Dreams Related To Throwing up

Throwing up blood

Vomiting blood points to mental health problems. Constant worry or accumulating stress could be weighing you down and your normal sunny disposition will disappear. You may require psychoanalysis so a professional can help you uncover the roots of your psychological issues. Bloody vomit also indicates loneliness. You miss sharing memorable experiences with your friends because of distance or differences in priorities.

Throwing up

Throwing up or vomiting, such as from drinking too much, is a warning about your health. Peer pressure and bad habits are pushing your body to the limit, and soon you will suffer from the consequences. Unhealthy food, lack of sleep or taking too much illegal substances will make you sick. So, to avoid long-term health problems, you need to take care of yourself more. Alternatively, throwing up also alludes to an emotional outburst. After repressing your emotions, a petty argument will unleash your pent up anger and frustrations which could quickly turn personal against the person you are arguing with.

Throwing up spaghetti

Vomiting spaghetti.

Seeing yourself vomiting in a dream portends the possibility that you may fall sick because of some kind of affliction in the near future. This dream could also be interpreted as a sign of declining health. Eating too much or too little, and failing to take good care of yourself could mean that your overall well-being may soon take a turn for the worse.