Dreams Related To Time

Time travel

Time travel in the dream world means you feel unfulfilled in your current situation. You feel frustrated about the lack of progress in your career, your personal life or both. Hence, the act of going backward or forward in time is an allusion to escapism. You either want to go back to your idyllic childhood or fast forward to better times and skip your current struggles. In addition, this symbol means your present self is involuntarily tied to your past. Your past decisions or indecision all contributed to your current state, so if you got yourself into a bad place, then you also have the power to turn your life around.

A specific time

Noticing a specific time in a dream, such as on the face of a clock or as an appointment brought up in conversation, may reveal something important and time sensitive taking place in wake life. For instance, you may have an important meeting in the morning or a date with a prospective lover that you are looking forward to. This vision is a subconscious reminder to check your calendar and set alarms or alerts if necessary to help you remember.

Travel back in time

Traveling back in time during a dream vision reflects an internal desire to return to a simpler time in life. Perhaps this refers to your childhood, meaning you wish to escape the daily stress of adult life or spend more time pursuing your passions. Alternatively, your desire to go back to a simpler, less complicated time could mean you want to escape all the digital chaos and plastic that makes life hectic and almost unreal.

Running out of time during an exam

Being unable to complete a test or exam in the dream realm because you have run out of time is fairly common. It suggests you are taking on way too much in wake life, such as saying yes to many social engagements, agreeing to do too many projects for your boss or working yourself ragged by working full-time and trying to maintain a perfect household. In your eagerness to burden yourself with so much, you could also be causing your relationships to suffer. For instance, working long hours and coming home only to cook and clean may damage your bond with your children and spouse. Laundry and dishes can wait, but your interpersonal connections cannot.

A friend following a specific time schedule

Telling a female friend to leave at a specific time.

Dreaming about your friend being on a schedule established by you can have different interpretations depending on the situation envisioned in your dream. If she was leaving you, it means you could be afraid this relationship will end soon. If she was told to leave at a specific time to come to you portends difficulties while managing your own daily schedule lately.

Being a time lord

I was a time lord and I regenerated.

Just like The Doctor in Doctor Who, you may have a wide array of personality traits that could make you seem like a different person depending on who you are interacting with. This could be confusing and maybe even irritating to your close friends and family members. More importantly, you may be acting this way without even realizing you are doing it.

Time travels with legs cut off

My friend got her leg cut off however, next thing I knew it was me with the cut off leg that they stitched together. Then me and another friend went down the hall and got into a futuristic pod but only special people were allowed and I was allowed because my leg had just been cut off and stitched back together. During the pod experience we were flipping everywhere and it took us eleven days to get to class where people were surprised to see us. That's pretty much it thanks! I am a girl.

An amputated or dismembered leg refers to a profound loss in your life. The worst case scenario is that someone you love dearly will pass away which would send you into deep depression. Even though you try to get your life back on track, as symbolized by the stitching of your leg back, it will not be easy and you need to take some time away in order to recover. Within this context, the pod actually refers to a self-imposed hiatus or time off to heal. This could mean going away on a vacation to deal with your grief or unplugging yourself from any distractions so you can focus on repairing your mind and body.