Dreams Related To Stroke

Stroke symptoms

If you experience symptoms of stroke in the dream world, then perhaps your subconscious is urging you to take care of your health. Maybe you have been stressed out lately and this is taking its toll on you. For example, you could be handling a difficult project in your job and your inability to make progress in this project is the impetus of your health problems. It may be time to face the source of your stress and to create a concrete game plan so overpromising will not occur. Alternatively, you may have to remember your motive for taking on this challenge in order to help you remain patient even when progress is slow.

Having a stroke

Suffering from a stroke while you are in the dream world is a warning about a difficult situation which will require tremendous brain power to solve. You may be feeling anxious about tackling a major project because of a fear of failure. To compensate for your lack of experience and knowledge about a particular subject matter, it might help to talk to someone to help your motive of learning and implementing your learnings.

Stroke face

Imagining the face of someone who has had a stroke, with its characteristic droop to one side, suggests that you are dealing with a difficult situation in waking life that is paralyzing your ability to react appropriately. Your feeling or opinion is likely based on a recent change to your circumstances, like a new job, disability or relationship. Moving forward may seem challenging or even impossible in this situation, but you would be unable to solve anything if you simply stay frozen where you are. You would need to push forward to open up some new opportunities and find the path that is right for you.

Mom having a stroke

Seeing your mother in the middle of having a stroke represents experiencing a situation that throws off your sense of inner peace and balance. Mothers represent stability and warmth in dreams, so seeing her in a life-threatening situation in which she has no control over her body reveals that you are going through something or a situation that threatens the security of a particular part of your life. For instance, your work and life balance may be disrupted if you are suddenly asked to do a lot of overtime or cover someone else's shifts.

Husband having a stroke

Witnessing your husband suffer a stroke in the dream world means you care or are worried about the situation of your spouse. Since a stroke is a medical condition which involves the brain, your husband may be experiencing an inability to find solutions to issues in the waking world. Certain dilemmas, possibly financial or life-changing decisions, could be giving him a great deal of stress. If he has not opened up about this issue, perhaps your subconscious is urging you to reach out and find solutions together.

Family member having a stroke

Seeing your family member having a stroke in the dream realm symbolizes your feelings of vulnerability and concern for the well-being of your loved ones. The dream is a reflection of your fears and anxieties about the health and safety of your family and the potential impact on your relationship with them. It also indicates that the dreamer is losing control of their spiritual being and is being tortured by problems and failures. In general, the dreamer fears losing someone close to them and wants to confront the feelings of helplessness that it may bring. It is a reminder for the dreamer to support and provide love, accept failures and fulfill whatever lacks inside the close-knit family relationships.