Dreams Related To Sun

A very bright sun

A very bright sun, to the point of being blinding like during a hot summer's day at high noon, suggests great achievement in reality. Whatever high goal you may be targeting at the moment, this dream symbol seems to suggest that you have a very optimistic chance of achieving it. The brightness of the sun is directly proportional to the degree of happiness and fulfillment you would gain from your triumph. You may need to tread lightly though and not let this victory go to your head or things could backfire.

Meaning of dreams about sunset or sunrise explain

Watching sunrise

Watching sunrise in a dream vision is a symbol of prosperity and success. For instance, you may be viewing the sunrise from a rooftop, the mountaintop or at the beach. All these lovely locations for seeing the sun rise on the horizon suggest wealth and well-being awaiting you in the near future. Another interpretation of this dream symbol refers to the calm and collected nature of the dreamer. Your ability to keep a cool head despite tense and possible stressful situations would allow you to achieve many triumphs.

In addition, a sunrise can also indicate spiritual awakening which in turn would result in the realization of your dreams and long-held aspirations. As such, the rising sun symbolizes a enlightenment of sorts which may have been elusive before and prevented you from moving forward with your plans and goals. If you are young, then this could be an indication of maturity. You would soon be able to have the insight and fortitude to handle grown-up problems and responsibilities.

Sun in general

The presence of the sun in a dream vision, as seen in the sky or an illustration thereof, generally represents eternal love, glory and great deeds. So whenever the sun makes an appearance, it means bigger and better things are ahead for the dreamer. Perhaps you would become a respected philanthropist shining a light for struggling individuals, or you could find a loving and loyal partner by your side through life's ups and downs. In fact, the positive energy emanated by the sun can neutralize, if not obliterate, other negative symbols that may be present in the same vision.

The sun can also signify a heightened sense of mortality, possibly due to an increased awareness or anxiety about your own state of health. Perhaps a health scare would make you not only become healthier, but this would also make you re-evaluate your own purpose in life. In addition, this dream symbol could be a subconscious revelation of your desire to quickly and successfully complete your current project or task.

Black sun

A black sun as a dream symbol, possibly indicating a dead sun or a sun that has been blocked out by a celestial object hence appearing black in the sky, usually portends death. Perhaps a person close to you would suddenly pass away or a relative with a long-time health issues would finally succumb to the disease. Alternatively, a black sun can be associated with madness, mental instability or depression. You could develop these psychological problems because of a tragic incident, like the death of a loved one.

Looking at the sun through sunglasses

Looking at the sun through your sunglasses, perhaps while you are on your back or while out in the streets and looking up at the sky, suggests a possible involvement in unruly or unethical behavior. You may be held responsible for other people's questionable actions, possibly because they are related to you or you are friends with them. Perhaps you would also be blamed for the consequences of their actions even though you have absolutely nothing to do with it. They likely see you as a scapegoat.

Watching sunset

Watching sunset in your dreams, perhaps wistfully as you are outdoors or in your own home looking out a window, is an implication of ageing and all the consequences that come with it. Maybe you are more aware of the passage of time and how each day highlights all the things you have not yet accomplished. This is also an indication of the increasing difficulty you may be experiencing in reaching your goals. An older mind and body may not be as equipped to handle stress, repetition and learning as when you were younger. Alternatively, this could also be a sign of your desire to do something completely new and unexpected.

Sun and moon falling from the sky

Envisioning the sun and moon falling from the sky is considered a negative symbol in the realm of dreams, as it often predicts hardship and sadness. You may soon find yourself entering a period of loss and mourning, possibly due to the loss of a loved one. In many cases, the sun and moon themselves are attributed to masculine and feminine traits, so it is possible that your parents would soon pass on from this life into the next. Not only would this cause heartbreak and sorrow, but you would also be overwhelmed by various related tasks, like arranging the funeral or executing their will.

Sun for the sick

For sick dreamers, dreaming of the sun suggests great improvements in your health and well-being. For instance, you may dream of tilting your head towards the sun and absorbing its warmth or enjoying a sunny day at the park. If it is just a cough or the flu, then you would quickly bounce back and regain full health in no time. In the best case scenario, you could completely recover from an ailment that has been plaguing you for years. You would then enjoy a period of peak health and fitness.

