Dreams Related To Tattoo

A tattoo in general

In some cases, a tattoo by itself may portend being involved in a trial or put in jail, whether or not you are actually at fault. On the other hand, persistent dreams centered around the idea of tattoos may simply point toward an interest in the idea of prisons and life on the inside in an academic or cultural sense, for example, like how they are potrayed in media and how inmates negotiate power. This symbol is also sometimes thought to reflect being open-minded and extremely tolerant of diverse ideas and expressions.

A stranger with tattoos

Dreaming about a stranger with tattoos, whether you meet this person in passing or have a lengthy conversation with them, may predict a budding romance between you and someone in your group of friends. While this person could have expressed their emotions fairly clearly, it is possible you have yet to give them a straightforward response to confirm or deny your interest. It is likely that your noncommital words and actions are due to traditional values or current responsibilites which you feel may cause more trouble later. However, these ideas may need to be re-examined if you would like to pursue a relationship with this individual.

Looking at a tattoo in the mirror

Having wings tattoo in shoulder blades when looking at it in the mirror.

Dreaming about observing or inspecting your tattoo, existing or imagined, in the mirror could reflect your desire to help others and which may lead you to distant lands or places you have never considered before.

Getting a tattoo

Getting a tattoo during the course of a dream vision, whether it is a short trip for a simple design or an intricate piece that seems to take hours, may reflect your tendency to not think before you act. Your friends, family and loved ones could become frustrated with your behavior and stop associating with you. If this happens, you would likely feel much regret and loneliness.

Deciding to get a tattoo

Female. Indecision about getting a navy tattoo.

Tattoos are normally interpreted as a symbol of permanence or the manifestation of the weight of responsibility. In a sense, they are regarded as permanent changes to the body in reality, so such as sign has great significance in the realm of dream visions. A navy tattoo in particular could refer to a change of careers, but it seems more likely to be a metaphor for a different type of lifestyle. Perhaps you are considering making a change to your way of life, such as entering a new or different phase of a relationship or moving to a new place. This vision, then, is a reminder from your subconscious to carefully consider all your options before moving forward.

Tattoos on your body

Envisioning your body covered in tattoos when you do not have any in wake life suggests you would need to leave your hometown or where you are currently living in order to achieve your dreams. For example, you may need to live in a dorm in order to attend university or you may need to stay abroad for an extended period of time due to business requirements. On the other hand, seeing a new tattoo on your body alongside other tattoos you already have in wake life may predict not thinking about the results of your actions before setting things in motion. You may do something unwise or offensive because of your lack of foresight.

Tattoos as artwork

Envisioning tattoos as art or admiring a tattoo as though it was artwork could represent how boring you find a particular friendship or how tedious it is interacting with certain individual you see on a daily basis. Through this unusual perception of beauty and skill, your mind may be telling you that it is time to find a way to improve your interactions, either by incorporating flirtation or trying to broaden the topics discussed. An alternative meaning for the symbol could predict meeting a famous celebrity or other well-known figure in society. This interaction could leave a big impression on you and change the way you think about this individual.

Someone getting a tattoo

Imagining a friend or a stranger in the process of getting a tattoo inked may represent some misgivings you have about the way you conduct yourself. You may be disappointed in your own behavior, particularly by your lack of care or attention to detail. Despite this, you recognize, at least subconsciously, that you possess some latent skills or traits. If utilized, these abilities may improve your self-image and self-confidence.

Someone completely covered by tattoos

Meeting or crossing paths with an individual who is covered from head to toe in tattoos is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It alludes to getting into some sort of serious trouble. In many cases, it would be your fault for getting involved with the wrong crowd, but occasionally this could have been brought about by some freak accident. This series of events may cause your life to spiral out of control and lead to other terrible problems.

Tattoos on someone's body

Looking at or admiring the tattoos which adorn another person's body may actually allude to the fact that others in wake life are being jealous or unnaturally obsessed with you. In a sense, your fascination with the designs reflect what you are experiencing in wake life, even if you are not consciously aware of it. These acquaintances or friends may be justified in their feelings of envy, although it would be unwise to provoke or taunt them. Alternatively, this same symbol can be associated with poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence in both your looks and character, suggesting you desire others to admire you with the same ardor as you show in the vision.

Body completely covered by tattoos

Becoming covered from head to toe with various ink designs and tattoos, when you do not have any in wake life, may be the manifestation of your workaholic tendencies. More specifically, this symbol reflects your consistent lack of attention to relationships, your health and other areas of your life in favor of your career. While this may help you get ahead in that field, your lack of care and attention would lead to a growing imbalance and, eventually, a complete collapse of your lifestyle. This vision may be a warning from your subconscious, then, to re-examine what you truly need in your life.

