Dreams Related To Throat

Something stuck in throat

Having food or hair strands stuck in your throat while in a dream is a powerful portent. It is both a message and a reflection of your own characteristics. In particular, it suggests you show compassion and understanding even in the face of harsh criticism. Pulling things out of your throat furthermore reveals that you have the powerful ability to remove negativity from your life once you are able to find the root of the problem.

Pulling phlegm out of throat

A throat full of mucus or phlegm could be a sign of miscommunication. To pull phlegm from your throat, using your fingers or through suction equipment, is a positive message which indicates hashing out concerns with a person with whom you have a misunderstanding. During this encounter, you will be putting your mouth to good use by weighing your words carefully in order not to say something that could be considered a blow to the other person. You are fortunate to have this diplomatic skill that can defuse tense situations.

Hairballs in the throat

Female. I have something stuck in my throat so I start to pull it out and it's a bunch of hairballs and it makes me feel like I can't breathe.

Dreaming that something is stuck in your throat and having difficulty breathing because of it suggests others are trying to keep you from changing. They may not be ready to let you go because of some issues in their life or maybe they just do not like change. In either case, the hairballs indicate that being smothered is actually weakening your personal strength. You are probably losing your internal balance trying to become your future self and keep up the appearance of your past. You are in a tiring and difficult situation. It would be wise to slowly bring your concerns forward to give the other party a chance to adjust. If they cannot accept you, however, you should not hold yourself back.

Cutting someone's throat

Cutting someone else's throat in the dream realm is often considered a sign that you are relying too heavily upon them in wake life. For children, it suggests your parents or older relatives may be offering or are forced to take care of you. In some instances, this may directly refer to an adult child living at home, but it can also refer to excessive moral or financial support after the child has left the house. Other possible situations could include those who excessively ask their friends for advice about how to deal with problems in their love lives or constantly seek validation from friends and strangers alike on social media.

Someone's throat cut open

Seeing someone's throat cut wide open right before your eyes can represent this individual's willingness to support and give of themselves to you in wake life. This is especially true if you recognized the man or woman whose throat was cut, although sometimes strangers can take the place of people we know in reality, depending on the other symbols present. This vision suggests that this individual may be taking care of you to the extent that they are hurting or inconveniencing themselves.

Slitting animal's throat

Slitting the throat of an animal, whether it is part of a ritual or just to prepare food, is usually considered a neutral dream symbol. In most cases, it suggests that you want to rely on someone or a group in wake life, but something is preventing this from happening. For instance, children in a single-parent household may desire to connect with their missing parent but be unable to do so due to lack of information or the passing of said parent. Those who live abroad may want to trust the government of their chosen home to take care of them but know from experience that it would provide for its own citizens first. This symbol contains the connotation of being disappointed, disillusioned or simply fed up with the situation.

Someone cutting my throat

A violent dream vision of a person cutting or slitting your throat with a knife can be an indication that someone is trying to stifle your voice. Perhaps this person has some power over you, such as a boss, and they are using intimidation to try to silence you. To dream of this premonition warns you of people abusing their power to get what they want. On the other hand, you may also be getting a hint that you are letting emotions get the better of you. To feel is normal, but sometimes overwhelming feelings can cloud your judgment. Your subconscious could be reminding you to temper your emotions with logic.

Death by slitting throat

Dying is a common theme in dreams, and the cause of death will carry different meanings. If you died because someone slit your throat instead of getting stabbed, you might commit an error or make a wrong decision because you let your emotions get the better of you. The horror you feel while seeing this imagery indicates the swell of emotion that you will feel once the big mistake dawns on you. To avoid getting into trouble, you can try delaying your decisions when you are still emotional. On the other hand, if you found a dead person whose throat had been slit, the man or woman may represent relatives whom you want to cut out of your life.

Cutting my own throat

Committing suicide by cutting or slitting your own throat is a warning that your tendency to please other people could end up ruining your relationships. For example, if you do not feel like you are enough for a partner or your friend, so you try to put on a fa├žade, you could end up neglecting the people who love you for who you are. The knife you use to cut your throat can represent your negative self-talk whenever you let other people make you feel diminished.