Dreams Related To Sunrise

Dreams about sunrise or sunset meaning of this

Running from danger and reaching sunrise

I was driving with my boyfriend, running away from gunmen but also trying to reach where the sunrise was, we could see it in a distance kind of. We drove and reached the sea and the car turned into a boat and we went to where the sunbeam was hitting straight deep into the sea, it was very fiery and its beam was like lava, the sea was calm and clear whose round ripples reflected near the sunbeam. The sun was very bright but not burning us because we were powerful, the gunmen were no more.

Trying to escape from gunmen means you are being hounded by responsibilities and duties you never wanted in the first place. Since you were driving with boyfriend in this dream, you probably just want a simple and uncomplicated existence with him and the gunmen are all the other voices trying to break up your relationship. Some family members likely think your boyfriend is not a good influence on you, when in fact he makes you feel safe and calm as represented by the calm sea. The sunrise symbolizes the life you want as a couple, and you are willing to turn your back on the things that are preventing you from settling down with him or building your own family together.