A tattoo with fading letters

In my dream I had a tattoo on my stomach. It was of words that faded as they went down my stomach and the words were blue. At first in my dream I liked the tattoo but as time went on and I realized the words did not make sense (after I showed it to my mom). I started freaking out about it and my husband told me we could get it removed. I told him that was too expensive and then I woke up hyperventilating. Weeks before I had a similar dream only I had a dream about a vine tattoo and I freaked out about that as well. I don't actually have any tattoos and I'm deeply disturbed by this dream.

Dreaming about noticing a tattoo on your body could be an indication that you could possess some natural gift or endowments which you might not be aware of. This dream is suggesting to take a closer look at your hidden abilities or talents and uncover your potential. This is especially true because you have mentioned that this is a recurring dream. The notion of your husband suggesting to remove the tattoo means he might be knowingly or inadvertently suppressing or inhibiting you when you try to express or develop these talents or predispositions.

Showing tattoos to a girl

Me and this girl, we enjoyed each other company. Then we got in the car, my mom's car. I let her drive, she knew the way to our destination. I brought a GPS just in case, we get there and were standing outside just laughing, time passes and we are in another area by now. We just standing outside talking. She ask me if I have any tattoos and I said yes. I showed her mines, I asked her to show me hers. She shows me and then she starts to raise up her shirt, I guess she had a body tattoo, I don't know. But for some reason I look at her face and it's blurred out.

Dreaming about going to a place or destination and knowing where you are going is an indication of starting to do new and exciting things you have always dreamed about doing. These future activities would be related to minor improvements in your life or some major transformations. The notion of exchanging the views of tattoos with the girl you were traveling together is suggestive of your own talents, abilities or recently learned skills which could help you make it happen. You are already making steps in the direction of these changes, but perhaps not entirely sure which one of these aspects of your personality to rely on. The dream, therefore, suggests analyzing what you are best at and applying this particular skill or aptitude in order to succeed.

A freshly-inked tattoo on the side

Hi, could u please tell me... I had a dream and woke up, my mother said "Oh, look... your tattoo" and pointed to a tattoo of black birds from my shoulder down my side. And they still had the plastic on them, so they were freshly-inked but stained. Please explain I'd greatly appreciate it!!

From your description of the dream, it seems that you are very familiar with the process of creating tattooed images. This dream vision could therefore be just a reflection of your recent experience which involved tattoos, such as visiting a tattoo parlor or a shop, or having a conversation with someone about getting inked for the first time or adding more tattoos. In dream interpretation, seeing yourself being tattooed means that your romantic relationship with your lover is gradually becoming mundane, uninteresting and lacking excitement for both. This situation would require either spicing up the aspects of your intimate relationship or look for more serious measures to get to the bottom of this issue.

A tattoo on ex-girlfriend's back

Ex girlfriend had a tattoo on her back (shoulders).

Being focused on the tattooed image on your ex-girlfriend's back in a dream means that she has left something behind, either a physical object such as an item belonging to her or to you both when you were still together, or a memory or emotion inside you which makes you incapable of forgetting her presence. It could also mean there is an outstanding issue between you and your ex which has not been resolved to this day.

Discovering a tattoo with symbols

While asleep, my right arm started burning with pain, I screamed out to my mother, and after a while, my mother woke me up, and a scratched tattoo on my arm appeared. The tattoo was a combination of lines with information scratched within every line. It said that the woman that had scratched me was named IRENE, in another line my personal information, in another line a phoenix symbol and in another line a Chinese letter.

Dreams about aching arms are an ill omen, which could represent dark forces circling your life. Arms that throb with pain in a dream could also indicate a more serious physical danger, like a car accident or work-related injury, occurring shortly. This prediction parallels the vision of a tattoo appearing on the arm, and, if you do not have any tattoos, in reality, could be pointing to an emerging need to leave your home for a long period or relocate. This move could be the consequence of negative circumstances befalling you, and the multitude and variety of symbols depicted on your arm are a stern warning to be watchful of threats or dangerous situations hinted by these symbols.

A strange tattoo and being haunted

Had a dream that I got an odd-looking tattoo on my body, could not tell what the object was. Had the dream for what seemed like all night, in the dream it was shown as haunting me. I didn't like it there or what it was. I'm a female.

Tattoos often contain coded messages in their designs, so interpreting them can be tricky in a dream vision, especially if the pattern is unclear or unfamiliar to the dreamer. The length of the dream, however, is quite telling, as a long fixation on the image of the tattoo can predict a need to change your surroundings drastically, often to pursue a dream or find inner peace on a soul journey. If there has been such an activity that you have been putting off for a while, now may be the time to make it happen.

