Dreams Related To Sugarcane

Unable to buy sugarcane

I am female, I have a reoccurring dream where I find myself in a market selling sugarcane only. The market is always in an open space with very many people selling sugarcane and many buyers but for me whenever I try to buy I fail. Sometimes the price is too high and another time I am just distracted and go out of the market without buying any sugarcane.

Buying sugarcane in the dream world may reveal your efforts to encourage others and help them in their everyday life. You are probably a very kind and generous person who shares whatever you can with friends and family. However, your inability to buy sugarcane in these visions could mean that you do not feel that others treat you with the same consideration. Perhaps you need more support than your friends or family have provided thus far. This may not be done intentionally though. Sometimes people assume that those who are so giving do not need anything themselves. If you express your true feelings to those closest to you, it is possible they can provide you with the love and support you need.