Dreams Related To Suitcase

Packing clothes in suitcase

Packing your luggage or bags with various clothing items contains a lot of symbolism. It is a sign you are leaving your past life and mistakes behind. You are ready to make new connections and enter into relationships that add value to your life rather than detracting from it. The future is bright and your options are limitless.

Open suitcase

The image of an open suitcase or other luggage is a warning that one of current your connections or influences may be filling you with false hope or information. If you continue to believe their untrue messages and exaggerated numbers, you would find yourself in a bad situation in the future. Be wary of anyone who cannot admit a mistake or regularly covers up problems by blaming others.

A suitcase with hymnbooks

I found a suitcase full of hymnbooks with clay or soil through the pages. I am male.

The suitcase represents the skills and gifts you have that you are called upon to share with others. Christian sources of dream interpretation suggest that the hymnals you found within the suitcase could be seen as the manifestation of belief in God or a higher authority. As such, the clay or soil you saw spread throughout the pages could represent building a life upon a strong moral foundation by serving others. You may be helping someone else, but you would also be enriching your own existence.