Dreams Related To Thumb

A small bleeding wound by a thumb

I had a needle point sized spot on the back of my hand at base of thumb bleeding.

This needle point sized bleeding wound on your thumb represents the possibility that you could be subjected to unpleasant or embarrassing situations in the near future. Through no personal fault or intentions you may become the target of mockery and verbal abuse. This hostility could stem from jealousy over your achievements at work or socially and could cause you undue stress and some degree of anxiety.

Two thumbs on a hand

Two thumbs on one hand.

Thumbs are usually symbolic of betrayal and deceit, so seeing two thumbs on one hand suggests two individuals are planning to stab you in the back or otherwise are seeking to ruin you. Because the thumbs are on the hand, it means these two men or women are close to you in wake life, perhaps friends you see often or co-workers from your job. You should be wary of friends who seem to be spending more time with each other than you.