Dreams Related To Syringe

Being stabbed with a syringe

Being stabbed with a needle or a syringe, especially if you were being chased first, is a sign that you would need a big push from someone else to overcome something in your life. Currently you are facing a block that is preventing you from getting to the next level in some portion of your life, such as your career, interpersonal relations or inner self. Being injected by someone else is a metaphor for getting a dose of encouragement or some important information that allows you to level yourself up. Sometimes it may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it would be worth it in the end.

Being injected with a syringe

The feeling of being injected with a needle or a syringe in a dream, whether you were in a hospital or somewhere less savory, refers to a similar stinging sensation in wake life when you realize something or someone has influenced you to act in a way contrary to your true self. For example, you may have gone through a rebellious period and said or did things that you regret now because you were trying to go with the crowd rather than develop and stick to your own standards. This situation cannot be remedied with anything other than time and reflection.