Sun coming out during nighttime

It was nighttime and the moon was bright as ever, my siblings and I went out when suddenly the sun came up, upon seeing this my siblings and I run back inside only to meet my mum, who we told about what just happened outside, but when she came out the sun was hidden by this dark cloud, but eventually, the sun came out of the cloud, and the stars started falling.

The most significant part of this dream was that you saw the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, or very quickly one after the other. This could predict that you are about to meet a romantic partner very soon. The sun and moon represent two halves of one whole in this case. The first part of your dream, just looking at the moon, also symbolizes that you could soon receive an invitation to go on a date with someone you would find very likable and interesting as a person.

Admiring a sunset

Admiring the sunset in your dreams, with or without the company of friends or loved ones, suggests a positive turn in your life as favorable events would steer you in the right direction. Auspicious changes may be overdue if things have been stalling lately for you. Moreover, this also symbolizes good health and a long life, so you can fully enjoy and reap the benefits of the welcome changes that would happen to you soon enough. Fortunately, this luck would likely bless all aspects of your life.

Sun during eclipse

To see the sun during a solar eclipse, perhaps during a partial solar eclipse or before a full eclipse occurs, means there is hardship and suffering ahead of you. The darkness that falls on earth during an eclipse symbolizes the darkness that would fall upon you, the sadness and the grief you would feel, because of a tragic incident or a possible failure. Fortunately, since an eclipse does not last long and only happens momentarily, this means that the darkness would be over soon enough.

Sunny weather

Dreaming of sunny weather in the dream realm, whether it is a hot summer day or a bright winter morning, can predict soon coming upon small moments of pure joy. Whatever the event or occasion, your memories of this time would bring you immense pleasure, especially when you are feeling a bit down. You can always return to these happy recollections when you need them.

Sun entering your chest

Envisioning the sun entering your chest in the dream world is considered an auspicious symbol. For those who are considering trying for a child or are actively attempting to conceive, this symbol predicts soon becoming pregnant. In particular, this symbol is tied to the future birth of a son or a child with traditionally masculine characteristics. For example, the child may have good leadership skills or excel at sports.

Sunshine after the rain

To experience sunshine after the rain, perhaps with a rainbow appearing on the horizon or feeling the warmth of sunshine on your face, is a good omen for your workplace relationships. Things may start to settle down at work, in terms of stress and workload, so you and your colleagues can start to relax and possibly bond during your free time. This could also be an indication of potential improvement in your relationship with your boss or superior, in part because your performance has been solid and commendable.

Sun shining through the clouds

The image of the sun shining through the clouds, perhaps seeing sun rays bursting through or burning the clouds away, suggests the possibility that an old rival would reach out to you. Maybe this person is looking to settle a score with you to assert dominance or claim victory. Although it is also possible that this enemy is finally willing to patch things up and resolve any lingering issues that may have long ago damaged your relationship to the point of becoming sworn enemies.

What does it mean to dream of sun rain or weather

Sun peeking through clouds

To see the sun peeking through the clouds, after the rain or during a cloudy day, means you would soon have luck on your side as most, if not all, of your problems would melt away. This also presents an opportunity to make great strides in your current projects and undertakings. However, this also implies brevity which means you would have to act fast and act now in order to make the most of this rare opportunity when fate is on your side. Perhaps you need to ask for someone's help to speed things up.

Other details of the sun can also provide additional dream interpretations. In particular, the color refers to the length of time you would enjoy this auspicious moment. A yellow or orange sun suggests a long, productive and fulfilling period, while a dark red sun means your good luck would be fleeting which means you need to act quickly for maximum happiness and good fortune.

Sun rays around your head

Envisioning sun rays around your head in a dream vision, like some kind of saint or god, is thought to predict future fame and fortune. Your talents would be celebrated by those in your field, and you would gain the admiration of friends and peers alike. For criminals or those who have served time for committing a crime, this symbol takes on a special meaning. It suggests you would be forgiven by the ones who were hurt by your actions or that you would redeem yourself in the eyes of those who accuse you if you confess to your crimes and take responsibility for your actions.

