Dreams Related To Suicide

Learning about a suicide

A dream in which you learn that someone committed suicide portends turbulent times ahead. This is especially meaningful if the person who committed suicide is a family member or close friend. The knowledge of the suicide means that you would soon enter an anxiety-filled period in the real world. Your emotional instability could have adverse effects on your ability to make rational decisions or handle new responsibilities.

Witnessing a suicide

Witnessing a suicide in a dream alludes to your involvement in an unfortunate incident. You could become a victim of an accident or an embarrassing event. Your involvement is not entirely accidental or a coincidence. In fact, it may be a direct result of your own actions and decisions. Perhaps you need to think more clearly about your behavior and recent attitude in order to avoid negative repercussions.

Your boyfriend committing suicide

If you dream that your current boyfriend commits suicide, then perhaps you need to be more observant about his behavior in reality. His act of committing suicide points to the possibility of infidelity or involvement in questionable activities. His dishonesty may lead to some serious conflict and possibly even your break up. Hence, this could be your mind's way of warning you about this brewing problem so you can nip it in the bud or work it out before it gets worse.

Someone dead from suicide blocking the path

I saw in dream a girl is hanging with a rope. She committed suicide. I am very much in fear and think how to avoid her because she is hanging in the middle of my way and I must cross the way. I feel very much painful emotionally for her and can feel the physical pain also she had experienced.

Witnessing the suicide of another in the dream realm is an ominous symbol to behold. It suggests you would soon be involved in a terrible, horrible incident in reality. While you may like to think that your participation was an accident or at least not voluntary, this image portends your direct and cognizant understanding of what you are doing. The symbol of hanging in particular reveals a lot about the nature of this situation. It means there is a large amount of stress or pressure on someone else in reality. Perhaps you did not consider the weight of your actions, and someone you know is suffering because you are asking a lot of them or putting them in a difficult situation. It would be wise to consider how your actions affect others and try to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Saving someone from suicide

The act of saving someone from committing suicide in the dream world alludes to a rough patch in the near future. The problems may already be there, but there is a likelihood that these issues would snowball. As such, you could face seemingly insurmountable challenges and difficulties both at work and in your personal affairs. In instances like this, you may need to lean on your closest friends and loved ones to resolve and successfully overcome the obstacles.

Committing suicide

Dreaming that you commit suicide, whether successfully or not, reveals your desire to get rid of your self-destructive tendencies. You may be prone to self-sabotage or pessimistic perspectives that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. In that sense, committing suicide in the dream world is akin to self-transformation and metamorphosis. You are merely killing off the more unsavory aspects of your personality in order to become the best version of yourself.

Committing suicide in a dream also reveals an opportunity for introspection. Such a violent act of extinguishing your own essence is a telling representation of your need to face your own demons. If this is a recurring theme in your dreams, then perhaps there is even greater need for you to examine yourself beyond your current reality. This could be an ongoing problem, maybe suppressed issues, bubbling to the surface. In order to resolve this disturbance in your consciousness, it may be wise to consult a trusted confidante or a reliable authority figure to help you get the clarity you need.

Hanging as suicide

Committing suicide by way of hanging yourself in a dream denotes tremendous stress in your reality. Accumulating commitments and responsibilities could be taking their toll on your physical and psychological well-being. As a result, you could face difficult challenges and complications both professionally and personally. This inability to handle everything on your plate may lead to some serious setbacks as well as health issues.

Committing suicide together with boyfriend

I don't remember many details about the first part, it included nudity in front of my colleagues in my bedroom and I think there was a hang dryer with some clothes. The second part is the one that messed me up, I was standing on my bed with my boyfriend and we agreed to commit suicide together and he slashed my throat first but I didn't die, then he slashed his own, fell on his right side then slashed it again and he looked scared and was pulling at his mandible and I remember the color green.

In the first dream, being naked in front of others suggests you are grappling with a moral or ethical issue. Since you are nude in front of colleagues, it means you probably did something shameful and you are afraid that your co-workers would find out. The fact that this happens in your bedroom indicates a violation of your privacy. Perhaps the source of your shame is deeply rooted in your personal life, possibly linked to intimacy issues. As for the second dream, suicide alludes to your desire for a fresh start. You are going on a journey of transformation by getting rid of your bad habits and self-destructive behavior. Perhaps you think your boyfriend is a bad influence and committing suicide together either means you think he is dragging you down or your want to embark on a self-improvement journey together. Either way, the color green as a symbol of abundance means you are focused on getting your act together and succeeding in your chosen field.

Drowning as suicide

Dreaming that you commit suicide by drowning yourself reflects your determination to be the best version of yourself. Drowning in a pool or any body of water represents your willingness to explore your consciousness. As a result, your heightened self-awareness would allow you to live in the best possible way which would consequently lead to a long and productive existence.

Trying to commit suicide after being insulted by others

I am a girl of 20 yrs. I had tried committing suicide. My dream was that I was going to US with my family and we go to the waiting room in the airport. There I meet my ex-boyfriend with his close friend waiting for the same flight. I was totally in shock and he abuses me and I am insulted by everyone in the room as a whore. Then I go to jump from a hill all of a sudden. But I don't. I find myself standing there talking to my ex-boyfriend and his friend while many people are looking down the hill.

