Dreams Related To Swing

A swing collapsing and things inside shoes

A swing set collapse in the yard. A large bug in a shoe and 3 frogs in the other, 1 large poisonous and 2 small ones.

The swing set in your vision points to a carefree attitude and uncomplicated lifestyle, possibly one that you used to have, judging by its collapsed state in the yard. Even though things have become more difficult for you, the shoes suggest not much has changed. This means that either this lack of change has caused you to stagnate and therefore become frustrated or that your position has been slowly deteriorating for some time. The large bug that was in one shoe is opposed to the frogs in the other. While the bug represents fear and negative emotions, the frogs could indicate the potential to grow from these setbacks. If you have the opportunity to make a big change in your life, particularly one that involves moving house or starting a new job, now may be the best time to make use of the opportunity that has presented itself. If you do not, you could continue to struggle for some time.