Sun and moon about to appear

Seeing the sun and moon appear in the sky together, whether you specifically see them together or simply sense that this is the case, can refer to upcoming positive developments in your professional life. You may soon receive a promotion at your current place of employment or receive a lucrative job offer in a related career or field. This would likely result in finding work you are passionate about as well as an increase in salary.

Holding the sun and moon

Holding the sun and moon in the palm of your hands is often thought to symbolically represent soon becoming famous, reknowned, or otherwise well known. You would soon gain a special position or status within your field, one that you have coveted for many years. Now that you have accomplished this, others would look to you for inspiration and advice, making you feel happy and very satisfied with life.

Sun for pregnant

Pregnant women who dream of the sun, for instance while in a yacht on a cruise or by a lake during summer, could mean giving birth to a baby girl. The warm, golden sun symbolizes a ray of sunshine that this baby girl would bring into your existence. It is also an indication of your optimism about the future ahead as a mother, wife and woman in general. It also points to happiness and your nurturing presence to the child as you raise her. Despite the difficulties of raising a baby girl, the happiness and gratitude would still shine through.

Sun shining on your bed

To dream that the sun is shining on your bed, greeting you good morning or forcing you awake with its blinding light, points to the possibility of an illness. A sedentary lifestyle or laziness may weaken your immune system, making it easy to catch a disease or fall sick. On the other hand, the bed can sometimes represent private or intimate details of your life, so the sun shining on the bed can mean discovery. Maybe this would be an enlightening period for you or perhaps you would decide to share some of your secrets with someone you trust.

Sun and moon morphing together

For those who are married or in a long-term committed relationship, the symbol of the sun and moon becoming one can predict adding to your family. You would probably become pregnant or have some success with adoption, leading to the presence of a new family member. Specifically, this symbol is associated with a male child or a child that has tendencies usually associated with boys, like strength and vigor.

Tanning under the sun

Sunbathing or tanning under the sun, while on the beach or on your patio with the sun shining brightly on a cloudless sky, suggests you are looking back on your life experiences and using the lessons you have learned to improve the quality of your life. Rather than dwelling in the past and clinging on to regrets, you prefer to focus on the wisdom you can glean from each mistake or unfortunate circumstance so you would not have to repeat the same mistakes or get stuck in a harmful pattern.

Rays of sun

Seeing the rays of the sun, spilling into a room through the windows or shining through the leaves and branches of a tree, indicates marked improvements in your mood. After a period of unrest and emotional turbulence, your mood would likely stabilize and even reach a level of contentment. Alternatively, this could also suggest empathy and emotional sensitivity when it comes to the closest people in your life. This may be a good thing as this would allow you to forge stronger bonds with your loved ones.

Sun with dark spots

A sun with dark spots in your dream, like a painting of a sun or observing the sun up close which makes sun spots and dark spots visible, means you may be feeling inadequate. Perhaps you need to make an important decision and you are doubting your ability to make a sound choice. Self-doubt and insecurity may also be holding you back from grabbing opportunities or pursuing passions you have for a long time. Maybe you are also prone to overthinking and this is stunting your personal growth.

Midday sun

The presence of the midday sun in dreams, shining brightly and hotly on your surroundings, is an indication of your wisdom and ability to make sound judgments even under pressure. You may have a deep well of experiences and life lessons to draw from and help you make wise and informed decisions. Your maturity would attract like-minded individuals who would give you added advantage in your field. Ultimately, this laudable skill of yours would bring you a lot of success and satisfaction.

Getting a sunburn

Those who acquire a sunburn in the dream world should be cautious in reality, as this symbol is often thought to be a harbinger of misfortune. This symbol predicts soon being betrayed by someone close to you, an individual you deeply trusted and respected. This man or woman would do something that would cause you great harm and heartbreak, leading to suffering not only because of their actions but because of their apparent lack of concern for you.

Walking under hot sun

Walking under the hot sun, wearing a hat or using an umbrella to protect your skin or maybe with bare feet if you are at the beach, likely reveals your fatigue in reality. This is especially true if you are thirsty and dehydrated in the dream vision. You may be straining yourself too much, mentally and physically, so your performance ends up suffering. You may not have enough strength to focus on your own health and well-being because one aspect of your life is draining you too much.