Your dream seems to reflect how you think other people feel about you and how you expect you should be treated. Possible issues with low self-esteem could be making you want to place the blame on yourself by imagining situations in which you are provoked to step over the edge and feel justified in killing yourself. Such dreams can be dangerous and you should not take them literally as a reason to harm yourself, but rather to focus on the underlying causes of the way you perceive yourself. Since you mentioned that in the dream you had in fact not killed yourself, it could mean you still have the power to overcome your inner demons.

Poisoning as suicide

Committing suicide by poisoning yourself in a dream reveals your tendency to be childish and immature. Perhaps you tend to act with little or no regard for those around you. You may still be living in a bubble in which you do not have an inkling of how your decisions can affect other people. If you are still living with this kind of mindset, then this dream vision could be the wake up call you need to change your ways for the better.

Immuring as suicide

To commit suicide in a dream by immuring yourself, or through self-imposed incarceration, likely points to a period of isolation and depression. You may receive some unpleasant news, either work-related or personal in nature, which would cause disappointments and frustrations. This mixture of negative feelings may push you to social isolation as a way of coping. Even without physically distancing yourself from others, you may become emotionally detached instead.

Slashing throat as suicide

Dreams which involve committing suicide by slashing your throat convey good tidings. Despite the violent nature of the vision, it actually heralds head-spinning success in reality. This may be applicable to your professional ventures, personal relations or career choices. Your hard work and perseverance would finally bear fruit in the most unexpected and life-changing ways.

Trying to commit suicide upon an arrest

Arrested for selling marijuana and subsequently trying to avoid it by shooting myself in the head with the officer's gun, but with great difficulty because someone was physically trying to stop me.

Dreaming of getting arrested for possession or distribution of drugs means you could be harboring feelings of guilt. The marijuana may symbolize a part of yourself you cannot control or you are not proud of. By trying to shoot yourself in the head, the dream implies that you are trying to escape your situation instead of being accountable for your actions. So what is the thing that is stopping you? Perhaps the force preventing you from taking your own life in the dream is your own conscience. Deep inside you probably know that escape or avoidance would not solve your problems. Instead, you are accountable for your actions and mistakes in order to make it right.

Sister jumping off a tall building

I was inside a tall building, I was looking out the window, I couldn't see the ground. It seemed like a everlasting chasm. Then I looked up and saw my sister. She stood on the ledge. I felt something horrible was about to happen. I started pounding on the window, screaming and sobbing. It was useless, I begged her to stop, to come inside, to stay with me. But then she gave me a small smile, and leaned back, she fell, and her body disappeared in the darkness.

The towering building or skyscraper in your dream reveals your ambitious nature or high standards and aspirations. You may be the type of person who likes setting the bar high not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. While this can be a positive force allowing you to hit your personal and professional targets, you may also be inadvertently causing stress to your colleagues and loved ones especially when they fail to meet you expectations. Alternatively, being high up on this building could also be a representation of your tendency to look down on individuals whom you think are not on the same level as you are. In this context, seeing your sister jumping off a ledge could be indicative of either her refusal to tolerate your tendency to be condescending or her inability to cope with your high standards. Either way, this dream vision may be reminding you to be more observant and sensitive towards others, especially family members, because they may not share the same dreams and standards you have set for yourself.

A friend who committed suicide alive again

I dreamt my friend who recently committed suicide was alive and I was trying to tell him he had died, but he wouldn't believe me when I tried to show him the Facebook page for his funeral, it had disappeared and he was being quite nasty to me, like he didn't want to speak to me, I then realized in my dream it was the day before he died (24th April) and I wouldn't let him be on his own because I knew he was going to die but he thought I was being crazy. He also ran out of antidepressants in my dream?

Part of this dream is probably lingering feelings of loss and separation due to the passing of your friend. It is not uncommon to envision those who have passed soon after their departure as a way of coping with the sudden lack of their presence. You have probably given much thought to the circumstances of his death and may be wondering if there was anything you would have done if you had known. You may also be pondering how you would react if you knew you only had a limited time left on this earth. Additionally, this vision could represent hearing important news from someone you would not normally expect to receive it from. The information they carry should be considered true and relevant to your future.

Feeling someone's pain during suicide

A woman looking to be in her 50s stood silently in front of me with a knife. She drew it to her neck, and began to cut her own throat. I felt a twist of excruciating pain in my stomach. I tried to scream but couldn't, I was foaming at the mouth. She kept staring at me, unresponsive to the blood pouring from her neck. It was like I was feeling her pain, but in my stomach instead of my neck. She then plunged the blade into her throat, killing herself. I felt the same pain in my middle. Dream end.

This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal relations with someone in reality. Your inability to scream in this dream represents a sense of isolation, meaning you feel rather alone when dealing with the person causing you trouble. Rather than a physical loneliness, it is more likely a frustration that others do not see the same things you do or understand your feelings. The idea that you felt the pain of the woman cutting her throat in your stomach may refer to a personality trait this individual has that you do not like. This could mean that you find their presence annoying and obnoxious or that you do not like this behavior or attitude, yet find that you do the same thing. In a sense, you feel frustrated both with their presence and yourself. Until you can either accept or overcome this way of thinking, you may have difficulty interacting with those around you.