Dreams Related To Structure

Birds on a garden structure

A woman's dream: There was a pergola-type structure with a small bird statue at the end of each horizontal wooden beam. Crows came and attached themselves by the beak (with bodies hanging in midair) to the beak of each statue, almost as if they're "keeping them from talking". A large bird (perhaps a vulture?) then perched on the end of the structure and stretched forward to put its beak around the beak of one of the crows, which was already around a statue-bird's beak.

This dream is multi-layered and therefore needs to be carefully considered. The bird statues on the pergola represent having to move for either business or personal reasons. While you may have resisted moving in the past, these stone birds literally refer to things being "set in stone," so to speak. It is perhaps destiny that is calling you away. However, many things can get in the way of fate. The crows that attempt to "silence" the stone bird statues point toward troubles in your closest personal relationships, such as with your family or a romantic partner. These individuals may be opposed to you setting off on your own for their own reasons. The large bird that appeared to be like a vulture symbolically represents the conflict and tension you feel in wake life. You would have to find a way to balance your needs with the wants of those you care about in reality.