Dreams Related To Temple

Dreams about religion, churches or temples

A temple in general

A temple, of any shape or size, is often thought to represent the current weakness or fragility of your inner self. You may have just realized or be on the verge of recognizing how easily broken and damaged your soul is. Without inner peace and balance, you probably feel adrift or unsettled. You should therefore be looking for ways to fortify and strengthen your spiritual or mental side, be it through religion, meditation or something else.

Being in awe while inside a temple

Experiencing the emotions of wonder and awe while taking in the details and decorations of a temple can be considered the manifestation of the uplifting of your soul and spiritual self in reality, You probably have a rich spiritual life or are just beginning a journey towards self-enlightenment with excitement and zeal. For example, you may be an active member in your church or have recently started attending religious services again after a long break.

Praying at a temple

The act of praying while visiting a temple in the dream realm sheds light on some guilt you are harboring in reality. You have probably said or done something you are not proud of, leading you to feel regret for the way you treated or acted around you friends, family or others in reality. You may need to apologize and explain yourself clearly before this feeling abates.

Entering a temple for men

For men or those who see themselves as male, entering into a temple or the grounds of a temple complex could mean he would soon meet or get close to a woman of a higher social status than he is. She may be somewhat famous or influential in government, or she may simply have a better-paying job and fancier lifestyle than he does.

If rather than entering the temple he simply saw it from the window of his home or where he is staying, the vision suggests a similar outcome but under strange or unusual circumstances. For example, the couple may meet by accident or due to a series of events that seemed to be leading in a different direction.

A service inside a temple

Taking part in or observing some type of religious service inside of a temple can be considered an indicator of spiritual growth and maturity. You have probably made strides in understanding your own faith or becoming more tolerant and understanding of other belief systems. This symbol also suggests a deep-rooted desire to learn more about the spiritual world and a wish to become more enlightened.

Seeing other people at a temple

Picturing other people at the temple you are visiting in the dream world reveals that you crave contact with those who support the same causes you do or hold the same beliefs to be true. You may currently find yourself surrounded by individuals who do not care about the same things you do or find the things you believe in to be silly. This may not be related to religion, for example, you may trust in the healing power of crystals or prefer more natural, homeopathic remedies to modern medicines.

Being inside a temple

Particularly for those who are atheist or do not follow a specific religion, the idea of standing inside a temple in the dream realm may be a harbinger of bad news and misfortune. This symbol reveals that one of your recent accomplishments or achievements has made you the envy of someone or a group of people near you in reality. They may not retaliate directly, but their malicious intent would certainly feel palpable.

An abandoned temple

In the context of a dream, an abandoned, rundown temple is often seen as the manifestation of your own religion, spirituality or faith. In a sense, the poor state of the temple and its grounds reflects your own lack of faith and fervor. You may need to do some self-reflection or look to new sources for spiritual inspiration.

A destroyed temple

A temple that has been completely wrecked or destroyed can reflect a tendency to shirk some of the religious practices. While you may think that you should be doing them on some deeper level, you may recognize their futility and unimportance in the grand scheme of life.

At a temple and feeding cows

I have been to a temple. I don't remember the god, but they have given me butter as prasadam and I came out in the premises, there was a white cow and a baby white cow and I went near them and started feeding them butter of which I already ate a little.

A religious place such as a temple can have a positive or negative meaning depending on the symbols associated with it in a dream. Given the overall positive message of the rest of the imagery, it points to spiritual growth and strong faith on your part. As butter is an important ingredient for adding flavor in real life, it is usually associated with positive outcomes, in this case, possibly becoming blessed with things you want to happen. The image of the white cow and its calf represents giving back to others as much as you receive, and this is most likely what you have already been doing in your waking life because this is what makes you truly content and at peace with yourself.

Going to a temple barefoot

I have dreamt of going barefoot to shiv temple.

The dream vision of experiencing financial strain and potential suffering serves as a reminder to embrace faith and spirituality in your life. It signifies the importance of seeking solace and guidance from higher powers during challenging times. This dream prompts you to rely on your inner strength and trust in the power of faith to navigate through financial difficulties. It encourages you to cultivate gratitude, practice mindfulness, and seek support from your spiritual beliefs or community. By incorporating faith into your life, you can find hope, inner peace, and a renewed sense of purpose, even in the midst of financial strain.

Taking an oath at a temple

Taking some form of an oath while in a temple or on temple grounds can point toward soon discovering or becoming aware of your true purpose in life. You would find that you are ready to undertake this great goal with great energy and enthusiasm. As an extension of this meaning, an oath in a temple is also seen by those about to join a religious order or about to dedicate their life to a higher power.

A temple of your ancestors

Visiting a temple that houses the remains and spirits of your own ancestors is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It means you would have good luck and fortune in all of your current endeavors, be they related to your career or personal matters.

An ancient temple

An ancient temple, particularly one that is covered in vines or slightly dilapidated, suggests you are stuck in reality. While the exact problem is unclear based on this symbol by itself, it can be interpreted as a sign that some area of your life is not progressing in a timely fashion.

A temple keeper

Envisioning a temple keeper sweeping the walkways or caring for an ancient temple may be a message from your subconscious. It means some aspect of your life requires spiritual help or aid. It is possible that the certain task this individual was doing or something they held or wore may reveal the exact nature of this vision. For example, if the temple keeper was dressed in inappropriate clothing for their work, it might mean you need to reflect more on the purpose of clothing and what is appropriate when and where.

