Dreams Related To Toenail

A long and ugly toenail

I dream that one of my big toe nails was long and ugly. It looked like that of an elderly person nail.

Your toes, being a part of your feet and legs, represent the direction you are headed, both personally and professionally. As such, this vision alludes to upcoming leisure travels or going away for business. Meanwhile, the state of your toenail in the dream reflects your low levels of motivation and self-confidence. Perhaps you are not feeling too good about yourself and lately your drive to succeed may have been eroding. This could be due to recent disappointments or failures which is making you question your capabilities. In that case, maybe this vision serves to highlight your current confusion and uncertainty about your future.

Toenails with nail polish

The symbolism of dreams about toenails covered with nail polish, regardless if they are your own or someone else's, indicates harmonious relationships. You are feeling particularly confident in social gatherings and networking events. The color of the polish also bears additional meanings. For instance, red nail polish suggests reconciliation with a childhood friend or a distant relative. On the other hand, black nail polish suggests a rebellious streak. You do no care what others think about you and there are people who admire you for this punk rock persona.

Toenails falling off

To see your toenails falling off in the dream world is an unfortunate symbol to witness. It sheds light on the upcoming hardships you would face, most likely related to your work or source of income. This difficult situation would make it hard to provide the basic necessities you and your loved ones need to survive.

Doing pedicure for your toenails

Having a pedicure done to your toes in a dream means you are not feeling as fulfilled or satisfied by your current place of employment. In a material sense, your job may not provide you with the income you need or deserve in order to live the lifestyle you want. Emotionally, you probably feel bored and drained by the monotony of working a position that seems to be going nowhere.

Clipping your toenails

Cutting or trimming your toenails in the dream world is synonymous with trying to smother your inner demons in reality. You probably have some impulses or desires you think others would ridicule, leading to feelings of shame. You may need counseling or prayer to help you overcome these challenges.