Sun going down the sky in the west

Seeing the sun going down the sky or horizon in the West, as in during sunset, denotes the end of your current problems. They may not immediately go away, but one by one you would start finding solutions and then you can move on to other projects and endeavors. After that, you would enjoy a more stable and peaceful day-to-day existence without worries or distractions that may affect your focus and motivation. Finally, you would get some mental breathing room to prioritize important people and tasks in your life.

Walking towards the sun

Envisioning yourself walking towards the sun, maybe in space or on earth and just moving ever closer to the sun's location, means you are possibly psyching yourself up into making a major decision. This is usually related to personal relationships. So perhaps you are contemplating on taking things to the next level with your romantic partner. Maybe you are ready to settle down and get married. You are likely only waiting for the perfect time to broach the topic with your significant other.

Able to stare at the sun

Being able to comfortably stare at the sun, without any sunglasses or visual implement to protect your eyes, means you are at the peak of your success or entering a period of optimum performance. This can be attributed to a boost in self-confidence after you successfully complete a project or getting recognized for your exemplary work. As such, you would be confident enough to sail through and triumph in other undertakings you set your mind to. Even your relationships would be more fulfilling.

Many suns in the sky

Seeing multiple suns in the sky, as if you are on another planet or in a fantasy world, means you may need to take some risks in life. Perhaps you have a cautious and calculated personality, and these traits may become a hindrance to your growth. In terms of personal growth, staying in your comfort zone could limit or even keep you from meeting romantic prospects. Professionally, you may be overlooked for leadership positions if you prefer following orders instead of calling the shots.

Sun and water

The combination of sun and water in dreams, such as the sun and sea together at the beach or even just a glass of water in your hand with the sun in full view, is a sure sign of happiness and satisfaction ahead. Water often represents emotions and the subconscious, so its appearance with the sun symbolizes optimism and a clear mind. In addition, you are fully in control of your destiny and focused on your goals. You may have a lot of plans and you have the confidence as well as the motivation to achieve them.

Sunlight ending the darkness

Envisioning a bright sunlight that completely dispels the surrounding darkness is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive. It means all the worries, concerns, hardships and difficulties you are currently facing would soon be wiped away. This clean slate would allow you to live your life the way it was meant to be, to the fullest. If you see this symbol in your dreams, it would be a good time to make other positive changes or take advantage of opportunities you have been avoiding up until this point.

Tanning under the sun in the mountains

Noticing that your skin is tanning while you are in the mountains, such as while skiing or participating in some other outdoor sport, may refer to an internal desire to look at some aspect or problem in your life with a new set of eyes. It is possible you have been beating yourself up over something you are as of yet powerless to change, however, your efforts up to this point have yielded no fruit because you tend to approach the issue the same way every time. A fresh perspective, either from someone else or after some new experiences, could be what you need to make things right.

Sun and moon disappearing

Watching as the sun and moon disappear in the dream realm, such as when they are hidden behind clouds or a tall mountain range, may shed light on a situation in your life where you are being deceived. There could be someone in your wake life who is messing with your head, feeding you lies or leading you toward conclusions that could not be further from the truth. If you do not see through their games quickly, you could wind up hurting someone else you care about or making a big mistake. It would be wise to carefully consider the facts of a situation and ask for the input of more than one person when trying to come to a decision.

Swallowing the sun

Swallowing the sun is a symbol connected with conception or pregnancy. It specifically suggests your future offspring would go on to do great things, perhaps becoming famous or well known for their efforts in a certain field or at a specific task. The respect they earn would also have some influence on you, boosting your self-esteem because you are the one who raised and shaped this fantastic individual.

Sun and Earth moving too fast

The Sun was moving too fast with its full radiance in front of me and Earth revolving completely too fast and changed its position too fast. Subsequently, because of all these, some changes were happening on the new Earth, and earthquakes were also there.

This vision is highly ominous and should be regarded as a warning about your future. Seeing the Sun moving quickly around the earth is a neutral sign often associated with new romantic encounters (whether this individual is your soul mate or just another infatuation is unclear) and the dates, late-night phone calls, texts, etc. that characterize a budding romance. Noticing the Earth is also out of whack in terms of orbit represents your work schedule and responsibilities also picking up, meaning you may find yourself busier and under a lot more pressure than before. However, you walk a fine line when trying to do everything at the same time. The earthquake signifies a complete failure in either one or both of these areas of your life, as it is difficult to devote yourself fully to more than one pillar, meaning that if you spread yourself too thin, something (or someone) may not get enough attention from you.

