Dreams Related To Surgery

Having brain surgery

Having brain surgery in a dream refers to eliminating a longstanding road block in your life. You would be fortunate enough to finally have the tools or skills to overcome a particular issue and change your life for the better. This would be highly motivating for you, encouraging you to think about other situations or challenges that you can take on.

Heart surgery

Heart surgery, as a general dream symbol, reflects the dreamer's own meticulous, cerebral nature. Modern dream interpreters like Jackson often associate this symbol with individuals who are curious about things other people ordinarily overlook, like why someone would sabotage themselves or why some people see things one way but another group sees it another way. The dreamer's curiosity may be completely innocuous, but it could also lead to some trouble if they are not careful where their mind or investigations lead them.

Having surgery

Having a surgery in the dream realm is often interpreted by modern dream scholars, like Miller, to reflect a current turning point about to take place in your life. You have probably made steps to change some aspect of your life, such as trying for a child, applying for a new job or attempting to purchase property. This image by itself does not have positive or negative implications about the outcome of your choices. It only suggests that your life would be completely changed after the fact.

Going into unwanted surgery

My dream was about me going into a surgery that I thought I didn't need. My mom was there standing next to me in the operating room which consisted of bunk beds against the wall. The doctor put her hand over my mouth while I was still standing and I felt the most intense swoosh backwards into my head and I think it was to interpret amnesia. I ended up falling into a heavy sleep in my dream and then I woke up. I never had amnesia in real life.

According to modern dream analysis scholars, going into surgery predicts an upcoming event that would be life-changing in some way or form. As you felt you did not need this surgery, it is possible you do not think this change in circumstances is necessary either. For instance, you may be hesitant to try something new or change where you live because things are working well enough the way they are now. Realizing that you fell into a heavy sleep and associating it with amnesia is often interpreted as a sign of missing out, however. This means that, should you choose not to take the path available, you would likely miss out on something amazing.

Surgery on stomach

Having an operation in or around you abdomen, specifically points to what you feel are your weaknesses in reality. Some people think they are too caring, others believe they are overly concerned with the opinions of others. Whatever you perceive as your fault, this surgery in the vision reveals your desire to work on this area of your life. If the surgery fixes your stomach, your would be successful at making these improvements in reality.

Recovering after surgery

I'd had some kind of brain surgery because I could feel the single-loop stitches around my head in various places where they drilled. Or maybe it was back surgery because they sat me up so carefully. I do remember saying that it wasn't so bad coming out of the anesthesia this time because I usually shake so violently, but not this time.

Visions of surgery predict much the same in real life, namely that you may soon require medical attention in one form or another. Since it seemed to you like this procedure was a success, you may find that the procedure you undergo drastically increases your overall health and well-being. However, just because it is predicted to go well does not mean you should throw caution to the wind. It would be wise to carefully consider all your options and take special note of the pros and cons of each.

Being awake during surgery

Finding yourself awake during a surgery, such as having the anesthesia wear off during the middle of an operation is often cited as a sign that something is happening in your life that is dampening your internal light. As such, being alert and cognizant of what is happening around you should allow you to pinpoint what is hanging over you like a cloud and how to resolve it.