Dreams Related To Stress

Stressed because of many people around

Female. Many strangers in the kitchen and a man was flirting me. I was talking to my little brother, a man and a woman as well as many strangers in the garden. Then being in church while having a wedding to attend. I didn't want to go or didn't feel ready. Felt awful. Somebody sat in my chair in the church.

To see strangers in your kitchen alludes to feeling disconnected with your emotions, perhaps because you are too busy with your responsibilities or you prefer using your brain and not feel when it comes to decision-making. Similarly, strangers in the garden indicate a sense of being an observer of your own life. Perhaps you are just trying to avoid emotional situations or get too attached to people because you are scared of losing control and breaking down. Unfortunately, other people might view you as uncaring and apathetic. Talking to your little brother actually reveals your desire to connect with loved ones. Maybe you haven't been reaching out to friends and family that much and your subconscious is reminding you about the importance of social connections. In the second dream, a church according to Biblical sources symbolizes spiritual guidance. Attending a wedding signifies a large gathering, but your reluctance points to your reservations about socializing during the pandemic.

Work stress

Seeing yourself suffering from work stress in a dream often reflects the common anxiety and pressure associated with real life's job or current projects. These dreams can stem from the feeling of being overwhelmed or vulnerable in the workplace or daily grind in general. On the other hand, nightmares about work strain serve as a reminder to address and find ways to alleviate the tension before it becomes detrimental to your well-being.