceive in a dream vision, as they tend to represent feelings of confusion, burden and despair. This would be due to some outcome or result that was not found in your favor, like a competition or a debate. This would be a big blow to your efforts to accomplish something in wake life, bringing further disappointment and sadness.

Throwing tomatoes at someone

The act of throwing tomatoes at someone else while you are dreaming is often thought to reflect certain flirtatious behavior or coy looks you are giving to others in reality. Because you are signaling that you are available for some type of romantic relationship, be it serious or a fling, you could be upsetting or alienating some important people in your life. You could get in big trouble if you do not reconsider the signals you are sending.

Eating a huge red tomato

Eating a particularly big and red tomato represents experiencing physical pleasure in reality. You may soon try some new or exciting techniques in your intimate relations with someone in reality. This would bring you great satisfaction and improve your connection with this individual as well.

Tomato seedlings

Seeing tomato seedlings in your dream carries highly positive connotations. It should be considered an especially welcome sign to those who are sick or infirm. In many cases, this symbol is associated with healing and miraculous recovery. Alternatively, this symbol is sometimes seen as an indicator that you would soon meet an individual who is destined to become a dear friend.

The act of planting tomato seedlings can also be interpreted as a sign that you need to rethink certain areas of your personal life. For example, you may need to weed out the fake friends and users from your friend group, while focusing your energy on improving your relationship with those who truly value you as a friend.

Gathering ripe tomatoes

Gathering ripe tomatoes into a basket or cart can predict soon being able to reap and enjoy the fruits of your labor in wake life. The time and effort you have spent investing in your endeavors would finally give you the satisfaction and enjoyment you were hoping for.