Sun on the horizon

Looking at the sun on the horizon, possibly moments after it has risen or just as it is setting at dusk, means that you have the ability to realize your ambitions and become successful because of your driven nature. This also suggests an innate resourcefulness and a strong personal integrity which would help you weather the most difficult problems and dilemmas you may encounter as part of your efforts at achieving your dreams. As such, the sun symbolizes your unwavering optimism and focus on your goals.

Clouds blocking and showing the sun

To observe the sun passing through clouds, covered then shining unblocked throughout the duration of your dream like a timelapse, suggests the arrival of a period of financial problems. You could face a lot of difficulties and challenges, perhaps a mounting debt or unpaid bills without a sure way of paying them. Fortunately, these would not drag on interminably. You may even get the best of both worlds, such as finding a profitable business, investment as well as professional growth on the horizon.

Crimson sun

A crimson sun, red like the sun at dusk or possibly made scarlet by terrible air pollution, is a warning about past transgressions. You may think you have buried and effectively evaded the consequences of previous wrongdoings, unfortunately this dream symbol means you are mistaken. It seems time would have a way of exposing your errors and making your confront and even pay for your past deeds. Being held accountable for your actions is likely life's way of tipping the balance and bringing justice to the people you have wronged.

Sun covered by clouds

A sun that has been obscured or covered by clouds, like thick and dark clouds before a thunderstorm, points to glitches and setbacks you may encounter in connection to your plans and projects. The more clouds appear in the sky, the tougher the challenges are going to be. So if it is a single cloud that is covering your view of the sun, then this fortunately means that the issues or problems would be temporary. Oftentimes the problem may come from your own household or family members.

Sun in space

Looking at the sun from space, maybe because you envision yourself as an astronaut or floating above the earth with the sun in sight, means you are focusing on your own energy. Your inner glow could burn brighter than usual or start to diminish in the face of difficulties. So maybe you are thinking of ways to reignite the fire within you. Alternatively, the sun can also represent the beginning of life or a new life force. This could refer to a baby or a personal transformation which would give you a fresh start.

Unable to look at the sun

Being unable to look directly at the sun, maybe because it is shining too brightly or your eyes are strained from a lack of sleep, points to a potential conflict that could arise in your social circle. The tension may have been brewing between you and a friend for some time now. Maybe it has something to do with clashing personalities or beliefs. Unfortunately, this person could provoke you and make you lose your temper which would result in a confrontation. Both you and this person would show your true colors to each other.

Sun and Moon together

Seeing the sun and moon together in one sky, perhaps during daytime while the sun is still not shining brightly and the moon is still faintly visible, is a bad omen. It means an armed conflict or perhaps even a war is going to ravage your homeland, maybe even the area where you live. This may be your subconscious trying to prepare you for the chaos that would happen. You would need to be both physically and mentally strong enough to survive such an ordeal as well as protect your loved ones.

Sun on the cloudless sky

To see the sun shining on a cloudless sky, perhaps as you are enjoying a summer day at the beach or at the park sunbathing, means your current chaotic or unstable existence would take a turn for the better. Your issues would be resolved and you would seamlessly transition into a more stable and worry-free life. For farmers, this dream symbol can be interpreted as an auspicious symbol of a bountiful harvest and harmonious relationships with your loved ones.

Sun with a smile

Dreaming of a smiling sun, like a cartoon version of the sun with eyes and lips to look like a face, implies happiness and blessings shining upon you in the real world. Both big and small victories would further brighten your present and pave the way to a better future not just for yourself, but also your family and loved ones. Perhaps your good fortune can also be attributed to you sunny personality or unwavering optimism. It is possible that even though there are failures and disappointments, you choose to focus on the positive.

Unable to get warm under the sun

Feeling cold or not getting warm even while the sun is shining, such as during summer with a hot sun in the sky, means you may incur some bad luck because of treating someone badly. Maybe your cruelty towards someone would backfire and give you some hardships. Alternatively, even if you have not been cruel to anyone, you may carry dark thoughts about a person in your social circle and this negative energy would manifest in other areas of your life. Maybe friends would start turning against you or you could project those frustrations and anger to others.

