Dreams Related To Thief

A thief for women

The presence of a thief in a woman's dream, such as a thief inside the house or an encounter on the streets, is a reference to romance with ambiguous overtones. If you recognize the thief, then it means you could gain a new admirer or suitor. You could either share the attraction or it may be completely one-sided. The best-case scenario would be that this person would become the love of your life. If the connection is strong enough, you may even end up in a happy and fulfilling marriage.

However, a thief could also represent your bad side and negative characteristics. During a particularly bad day or a stressful situation it could make you lash out on friends or colleagues. Alternatively, your subconscious may be reminding you to keep your cool and learn to manage your emotions or else your temper could ruin friendships or piss off your rivals which would make them more motivated to take you down.

Someone familiar suspected of robbery

I dreamed that someone that I recognized as a friend of a friend came to my house to visit me without our mutual friend, I was getting dressed when she arrived, so I escorted her into my family room and told her I would return after I was done getting dressed. When I returned, I noticed someone coming down my hallway and it turned out to be a home invasion robbery, what does this mean?

A dream which involves a case of robbery denotes your desire to pursue your passions and aspirations. There may be a lot on your list of things you want to achieve and you cannot wait to get started. Alternatively, this dream vision may reveal your reservations and perhaps a lack of trust toward the individual you envisioned. You may sense a threat from her and your mind is reminding you to keep your guards up in case her motivations turn out to be questionable, if not detrimental to your emotional or physical well-being.

Chasing a thief

Chasing after a thief in dreams, perhaps after your purse was snatched or to help catch the thief who stole from someone else, portends conflict within your household or with members of your family. You could be ignoring serious issues that have been building up over the years. The tipping point could be coming which would lead to a clash. It could be something as petty as a chore-related argument which would quickly escalate into a full-blown feud as past disagreements would fuel the animosity.

A thief inside your home

Catching a thief inside your home, rummaging through your valuables or climbing into your window, is a bad premonition for your personal relationships and current social group. A two-faced friend may be waiting to deceive, manipulate or take advantage of you despite all the moments you have shared as friends. They could use you financially or play with your emotions to advance their personal interests. So be careful when you see this dream symbol because betrayal may just be around the corner.

Being a thief

Dreaming of being a thief, for example while in the act of stealing something or being arrested and locked up in jail, symbolizes possible humiliation or a downward spiral of sorts. A momentary lapse of judgment could put you in a compromising or embarrassing situation. Alternatively, you could go down a path of self-destruction, maybe rack up a lot of debt because of dependency or addiction to certain substances or habits. As a result, losing control of your life would lead to depression.

Being a thief could also refer to the resolution of deep-seated issues or long-standing problems you have been struggling with. Someone could enter your life who would help you solve the problem because of their wisdom and experience. As such, your mind could be telling you to be open-minded and listen to the advice of others because answers could come from the most unexpected places. In addition, this could be a sign of getting attached to someone due to a strong attraction or infatuation.

A thief in action

Witnessing a thief in action, like catching the thief sneaking into someone's house or shoplifting at a convenience store, means you are putting in a lot of time and effort in your current endeavor. You likely have a lot of belief and great expectations for this project and the people who are working on it with you. While there may be challenges along the way, this dream vision is an assurance that you would be able to overcome the obstacles with satisfying results and payoff waiting for you upon its completion.

Being robbed by a thief

Being robbed in a dream by a masked assailant who is pointing a gun at you to intimidate you into submission means the possibility of losing your friends in reality. This could be partly your decision, because you no longer have a strong connection or shared interests, or it could just be a natural progression of drifting apart because you belong to different circles now. In a way, what is being robbed from you are people and relationships which, at one point or another, played important roles in your life.

