Dreams Related To Test-taking

Test taking

Tests and exams are often associated with stress in wake life. Perhaps the weight of your responsibilities is manifesting itself in this way, just as real quizzes or final exams cause worry in reality. Instead of just struggling and carrying on, it might be more healthy and productive to find someone to share the burden with. Perhaps you could share some of your concerns with a family member or delegate some of your tasks to another individual. Continuing to let yourself be crushed under this weight would only cause anxiety or burnout if you do nothing about it.

Taking a test

The act of taking a test during the course of REM sleep is thought by doctors and psychologists to be related to stress in reality. Taking a test that felt challenging or in a subject you dislike could add another layer of discomfort or worry to your situation, while taking a test in a course you like or feeling like you are acing the exam could mean you are handling the situation well. In either case, finding someone to share the workload or at least express your feelings to could help.