This dream symbol can also indicate the lack of affection in your life. Maybe you feel alienated from your friends and family. Perhaps part of you feels neglected and unappreciated because you are different from them or they do not necessarily understand your motivations in life. As such, this lack of love and attention could be making you feel sad, lonely and socially isolated.

Sun and a rainbow in the sky

The sun and a rainbow in the sky, like a scene from a fairytale or the rainbow forming after a rain shower, is a very auspicious dream symbol that signifies blessings and good luck in all aspects of your existence. So career-wise, you may find a great opportunity for growth. In terms of friendships, you may find loyalty and support that you need. You may even become even closer to your family or your significant other which would make it easier to chart a path towards a brighter future.

Sun shining down on objects

Dreaming that the sun is shining down on objects in the vision, for instance the table and it is casting a shadow on the floor, points to new experiences and insights. Maybe you would travel to somewhere new for work or for pleasure. In relation to travels, you may also become acquainted with new cultures and form friendships with people you have just met. This period of making memories and social connections would enrich your life so much. This would ultimately be beneficial to your personal and professional goals.

Dim sun low in the sky

A dim sun hanging low in the sky, like during the magic hour before dusk or as rendered in an artwork like a painting, suggests the possibility that one of your closest friends would reach out for help. On the other hand, your friend may also feel uncomfortable asking for help so you would have to be extra sensitive with their plight. Your subconscious may be sending you a message for you to be more observant because you have the capacity to extend a helping hand to a struggling loved one.

Seeing sun during a flight

Seeing the sun while you are flying, as you look out the window of the plane, could be an indication of anxiety and unfounded fears. There are uncertainties in your near future, so perhaps you are fixating on negative possibilities instead of choosing to think of good outcomes. Fortunately, this dream symbol implies that your fears are baseless. Despite your doubts and apprehensions, your life would significantly improve and you would thrive in whatever situation you would find yourself.

Sun descending on the house

Dreaming that the sun is descending on the house, such as your own house or a house you have seen in reality, points to the possibility of a fire occurring or consuming the house. As such, the hot and fiery sun could refer to the fire that may damage parts or even the entirety of the house due to carelessness or fire hazards present in the house. Although the sun could also refer to a metaphorical fire, like a passion consuming the residents that may cause interpersonal problems.

A menacing looking sun

A menacing looking sun in a dream vision, perhaps menacing because of the heat it emits or its threatening and angry appearance, suggests possible obstacles to your plans. Somebody in your family may become sick which would affect your other plans or routine, or you could suffer from an injury which would incapacitate you for a period of time. However, this dream symbol takes on a more positive meaning for people with known enemies or hiding. This could mean reconciliation or the end of a conflict.

Sunbeams reaching inside the house

Seeing sunbeams enter your house in a dream vision, such as through a window or an open door, can predict a number of possible futures, depending on what was illuminated. If only the floor was touched by the beams, it suggests you would soon fall ill with some long-lasting although not serious sickness. If the light reached objects within the house, particularly those that are shiny or have some reflection to them, it means you would find yourself with increased wealth or gain the admiration and respect of those around you. For those who are married and contemplating increasing the size of their family, this symbol has been thought to predict the birth of boys.

Entering a sun-lit house

Entering a house that is brightly lit by natural sunlight is a highly positive symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It is thought to predict coming into great wealth or suddenly gaining a large sum of cash. This could be due to a lottery, an inheritance or some lucky business transactions. Not only would you feel financially secure, but your experience would help you make better decisions with money in the future as well.

Caressed by sunlight

Feeling caressed by warm rays of sunlight in the dream world is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It suggests you are surrounded by those who love and care for you, and those individuals would be willing to do anything to show you the depth of their feelings. If you currently feel unloved or lonely, it is most likely your own reservations and hang-ups holding you back from understanding the emotions of your loved ones.

Reflecting sunbeam with a mirror

Seeing a sunbeam reflected on a mirror or other reflective surface is a neutral symbol that is thought to be the manifestation of your lack of commitment to certain tasks and duties in reality. In a sense, you are the reflective surface that tries to put off what you should be doing on someone else or disregards the work altogether. The result of this tendency is that others do not have a lot of faith in you or your work. If you continue in this way, you would be unable to accomplish much in life, including your personal goals and dreams.