Preventing a thief from stealing smartphone

I am a male. I dreamt my wife and I were about to sleep at a relative's house, but we went outside for a while and on our way in my wife was insisting that we do not sleep in the house and that she wanted to go home, either way she did agree for us to stay the night there. Before entering the house we saw my relative talking to another family member regarding us, that we will be spending the night there and that she should come and take a look inside. On our way in I saw a thief, he was wearing a yellow piece of cloth entering the back gate into the house and was about to reach for my phone but I immediately and continuously shouted thief and pursuing him, the thief turned back and put off the switch were my phone was charging and started running and all of us were shouting and pursuing him. He (the thief) slipped over something in the house and as we were about to catch him I woke up from my sleep, he (the thief) was not able to steal anything.

Sleeping at a relative's house in the dream realm can denote a sense of unease about something taking place in wake life, but it does not carry a strong meaning in and of itself. However, your wife's reaction in the dream does suggest that you are well aware of whatever it is in reality that is causing you to feel stressed, be it a problem within your family unit, at work or in your community at large. Instead, we should turn to the symbol of the thief, which is a more prominent and clear symbol. Thieves are a two-fold sign in the dream realm. On one hand, they represent a need to be wary of those you interact with on a regular basis. Someone you consider a friend may not be acting with your best interests at heart. Almost catching the thief though is a reflection of your own tendency to jump to conclusions in reality. While you may think you know who is planning to betray you, it would be better to play things safe and be sure you are right. Accusing the wrong person could ruin a perfectly good friendship and let the true culprit get away with their bad behavior.

A thief taking your jewelry

If a thief stole your jewelry in a dream, like a watch, necklace or prized earrings, then there could be a devious and conniving individual within your social circle. Stealing your jewelry means taking what is important in your life. So this could mean seducing your significant other or damaging your reputation if this is important to you. This crooked individual may also try to turn your friends against you, especially if your consider your friends as family, likely out of spite or pure envy.

A caught thief

A thief caught in the act of stealing then handcuffed or jailed by policemen serves as a stern warning from your subconscious about your tendency to make hasty decisions or jump into conclusions. A bit of forethought and deliberation would significantly improve your chances of success. As much as possible, before doing something risky or careless, maybe give yourself some time to think it through or "sleep on it" so you would have a clearer view of the consequences of each action or decision you need to make.

A thief as a pickpocket

A pickpocket who snatches away your wallet or personal valuables in a dream pertains to minor issues and annoyances in reality. You may have to deal with petty conflict with someone at the office, a member of your social group or even a family member. The pickpocket also means that these negligible problems or obstacles would arrive during inopportune moments or when you least expect it. So long as you remain calm and level-headed, these downturns would easily be resolved.

A thief walking around your house

Finding a thief walking stealthily around your house, perhaps combing through your things or looking for things they can steal, portends the likelihood of a fire breaking out in your home or in your neighborhood. You may be preoccupied with a lot of work and commitments in the coming days and weeks so you may overlook the safety and order of your own home, putting the household at risk. As such, this is your subconscious reminding you to be extra careful for the well-being of you and the members of your household.

Many thieves

Dreaming of thieves congregating in one place or locked up together, such as in a jail, foreshadows major obstacles and setbacks when it comes to your career or the romance department. When it comes to your significant other, there could be a betrayal that would occur which would lead to a falling out. Career-wise, you may lose faith in a trusted colleague or a mentor figure because of a scandal that tarnishes their reputation or an unethical behaviour which would damage your respect for this person.

Helping a thief

Helping a thief rob a bank, break into a house or steal a car, means you tend to be too trusting because you prefer to believe in the goodness of people even with evidence to the contrary. Being an accomplice means you are willing to believe promises or get roped in doing certain favors for individuals even when they have a spotty background or a bad reputation. Perhaps this serves as a cautionary message that you need to be more critical of others and consider the realities of life before taking a chance on someone who might endanger you.

