Dreams Related To Superman

Being Superman and got lost

Dreaming that you are Superman means you have high aspirations and lofty ambitions in life. This could also reveal your tendency to set unrealistic goals and targets because of your ambitious nature. As such, getting lost in space or wherever you find yourself flying as Superman points to possible failure. Or perhaps this could also be a reflection of your confusion. Since you want to achieve a lot of things, your lack of focus could stunt your career.

Seeing a superman

Seeing a superman in your dream sheds light on your own success and luck. In a sense, it is the manifestation of your own positive energy or emotions, particularly the happiness and excitement you would feel after you accomplish your goals.

Yourself as a superman

Envisioning yourself as superman or supergirl is often thought to be a positive image to see in the dream world. It is considered a reflection of your secure sense of self and high self-esteem. It means you have confidence in general or know you are talented in a particular area. Alternatively, this type of vision is also seen before solving a problem that has been bugging you recently.

Being saved by a superman for women

For women, being a damsel in distress who is saved by a superman suggests she would soon find herself in a complicated knot of a problem, unable to find one end or the other to work herself out. She would need the help of someone older, wiser, stronger or more clever than herself to make things clear once again. If she is dating or married, the trouble may be in relation to her significant other.

Having superpowers as a superman

Specifically having superhuman strength or speed as a superman is often thought to reflect a desire for control over certain aspects of your life. For example, super speed may reveal a desire for more time to get things done during the day, while x-ray vision could mean you want to know what others think and feel so you can choose your words and behavior more carefully.

Others praising a superman

Seeing others praise a superman is often thought to reflect your own jealousy or disappointment when others do not notice and praise you for your hard work and achievements. Perhaps you should consider looking inward and trying to be more humble. You should rely on the internal satisfaction of doing the right thing, not the external admiration or approval that comes with it.

Having super powers after giving birth

I am female. My dream said that a very close friend had a beautiful baby but it had somehow changed her. She had developed super powers after childbirth, but she was greatly ashamed of it so she kept it hidden from everyone. She shared it with me and me promise never to tell anyone.

Dreaming that someone you know has given birth to a child may actually reflect your efforts to be a good friend to this individual in waking life. You may put extra energy into treating them well or surprise them with little thoughtful gifts when the urge arises. Furthermore, the special abilities your friend developed afterwards may predict your time and energy would be rewarded in the form of a long-term friendship or a strong mutual bond. This friendship would bring you great comfort and happiness for many years to come.

Having ability to shoot fire out of hands

Female and in my dream I have super powers that I can shoot fire out of my hands, but it doesn't work when I want it to. And there is this girl that I've never met before, but she seems to know me, is helping refuel my fire or something, I felt like I shouldn't trust her but she didn't seem like a bad person and there was a zombie outbreak, so we had to leave soon with other people and I tried helping with my ability to shoot fire out of hands at it, but I didn't know how to use it.

Depending on the dream scenario, fire can mean passion, destruction or anger. In your case, having the ability to shoot fire out of your hands may be an allusion to your capacity to control your emotions, especially those which have negative effects on you. However, your inability to use your powers during the zombie outbreak reveals your struggle to manage your temper. A zombie outbreak can be a metaphor for stressful situations, so perhaps during these times you tend to be overcome by emotions thereby making errors in judgment. Hence, the girl represents a mentor or a trusted individual who would be able to help you manage your temperament in order to make more rational choices.

Being a superman from a movie you like

Seeing yourself as a superman from a particular movie you enjoy may be interpreted as a sign that you are currently dissatisfied or uncomfortable with your present life or lifestyle. Maybe you need to shake things up by meeting some new people or changing jobs so that you can breathe some fresh air into your daily routine.

Killing people using superpowers

Am female, I had a dream where I am mass-murdering people I know using super natural powers, please help interpret this. Thanks.

Having supernatural abilities in the dream world often suggests being rewarded for your efforts in waking life. You may have worked hard at a particular skill or in a certain area of your life and are finally seeing the fruits of your labor. Killing innocent people with these powers, however, suggests you may let your ego get too inflated after all this recognition. In a sense, your good work ethic could be replaced by pride and vanity, leading you to hurt or criticize others unfairly.