Yourself as a child drawing the sun

Seeing yourself as a child who is drawing the image of the sun is often thought to reflect some negative feelings or experiences you are going through in reality. You probably feel isolated from others, unable to connect emotionally with colleagues, friends and family. It can also be a sign of lost hope and crushed dreams, especially after you were denied some opportunity or failed at some task you were desperately hoping to succeed at.

Waiting for the sun to rise

Waiting for the sunrise, whether you are sitting outside or watching from a window, can shed light on the difficulties you are having making improvements to your lifestyle and situation. You may have recently been trying to make some serious alterations to your life choices, such as exercising more or eating healthier. However, your efforts are probably ending in failure, meaning you are giving up after a couple days or bending the rules you have set for yourself more than half the time. This could even be leading to feelings of failure and inadequacy. But rather than being a failure, this is most likely because you are trying to do too much too fast. Focus on making smaller changes to achieve the results you desire.

Sun rising from the edge of the sea

Seeing the sun on the waters edge has slightly different interpretations depending on whether it is rising or setting. For a sunrise coming over the watery horizon, it suggests the act of giving birth or creating new life. In some cases, it refers to phallic imagery or the male as a sexual being in general. A sunset on the water, then, is associated with feminine images and traits.

Blazing sun

A blazing sun in the dream world is a neutral symbol that references the intellectual ability and supreme reasoning ability of the dreamer. In a sense, the intensity of the sun itself is a metaphor for the strength of these characteristics. However, just as a bright, overbearing sun forces people indoors, so does this vision suggest that the way your mind works slightly alienates you from more average members of society. You may have, either through showing off or just by accident, hurt or offended those around you through the use of your knowledge. The thirst you feel while suffering under this sunlight represents your desire to reverse the flow of time and return things to how they once were before you felt so alone.

Sun and moon fading away

Watching as the sun and moon fade away is a positive symbol in the dream world. This sign is commonly associated with a growing family. This can directly refer to the birth of a child for you or someone close to you, but it can also mean gaining new relatives through marriage or another binding ceremony. These new members to your family group would bring you much happiness and joy as you get to know them.

Bowing before the sun

Bowing before the sun is often interpreted as a sign of soon being on the receiving end of great happiness and unimaginable wealth. This is especially true if you were sincerely bowing in reverence to the sun. After seeing this symbol in the dream realm, you would soon find that you are in a better mood than before. Whether this is directly due to the increase in money or simply a side effect of a better quality of life is unclear, but you are sure to benefit from this fortunate occurrence.

The sun stricken by lightning

I had a dream that the sun was struck by lightning and lost its power, that was very strange. My family as well as my sister's family, then I looked up at the sky (for whatever reason I could still see) and saw what appeared to be frogs, but in a luminary sense. I had a sense of peace and uneasiness at the same time.

This vision portends some troubles for your upcoming social encounters. Seeing an object being struck by lightning is a fairly negative symbol associated with discord in relationships. In this case, however, you are not the cause of the trouble. Rather, there is someone else in your circle of friends or family who is trying to draw you into a fight that you cannot hope to win. This is followed by the imagery of frogs which represents fights and misunderstandings with people outside the original conflict because they do not understand your actions or cannot admit the fault of the other party. It may be best to avoid conflict at all costs, even if it means giving up some ground or leaving the area for a while.

Sun burning out

The sun burning out, in my mind I was terrified. But nobody else was afraid.

The sun as a big ball of energy is an allusion to powerful emotions which can influence positive or negative developments in your community. So, to envision the sun burning out possibly mirrors your own burnout. You could be emotionally, even physically, drained by all of the chaos or issues cropping up around you. In dream sources citing Carl Jung, shadow work can manifest in our dreams and the subconscious reveals to dreamers the areas of our lives that require improvement. In your case, the lack of fear from everybody else means you probably need to understand the root of your own fears. Understanding why you react in a certain way may reveal a deeper reason for your trepidations. Perhaps you are also absorbing more than you can handle and stepping back to find your center again will help you avoid getting overwhelmed.