Dreams Related To Tarot

Buying tarot cards

I am a female. I dreamed about buying angels tarot cards in the morning. Why so? Does it signify something for me?

Remembering details from a dream about tarot cards usually portends soon having an unpleasant meeting or dealing with individuals who would irritate, disappoint or create a nuisance for you. The vision of buying these cards in the dream is probably telling you to carefully consider your options or avoid direct contact with people whom you soon may be crossing your path with.

Tarot cards that don't exist

Envisioning tarot cards that do not actually exist in a regular deck is a highly mystical symbol which is both a sign of things to come and proof that your subconscious mind and spirit have a strong connection with supernatural. The reading of the cards you saw may have a good or bad meaning, depending on what you saw. While you may have to speculate somewhat based on the image, you likely know in your heart of hearts what is going to occur.

Shuffling tarot cards

In general, tarot cards can symbolize a range of themes, including spirituality, personal growth, and the search for love and purpose in life. Shuffling tarot cards in a dream may therefore appear to represent the dreamer's interest in exploring these themes. Everything in the forum of life is like a set of tarot cards continuously being played and shuffled and thus showing the uncertainty of highs and lows. Keep your interests and motivations close to your heart and never let anything subside them, no matter what you go through.

Someone reading tarot cards

Tarot cards are associated with a search for deeper understanding of things. In this sense, seeing someone reading tarot cards to you in a dream may symbolize your desire for guidance or insight into a particular situation or problem in your life. The tarot reader may represent a higher power that is trying to communicate with your mind. In essence, you ought to watch and observe everything closely and look for signs. When you do learn things, be open about spreading this knowledge to others.