Dreams Related To Sweets

Unable to buy sweets

In my dream I saw a sweets shop. There I wanted to purchase some sweets but I find one two thousand banknote which has lost its color due to dirt and cannot be accepted in the market. The second hundred rupees banknote is torn in two pieces. Only one 10 banknote I gave to the shopkeeper but he returned that saying that the sweets are all sold out. Interpret please?

Shops which sell sweets and candy in general, are symbols associated with joy and happiness. In this vision, however, you were unable to buy the sweets because the shop would not accept the money you had found. This means that you are probably searching for happiness and trying hard to improve your life but are unable to do so due to obstacles beyond your control. For example, you may desire a better job, but potential employers like another employee better, or perhaps you want to continue your education but the closest school is too far away. Until you find another road to what you want, you would feel stuck and disappointed.