A tattoo of a lit candle

This is actually my boyfriend's dream he's had it over the past fortnight. Basically, all that happens is he looks down at his arm and there is a tattoo of a candle on his forearm (with the base of the candle closer to the hand). The candle is wrapped with some sort or wire and is lit, he wakes up shortly after that and remembers thinking the beforehand "The positivity is off". What does this mean? Please help.

Dreaming about having a tattoo is symbolic of a person possessing some special abilities or powers. Perhaps your boyfriend may not be aware of hidden abilities or talents which he possesses. Since this is a recurring dream and was shared with your personally, you should help your partner discover his true potential. The tattoo of a lit candle on your boyfriend's arm could predict that he may come across someone with whom he may finally have a long-due reconciliation. The notion of the positivity being off could also serve as his subconscious mind's way of reinforcing this connection with an estranged individual to take place, so he feels better after it happens.

Getting a tattoo while asleep

I fell asleep nude. When I woke up I discovered someone had given me a tattoo while I was asleep. The tattoo was a black and white series of flowers that started on one butt cheek and ended at my genitals, almost as if they wanted to continue inside my body. I remember being surprised by the fact that I slept through it but really admired the work. Then I became afraid of how my boyfriend would react.

Tattoos in dreams, especially if you do not have one in reality, typically mean you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams. This could mean leaving your hometown or exploring other opportunities. If you already have tattoos, then this fresh tattoo portends reckless actions and unwise decisions. Meanwhile, the black and white flower design alludes to discontent and possible depression. You may be losing interest in your current preoccupations, hence your mind is looking for fresh places and possibilities to pursue in order to reignite your passion. The discontent could also be related to personal relations which is why you were afraid of your boyfriend's possible reaction in the dream.

Rings and a blue tattoo

A man I know from the past had a silver and onyx ring that was mine and I lost also. He had a blue frog tattoo on his hand and made a point of telling me he had it done.

A silver ring reveals depression and inner turmoil which you are trying to hide from your loved ones. On the other hand, onyx represents peace and harmony, so the combination of silver and onyx suggests ambiguity and struggle between sadness and tranquility. Your emotional instability is keeping you from realizing your full potential. In fact, the blue frog represents a dream or a goal of yours that is out of reach. To gain fulfillment and happiness, you need to gain emotional and mental stability. You have to seek professional help and guidance to minimize internal turbulence so you can focus on your personal goals.

A butterfly and giraffe tattoo

I dreamed there was a big yellow butterfly tattoo under my armpit. As I was looking at it, a small head of a giraffe was in the middle of the butterfly. I kept trying to lift my arm and show my husband the butterfly.

The butterfly tattoo is an ominous sign of a developing health issue. Scrutinizing a part of your body to get a good look at the tattoo means you need to undergo a thorough physical examination or health evaluation to check for cancer or other serious conditions. Similarly, the giraffe head signifies danger. Though you may feel fine, your body may be in bad shape because of your tendency to indulge in unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle. It is best to check in with your physician on a regular basis so you will know the state of your health and be proactive when it comes to your well-being.

Being tattooed against own will

Having a toenail tattooed on the shoulder, not recognizing anyone doing it or where I am, they have no faces, girlfriend is there but in the distance, wanting to get up, saying I'm gonna kill them as I don't want any tattoos but cant speak up.

Being tattooed in the dream realm often reveals a need to move your physical location in order to accomplish something important to you, such as moving up in your career or attending lessons to advance your education. The toenail, however, suggests that in the process of such moving you would be upsetting the balance in your relationships. For instance, you may have a good support network now, but moving would separate you from those who can help guide and positively influence you. You would need to carefully consider if this sacrifice is worth pursuing your dreams.

Getting a tattoo and regretting it

Getting a tattoo at some point during a dream vision and having feelings of regret afterwards signifies a change in a relationship causing some sort of unwelcome transformation in your life. Much like getting a tattoo, this would likely be a situation that is not easily undone, meaning things may be completely different for some time. However, the regret you feeling either in the vision or upon waking may suggest that you think there is a way to eventually return to normal or at least find a new normal. Doing so is in your best interest and would help you feel more fortunate for having the experience in the end.

Tattoo on face

In general, getting a tattoo on the face or anywhere on the exposed body part during a dream represents a desire to make a bold or permanent statement about yourself. It speaks of a desire to hide or draw attention away from perceived physical flaws or imperfections. Furthermore, the dream highlights the idea of wanting to express oneself artistically or to have a unique appearance. It also reflects the feeling that you don't fit in society and want to stand out or express yourself authentically, and not be afraid to make bold choices in how you present yourself to the world. In essence, the dream is an indication of wanting to hide something or change something about ourselves that we feel uncomfortable with or really want to improve.