Dreams Related To Throne

Fighting for the throne

I was sitting in my throne getting fed and my brother walks in and tries to take my throne away from me, so we fought over my throne and I won and got it back.

This scene signifies that there may be some element of sibling rivalry between you and your brother, that could escalate in a conflict due to what appears to be attempts to assert your individuality as someone superior to others. The reasons could be trivial and based on jealousy of an irrational kind. The fight for the throne signifies the need for you to establish your leadership. This scene summarizes unhealthy state of your ego, something that could pose a risk to many of your social skills. Standing firmly on your two feet, asserting your individual qualities through pursuit of personal excellence may be just enough to prevent what can be an open conflict with many people with whom you may disagree in the future.

God sitting on the throne

If you dream about God sitting on the throne, such a vision signifies that you are protected and sheltered by an anonymous or mysterious source. You would be shielded from all sorts of difficulties, trials and tribulations. Whatever hardships or conflicts which come your way would be resolved automatically due to the presence of this unknown force in your life.