No one as a temple keeper

A temple that seems to be lacking its keeper or attendant may be considered the manifestation of a problem or serious roadblock that you would soon need to overcome. The lack of someone taking care of the temple is a metaphor for your own lack of attention and detail for this issue until this point.

Building a temple

Being part of the building of a temple can reveal an internal desire to give back to your community in a meaningful way. You may wish to support a more active community, a more faithful brotherhood or a more just society for all members to enjoy. For those in committed relationships, the act of building a temple may also reveal your tendency to be very open and generous with your significant other, either by showering them with love or giving them multiple presents.

Decorating a temple

Decorating a temple, such as for a special holiday or occasion, suggests you hide your true morally ambiguous character behind a facade of holier-than-thou attitude. You may want to consider who is the true ethical individual rather than turning up your nose at those whose religious beliefs do not seem to immediately match with yours.

A superior of a temple

Meeting the leader or superior of a temple during the course of a dream vision reflects your current need to seek guidance or wisdom from a spiritual counselor, teacher or elder. They have the knowledge and experience you need to gain in order to overcome your own present troubles. The individual you should connect with may have already been revealed to you. Perhaps you just do not recognize who it is yet.

A strong desire to visit a temple

Feeling a strong desire or pull to visit a temple while dreaming means you need a second opinion in reality. This interpretation suggests that wanting to visit a temple to consult with a higher power is synonymous with needing to get some feedback on a decision you have made recently or some action you have taken in the recent past.

Hesitating about entering a temple

In the dream world, feeling hesitation or even slight trepidation before entering a temple or its grounds may be interpreted as a sign that your health would soon suffer. You would soon contract a disease or feel poorly due to some health problem you did not previously have.

A Greek temple for women

For women or those who identify as female, a Greek temple in particular with its marble and columns takes on a special interpretation. It suggests she would soon be involved in a romantic affair of the heart, the basis of which would be mutual trust, respect and understanding.

A magnificent temple

A grand, magnificent temple with soaring spires and ornate decorations can be considered the manifestation of your strong moral principles or ethical behavior. You have developed a good moral compass over your lifetime possibly through the traditions that have been handed down to you by older family members or your ancestors.

Donating for temple restoration

Donating time, money or goods for the restoration of a temple in the dream realm is often considered a symbol of good fortune in reality. It often reveals that the dreamer would receive some type of money or incentive, such as a bonus, a free gift or a trial size of a product. It is also seen at times when the dreamer would get money back from someone they lent it to a long time ago, even if they had completely forgotten about it up until this point.

A pagan temple

A temple that you perceive as being pagan or built for a false god in order to partake in occult rituals may reveal some dark, ominous forces working in your life. You may be seduced or tempted by something or someone you would normally be able to resist. The results, if you touch this forbidden fruit, would be disastrous.

Elephants in a temple

I dreamt about elephants in a Hindu temple.

Dreams which involve visions of a temple usually mean that you are longing to expand your spiritual self and learn more about religion or various aspects of your faith. Seeing elephants in the temple in the same dream is symbolic of trying to find like-minded people or seek help from them during this spiritual journey.

A temple in the sea

There was an Indian temple in the sea, but the temple was a little near to the land. People were going inside and coming out but I was just staring at it. I didn't go inside.

This vision of seeing a temple in the sea is a reflection of your inner desire to enrich yourself spiritually and welcome faith and religion into your existence. However, seeing people going in and out but at the same time being reluctant or perhaps afraid to join or follow them speaks of your hesitation and critical view in regards to some aspects of religious traditions, celebrations or rituals. The proximity of the temple to the land in this dream is a subtle suggestion for you to re-assess your values and personal beliefs and make the choice that is right for you.

Visiting a temple and seeing God

I had a dream wherein I had visited some old Shiv temple which was inside a very small cave, sort of a thing. A long queue of people was there waiting. I was pouring water on Shiv Ling and I guess I saw one of the two eyes of Shiv Ling. Very strange dream. Regards.

Temples in dreams typically represent enlightenment and spiritual growth. Going to this Shiv temple in your dream connotes your yearning for purpose in life or inner peace. Since the Shiv lingam is often associated with creation and regeneration, you may be contemplating a major decision which could have serious repercussions on your future. Perhaps you are entertaining thoughts of forming or expanding your family by having children. The long queue symbolizes the enormity of your decision, such that you need to wait for the perfect time for you to implement your plans and ideas.

Searching for a temple and no one helping

Checked out of hotel with another person and his small puppy and baby to reach a temple. Lost that person on the way and reached a shabby village where no one is responding to me properly and giving me the direction for the temple. Vehicles slang mud on my face. Not getting enough water to wash. Finally reached a shore of a river or sea. Some boat is about to sail with a women and fish. A guy nearby tried to push me in the water. The sailor of the boat refused to take me along stating it's getting dark.

Leaving a hotel may represent a current physical or mental state that you are in. It can indicate that you have physically moved locations or that you have moved on from some event or emotion that was bothering you. The destination of the temple is very telling, as it reveals you have not fully made peace with your decision to move on yet. While you are going through the process and believing everything is for the better, deep in your heart not all is well. Therefore, by seeking the temple your subconscious is trying to find clarity and assurance. Being splashed with mud may show that not everyone you know is on your side. There are probably some enemies in existence causing you problems behind your back or spreading nasty rumors. Your inability to wash the mud off suggests their efforts would be effective, and you could suffer at their hands. Being refused to sail in the boat at the end of the vision may predict that you cannot yet be free of the troubles that plagued your past. You would have to go back and face the problems head on before any real progress can be made.