Dreams Related To Termites

A leopard, termite hill and people around

I am female, I saw my elder brother sleeping on top of a termite hill in a bush and guarded by a smiling leopard. After he woke up, the hill erupted into a fiery volcano and we ran away. On my way home I saw a big tree in a graveyard, it turned into a church at the bottom with a butcher at the entrance but its branches still seen up. The women sitting outside asked me to join their religion. I saw mud on my feet, I tried to wash it off, but the men stopped me. At the same place I saw my aunt celebrating her graduation.

The quantity and complexity of the symbols present in your dream indicate a turbulent period ahead. You are going to grapple with a dilemma involving a loved one, likely you brother since he has a salient role in the vision. The termite hill suggests your brother is contemplating a big change. He is at a crossroads and probably going to make a drastic decision which affects himself and everyone he is close to, including yourself. The leopard represents his strong will, so you do not have to worry about him even if he has to go through a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way. Unfortunately, your concern for him would lead to a confrontation, even a falling out, and this is illustrated by the volcano eruption. In the wake of this major quarrel, you would start feeling lost and uncertain about your future as illustrated by the graveyard and in order to gain some wisdom and enlightenment, you need to overcome your anger and resentment. This is why a butcher is positioned at the entrance of the church. The only way you can repair your relationship with your brother, or other estranged family members, is to rein in your pride and be mature enough to not let your ego dictate your actions. Finally, the mud on your feet represents the burden you are carrying with you. Washing it off can mean a brand new start, but sometimes embracing your failings and personal flaws can increase your self-awareness and allow you to transform into a better version of yourself.