Dreams Related To Suit

Putting on a black suit

I'm an adult male. In my dream last night, I saw myself about to put on a black-colored suit. Please what's the meaning?

Being on the verge of putting on a black suit represents upcoming challenges or difficulties. While this could be applied to multiple areas of your life, most likely it is related to health concerns. You or someone close to you may become quite ill in the near future. This may be related to a pandemic or something less contagious, like cancer or diabetes. It would be wise to consult your own physician and encourage those you care about most to also take precautions with their health.

A man in a suit and a man bleeding

In the beginning of my dream, the man is standing wearing a suit inside a room. Afterwards, as I try to exit the room, I saw a man lying on the floor covered with blood. He begged and I helped him get out of the room.

The man in the suit represents your ambitious and driven side. You are at a point in your life when there are opportunities left and right, however there are also a lot of competition and rivals around. In order to flourish and rise up the ranks in your chosen industry, you would need to fight for your dreams. This can be tough if you are not used to a cutthroat or highly competitive environment. So you would experience disillusionment and discouragement as illustrated by the bloody man. Fortunately, you would be able to retain your fortitude despite all the setbacks, this is symbolized by your decision to help the man get out of the room.