Being a thief and chased by police

Envisioning yourself as a thief being chased by police after an unsuccessful heist or robbery reflects the decline of both your professional and personal life. Being pursued by cops means you would feel like bad luck is following you everywhere in reality as your relationships start going sour and projects go off course. It would be a tough period for you as you try to mend friendships while also preventing your projects from complete failure. Ultimately, there will be a lot of lessons learned and you would emerge stronger and wiser.

Your family member as a thief

Dreaming that a family member is a thief, like a thieving sister or a sibling behind bars, symbolizes nagging concerns in the waking world. This problem may be filling up a lot of your headspace so you are unable to focus on other tasks and responsibilities. This could also be an indication of further complications in your life. Although there would be various concerns you need to tackle, the good news is that you would be able to put this all behind you if you deal with them one by one.

Held hostage by a thief

Dreaming that you are being held hostage by a thief, like being tied up and incapacitated inside a dilapidated warehouse or a dark and unrecognizable room, does not portend the same dire circumstances in reality but it would be bothersome. This dream symbol more likely points to tedious tasks and unpleasant chores which in your mind you have associated with the pain of being locked up and having no way to escape. It could also represent disappointments and disheartening news from someone close to you.

Following a thief to a boat and drowning

I dreamed I had a suitcase of money and a lady stole some and I was going to approach her and she went away. I was trying to go into the same boat with her and I didn't get on the boat and I slipped into the water and I was drowning in water but somehow I managed to get saved. What does this mean?

Dreaming about someone stealing money from you could mean that there is an imminent danger lurking ahead and you should try to be more careful of the people you tend to surround yourself with. Since you followed the woman and then almost drowned, it means that there are trials and difficulties in your future which could cause you great distress and misfortune. You would be able to overcome them with the right approach and since you managed to save yourself from drowning, it is a good sign of being able to resolve this situation in your favor.

A fleeing thief

Seeing a thief fleeing from the scene of the crime, carrying a bag of stolen goods or inside a getaway vehicle, means you have hit a wall in your current undertaking. There could be a particular problem you are stuck with and your mind has been unable to unlock the answer to it for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are trying to find a compromise that would please all parties involved but it is proving to be difficult since there are a lot of stakeholders to consider. As such, the fleeing thief represents the solution which you seem to think is getting further and further out of reach.

Buying stolen items from a thief

Buying stolen goods and items from a thief, such as gadgets, collectibles or antiques, means someone in the waking world is trying to take something valuable from you and you have no idea of this person's intention. This shady personality may be trying to snatch away your position at work by making you look incompetent. Or perhaps this individual would try to coax out sensitive information and secrets from you so that they could either use it against you or use it as a leverage for their professional advancement.

Thieves with a dog

Dreams about four thieves and a small dog.

As the details are very limited, it is difficult to give an accurate reading of this dream. The four thieves you encounter generally predict having issues or difficulty in your life. Seeing a small dog also predicts minor troubles related to your relationship with a shallow, materialistic person. It seems that this person's behavior or actions may get you into trouble or that other people may scorn you for your association with this person. You might want to reconsider your relationship with those who are superficial and fake.

A thief on a tricycle

Husband dreamed of a tricycle driver stealing three bamboos from a vacant lot and my husband was asked to accompany him on stealing.

Envisioning a tricycle suggests your husband is going to have success on a goal or project he has been working on. The bamboo that was stolen is also a very positive sign, as clearing bamboo out of someone's way usually symbolizes luck, flexibility and resistance. It is possible that he could experience some fortunate event in the near future. However, he should be careful not to let this good fortune go to his head. Dreaming about wanting to steal something can be interpreted as a warning of forthcoming danger. He should be careful about how he behaves and who he interacts with.

A thief coming towards you

A vision of a thief lurking around or approaching you is an allegory for your relationship and the possibility of having conflicts with someone in your close circle. Someone you trust may be bound to betray you or take advantage of you. This incident will severely damage your relationship, which could result in growing distant or losing the friendship. Therefore, always be cautious with people, even with the people you count on the most.