Dreams Related To Ticket

Plane ticket

Envisioning a plane ticket in the dream realm symbolizes a desire or urge to travel, either physically or metaphorically, in your waking life. The act of buying the ticket indicates a sense of making a plan or starting a new journey, either in your personal or professional life. The ticket in your hand suggests a feeling of readiness or preparedness for this new adventure. Moreover, it also symbolizes a desire to escape from your current situation or explore the mysteries of the unknown. If you are a travel enthusiast, it is an omen for you to pack your stuff and go where you are planning to. In essence, It is a reminder that you need to take a break from your daily work routine and enjoy a trip or vacation to refresh yourself.

Cashing in pawn tickets

I dreamt that me and another person whom I didn't recognize but somehow knew cashed in these long-standing "pawn" tickets which were like investments. We both got 3000 dollars each. In the dream I kept thinking about paying off some back bills. But I was also worried about being robbed. We figured if someone overheard how much was being cashed in, they might come and jump us. And we talking about re-investing again, so we can have the same opportunity again if we ever are really strapped for cash.

Earning money on an investment in a dream vision, even something as unusual and risky as a pawn ticket, could predict soon adding a new member to your family or the family of someone you consider to be close to you. The amount of time spent thinking about what to do with the money could be an indication of how long you or these people have been considering this option. Additionally, your concerns about being robbed could be the manifestation of worries about what the new baby could need or how this baby's presence is going to impact the budget.