Dreams Related To Toddler

Being stressed and with a toddler in arms

I was waiting for the ride home from a friend. I had a toddler in my arms, her head on my shoulder. I was stressing because I might miss my friend and the drive. I came to a room and saw another baby wrapped in a plaid blanket face down on the ground. I thought who could have abandoned the baby and I had to do something so I'm now more stressed. I asked the toddler in my arms if she was hungry and when she looked at me her face was grey and not too pretty.

Waiting for someone to give you a ride in the dream realm may refer to needing some kind of boost or push in reality. The symbols in this vision generally suggest that you are in a rut that is having a negative effect on your quality of life and happiness. For instance, the sick toddler in your arms may refer to illness or the fear of catching something contagious. The abandoned baby also carries a negative connotation, revealing financial trouble or ruined plans. The plaid blanket you saw the baby wrapped in could refer to receiving some financial aid from the government, an institution or a loved one, although it would probably fall woefully short of what you need. The stress in the vision is very likely a reflection of the real stress and anxiety you have to deal with in wake life. It may be some time before your situation is resolved or you find a solution to your problems.

Toddlers using the bathroom by themselves

I was in the bathroom with my twin boy toddlers. They were urinating in their potties for the first time. I was so excited and happy! I shared it via SMS with a male friend.

Seeing little boys urinate is symbolic of childish behavior. The fact that there were two boys in this vision indicates that whatever causes this behavior is likely to be a big deal for you. Your friends usually think of you as the type who is in control and knows what to do in most situations, so a sudden lapse into childlike tantrums and irrational anger may confuse or upset them. However, given your delight in sharing this experience on social media, you likely feel completely justified in your words and actions.